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Temporarily in a sentence

At least temporarily.
Not even temporarily.
At least, temporarily.
temporarily out of danger.
He glanced away temporarily.
temporarily leave their home.
I was temporarily paralyzed.

beast was temporarily halted.
He felt temporarily stunned.
were temporarily knocked out.
The coaches have temporarily.
reflex' to be temporarily upset.
' Conversation was temporarily.
Chemicals work only temporarily.
Or had temporarily cleansed them.
of thievery temporarily ruined me.
Temporarily I'd had enough; and.
I was temporarily confused; the.
Paul was temporarily struck blind.
temporarily relocate these Apsaras.
needed had be temporarily suspended.
her to move in with him temporarily.
temporarily masked by all the drugs.
"Only temporarily," said the Prince.
I guess I was temporarily saved too.
I was to be there only temporarily.
Temporarily, the cost of equity may.
Lady Sommers is here only temporarily.
them temporarily and/or intermittently.
Some temporarily stunned by the blast.

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