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    1. Although he was little more than half the size of Rafa, Sammy's main 'enforcer', he found it hilarious and exhilarating to threaten a thug twice his size just to see the reaction

    2. sitting there so desperately concerned … the tears threaten again

    3. It was much as we thought – he’d gleaned some information about Bazilda and Lorentze Chitter and used it to threaten them into working with him

    4. responsive to its own particular stimulus, and each vulnerable to any harmful influence that would threaten it elsewhere in the body

    5. ’ I said as tears threaten to overcome me

    6. I take refuge in practical comment as my emotions threaten to overwhelm me

    7. The most difficult part of this process is that the old pain and fear you felt years ago can suddenly rise to the surface and threaten to overwhelm you again

    8. They continued to threaten us but didn't act

    9. be tempted by something that would later threaten you

    10. I’m told that she didn’t raise her voice or threaten anyone

    1. "Let's just pretend we've had the conversation already, eh? I've threatened to reveal your kiddy fiddler porn addiction, you've begged me not to, blah, blah, fuckin' blah, init?"

    2. We will not be threatened by financial

    3. Derek Reilly, hard man local dad who had threatened to batter me

    4. He has threatened to destroy my property and has made vicious and very, very real threats against both my person and against my son

    5. when they were threatened with death, they trusted in Him when were

    6. "You say you've been threatened by a criminal called 'Sammy the Shark, isn't that it?"

    7. And what about Herbert the Hyena? Has he threatened to eat your children? Or Rudolf the Rhino? He wants his money back too does he?"

    8. Now that I was outside of the cell he seemed palpably nervous, as though my movement across the threshold somehow threatened his safety

    9. If he even made a joke about going up in the shuttlecraft to see the ship she threatened to leave with the children

    10. Our kisses and our caresses in the dark night hours somehow brought comfort and assuaged the loneliness that otherwise threatened to engulf us

    1. Well? Well what? What was Henry doing here again? He looked down at his hand and saw the sales report clutched in a shaking, life threatening grip

    2. Silence had both swords in her hands, and was threatening him with small swipes through the air

    3. His throat tightened, threatening to cut off the air to his lungs

    4. I'm hard to intimidate unless it's two goons in my house with sledgehammers and baseball bats threatening to break my children's’ bones

    5. He looked more afraid than he did when the goons were threatening to kill us

    6. This self-willed attitude can result in brethren viewing the ideas of others as threatening, personal

    7. ’ She said, turning her full attention on her companion, satisfied that there was nothing obviously threatening

    8. ‘That’s easy!’ Kara said, grinning and suppressing the tears threatening

    9. Her eyes busily scanned the people in the vicinity, on the lookout for anything that might be threatening while Angie referred to the little map Iain had drawn for them

    10. dreadfully threatening tone with my teeth

    1. One should not under estimate the importance of finding ways to diffuse stress before it threatens your health and your ability to function

    2. Harry Cozen is in command and this is his greatest gambit, but alien propaganda threatens to reveal the war's greatest secret on the very day the broadest and bloodiest battle of the conflict unfolds

    3. ‘Simon! Behave yourself!’ I splutter, suppressing the giggle which threatens to burst out

    4. True prophetic authority threatens her

    5. For their ideology, sometimes their very masculinity, is tied up in the image of America as strong and unbeatable, and to them Carter threatens that

    6. If he threatens you with death, remember that I will be less merciful

    7. We have a common enemy tonight, one that threatens our very existence

    8. that it threatens our very existence and that it can not be solved by tax increases

    9. The Greatest Hoax – How the global warming conspiracy threatens our future”

    10. It threatens such terrible things

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    Synonyms for "threaten"

    threaten endanger imperil jeopardise jeopardize menace peril torment terrorise terrorize scare fulminate foreshadow impend prognosticate augur indicate

    "threaten" definitions

    pose a threat to; present a danger to

    to utter intentions of injury or punishment against

    to be a menacing indication of something