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Temporarily in a sentence

I was temporarily confused; the.
Paul was temporarily struck blind.
Or had temporarily cleansed them.
Temporarily I'd had enough; and.
I was to be there only temporarily.
I guess I was temporarily saved too.
Temporarily, the cost of equity may.

Lady Sommers is here only temporarily.
Some temporarily stunned by the blast.
The line is temporarily out of service.
The front door closed temporarily and.
Susan she will test weak temporarily.
Ah, if he could only die TEMPORARILY!.
He has to leave the country temporarily.
This should temporarily stop the itching.
The rain had stopped temporarily and we.
And so, the subject was dropped temporarily.
Her apology humbled him, at least temporarily.
This is used to temporarily charge themselves.
It had eased temporarily now that the harvest.
I temporarily turned to friends and family as.
Morg staggered, temporarily blinded by the blow.
Fortunately I was temporarily saved by the bell.
It seems she is temporarily at a loss for words.
The inn that we will temporarily be staying at.
In some cases great suffering temporarily ensued.
They feel secure temporarily because of this lie.
Sure, Melanie might be temporarily moved by Alex.
Hunter was temporarily silenced by this revelation.
For what? asked Thane, temporarily mystified.
I lurched upright, temporarily unsure where I was.
Guys, I think that we should temporarily split up.
In the process, he temporarily lost part of himself.
What reminiscences temporarily corrugated his brow?
Every few minutes someone would have to temporarily.
Stretching a muscle can cause it to temporarily weaken.
The rest of the family got out of the room temporarily.
Because Gwenda was temporarily silent, Wulfric spoke up.
They obscured the summit temporarily, then cleared to.
Smoking may, temporarily, give enjoyment by the action.

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