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Thready in a sentence

His voice went thready and faint.
But there was faint respiration, and a thready pulse.
Her pulse is weak and thready; we better get her to a hospital at once.
I reached my hand across to feel Anna’s pulse, it was thready and barely there.
He kept his hand on the boy’s pulse and barely felt the weak and thready fluttering.
His features were peaky and sallow, and his little pointed beard was thready and ill-nourished.
Finding a hand sticking out of the rubble, he checked the pulse at the wrist, smirking to find that yes, it was there, but thready and weak.

She didn’t wake when he picked her up, but he could hear the sound of her thready breathing and muffled pulse as he lifted her in his strong arms.
Nick found only a weak and thready pulse, and no detectable respiration, so he turned her over and tried to push most of the water out of her lungs.
By the time Jaume and Florian got back to the Companions’ camp, the night had expanded to fill every corner not occupied by separate light: of bonfires, of torches pungent with resin smoke, black and thready.
Thaddeus thought he might have seen Roric’s finger move a couple of times and his breathing seemed to be deeper and less thready than it had been, but that was as far as any improvement in his grandson’s condition went.

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