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Thaw in a sentence

My feet started to thaw.
To thaw my ice clad soul.
And you will thaw again.
You may thaw your freeze.
And now upon the snow in thaw.
Moe’s icy glare seemed to thaw somewhat.

Migrating wildfowl fly to land in the thaw.
Touched once the ice will thaw upon the window.
Her buoyant self-confidence began to thaw out again.
Eh, lad, It's ill sledging when the thaw has set in.
She was hysterical because an overnight thaw, which.
Place peas in colander and run cold water over to thaw.
Freezing it is also possible; to use, thaw and refresh.
He’s a decent old guy once you thaw him out a little.
She smiled about that, and he began to hope she might thaw.
While it is close to the Sun, these ices thaw, rise, and.
He’s been working to thaw the relationship between the U.
If freezing, thaw in refrigerator 1-2 days prior to serving.
There seemed to be no pleasing her, or any sign of a coming thaw.
Her eyes were bright in the lantern light, his blood began to thaw.
Couldn’t we thaw it out with the heater? suggested Melissa.
There are nearly a thousand settlers coming over with the spring thaw.
The good news is that we’re looking at a late thaw again, he thought.
His strength was waning and his flesh melting like ice in a spring thaw.
Thaw recognized his genius and was his main support through trying days.
Thaw snow sufficiently to mould into a ball before attempting to suck it.
He arrived at the end of March, on Good Friday, after the thaw had set in.
Thaw with his gentle persuasion is more powerful than Thor with his hammer.
Thank goodness, Rebecca cried, rushing to his side as he began to thaw.
I'm old enough and cold enough; the hottest day won't thaw me, laughed Mrs.
They remind me of soft thaw winds, and warm sunshine, and nearly melted snow.
When needed, we would thaw them, pour off the extra fluid, and pile them high on.
Aesa had taken hours to thaw out, and was still wearing his cloak next to the fire.
Thaw of Pittsburg, his constant support of the observatory there may be mentioned.
If you are working with a frozen cake, let it thaw a bit before applying the icing.
Trying to break the ice, or thaw out the room a little, I joked, Did you hear Mrs.
Freeze the consommé and later thaw it slowly in the refrigerator through a filter cloth.
To the ice bitches of the world, Cindy toasted, and the men who cannot thaw us out.
And suddenly everything disappears and the great genius is crossing the frozen Volga in a thaw.
Even the camp commander showed signs of thawing.
Doc had to think that the cycle of freezing, then thawing all.
As it is thawing in the cooler, the soup can serve as your ice.
I must have access to the files, Bayis said, his tone thawing.
The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and 127.
The puzzled expressions on each face began slowly thawing like a melting.
It was thawing and misty; at forty paces’ distance nothing could be seen.
The fingers and toes flow to their extent from the thawing mass of the body.
The problem was transporting it long distances without the food thawing out.
Sitting in an alcove, a small fireplace burned nearby, the heat thawing them through.
Plant life, thawing in the precipitant dawn, shoved out from most unexpected sources.
Please take away, Martin said looking at the bacon that was thawing on the floor.
She felt familiar warmth creep across the bedsheets, thawing the goosebumps on her arms.
What is man but a mass of thawing clay? The ball of the human finger is but a drop congealed.
Freezing was the best way to preserve cells for future study, but the thawing process was risky.
Soon everyone was sitting around the glowing heater, eating more of their rations and thawing tubs of water.
To dream that you are thawing food refers to emotions that you have repressed, but are ready to confront.
The thawing of relations between Iran and America was one of the cornerstones of Alexander’s Middle East strategy.
Strength decrease of concrete after freezing and thawing is possible only at its water-saturation above the certain value.
Still, spring was a dangerous time to be in the mountains because thawing could touch off avalanches, especially in passes.
They stood in the thawing snow, and Gabriel Andersen could not persuade himself that they were people whom he had long known and understood.
Today, ice is melting, tundra is thawing, deserts are expanding we have had vast forested areas which are in decline often because of felling.
Their grey figures moved about quietly on the black thawing ground, and occasionally stumbled across the logs sticking out from the blazing fire.
In the pauses of complete stillness there came the rustle of last year's leaves, stirred by the thawing of the earth and the growth of the grass.
In the pauses of complete stillness there came the rustle of last year’s leaves, stirred by the thawing of the earth and the growth of the grass.
The snow was thawing in the sunshine, the horses galloped quickly, and on both sides of the road were forests of different kinds, fields, and villages.
This chilly piece of magnificence now dominated the room, standing on a table in the centre, thawing gently, dripping at the beak into its silver dish.
Frost resistance of concrete is ability to keep strength and working ability at action of cyclic freezing and thawing in the water saturating conditions.
His whole earth life was consistently devoted to the mission of thawing out the frozen forms of religion into the liquid liberties of enlightened sonship.
With the melting of the last of the twilight there grew a kind of expectancy and tension, as though it were thawing snow about to slide from a sloping roof.
It was dark, damp and warm out of doors, and that white spring mist which drives away the last snow, or is diffused by the thawing of the last snow, filled the air.
Over the ploughland riding was utterly impossible; the horse could only keep a foothold where there was ice, and in the thawing furrows he sank deep in at each step.
The result of the alternate freezing and thawing was that at last the fur rotted away and dropped off, and nothing was left of the splendid sables and ermines but a few wretched brown rags.
She strolled into the cold room and stopped in front of vat number four, touched a few buttons on the control pad and listened as the vat automatically moved two sample tubes into the thawing chamber.
He turned to the left quickly, dropped on his knees, and crawled on the soft, thawing, crackling snow to a low haystack, from behind which, by craning his neck, he could watch what the soldiers were doing.
The standardized method of an estimation of frost resistance of concrete is characterized by number of cycles of freezing and thawing of specimens under standard conditions of test without essential strength decrease.
In October 1971, Reagan traveled on one of his four trips to Asia as a special envoy of Richard Nixon to calm foreign heads of state who were nervous about the thawing of relations between the United States and China.
The system of normalization of frost resistance offered by us according to which number of cycles of freezing and thawing (F) of laboratory specimens is not given; a class of frost resistance of concrete is more rational.
When the frost comes out in the spring, and even in a thawing day in the winter, the sand begins to flow down the slopes like lava, sometimes bursting out through the snow and overflowing it where no sand was to be seen before.
At present, there is no general theory explaining the reason of frost destruction of concrete though it is obvious that finally, strength decrease of damp concrete at cyclic freezing and thawing is caused basically by formation of ice in concrete pores.
My soul thawed and sang.
We first thawed in 2332.
The embryo will be thawed and.
A varied diet with live or thawed.
Thawed out frostbite will be painful.
The prisoners systematically thawed the.
Surely it's frozen but it could be thawed.
After the cataclysm, the old icecaps thawed.
Not long, after I’ve thawed the crab meat.
It all rested on my ravings as I thawed in his lodgings.
But spring was here now and the frozen truck had thawed.
The pickles can be thawed and eaten whenever you desire.
One of the eggs will be thawed and fertilized with your.
She wasn't very responsive at first but eventually thawed.
If the cells thawed too fast or too slow, they would burst.
Bacon is easier to cut if it is frozen or only slightly thawed.
But I thawed out occasionally when I passed near other worlds.
The best pizza dough I have used is thawed out frozen bread dough.
The river was not completely thawed, but was too dangerous to cross.
It will have partially thawed and it is not safe to refreeze and eat.
States you are most likely to find frozen durian that has been thawed.
And this thawed sternness, contrasted with his habitual brutality, was.
For example, tuna macaroni is better with fresh tuna – or thawed frozen.
Merseft told how a woman all in black found the vessel and thawed Larry out.
During Easter week a peasant went out to see whether the ground was all thawed out.
Sometime in the future they are thawed, if the woman would like to have children.
The seawater revitalised me and the sun thawed the ice that had frozen my emotional.
At dawn the ice thawed into creeks and rivers, at sunset the day fire died and cooled.
In the daytime it thawed in the sun, but at night there were even seven degrees of frost.
She would have laughed at thinking 'just a starship' if she had thawed from her terror yet.
He wandered to the strange kitchen, thawed some iced huckleberries, ate them disconsolately.
He wandered to the strange kitchen, thawed some iced huckle-berries, ate them disconsolately.
The chilly wind had frozen them stiff and her fingers stung as they thawed close to her body.
Press onto the top of the Brie and carefully wrap a sheet of thawed puff pastry dough (Roll.
I took the dog food out of the freezer and thawed it out in my small cooker in the spare room.
For a moment she was offended, but then thawed as she saw the mild laughter in Gawavolf's eyes.
It looks like it got water in it, we can see after it’s thawed, but I think it’s dead, he said.
Bellisa’s samples were frozen within the acceptable time and thawed perfectly, but all her tests failed.
They've thawed out and make a huge portion of scrambled eggs, accompanied by fried luncheon meat and bacon.
Come around the back of the house later tonight and you can have one of the salmon I thawed out this morning.
I hear she is a beautiful river, but deadly in the spring thaws.
However, if want to start planting during spring, then you should do it once the ground or the soil thaws.
Gradually, though, the aspirin thaws the edges a bit, and he becomes aware of a choked sound coming from the passenger’s seat.
For the three thousand square miles of our district, what with our thaws, and the storms, and the work in the fields, I don’t see how it is.
And if we’re unlucky about the weather and it thaws earlier than projected along the Holy Langhorne? Cayleb asked quietly, and Merlin shrugged.
I don't know yet how it's going to be done, but, by Frith and Inlé, before this frost thaws, we'll eat his cabbages inside the house and make him look a fool into the bargain!'.
For the three thousand square miles of our district, what with our thaws, and the storms, and the work in the fields, I don't see how it is possible to provide medical aid all over.

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