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    1. bones lay amid the worm tilted stones

    2. As to the others, that will take some thinking,” he tilted his head and smiled at her, waving as she went off

    3. He tilted his head to the left and grinned

    4. First there is this way,” he took her head in his huge hands and trying to be careful, he tilted it and kissed her full on the mouth

    5. “And the female… is she really that good?” Naria raised her eyebrow and tilted her head coyly, “she certainly seems to have impressed you

    6. The tub has tilted too far

    7. Her head is tilted and her chin lifted to avoid the danger of asphyxiation

    8. Billy leans back against a wall, head tilted upwards, staring at the ceiling

    9. Roman sat Indian style at the end of the dock with his head tilted back and

    10. Roman tilted Johnny’s head back and squeezed his nostrils shut with the

    11. was standing directly in front of Roman with head tilted in dismay, trying to make

    12. My father tilted his

    13. The one in front of me tilted his head, like he didn’t understand

    14. ' He tilted his chair back against the

    15. He tripped over a tilted board that was embedded in the ground and got swarmed by a bunch of small animals

    16. completely and both dogs put their ears up and tilted their heads to the side, as if to

    17. He tilted her head

    18. smile and tilted his head sideways

    19. nose, and tilted his head down

    20. school with his head tilted toward the sky with not a care in the world

    21. It held, but the floors were all tilted in the apartments below and the ceilings were now lower than they should be in many of the homes

    22. Then she tilted his head forward and spent a while dribbling water into his mouth and ensuring that he swallowed it

    23. ” Mary tilted her nose in Flitters direction

    24. He moved back to his previous position and tilted my chin to brush away my tears

    25. Willow moved forward in concern and tilted his head up to inspect her handiwork

    26. As she reddened with shame, he tilted his head, as if with perplexity

    27. “‘Not what’ what?” Penelope tilted her head slightly in question

    28. “He…” Carius hesitated and only very reluctantly continued as the Breton tilted her head in prompting

    29. Clodius tilted his head in question

    30. He saw a wooden shack further down against the hill that was tilted to one side

    31. Russell tilted his head to the side

    32. Psyche tilted her head

    33. She released me, tilted my chin up so my eyes met hers and said, “Mary, He would not have chosen you had He not known you would be the perfect mother for His child

    34. Venus tilted her head at him

    35. She tilted her head slightly

    36. His mouth tilted in a huge smile as he shoved the cowl from his head and stuck out his hand to Joseph

    37. She knew it would only delay the inevitable but she tilted her head to raise her mouth as high as she could

    38. ” He tilted my face so He could look directly into my eyes

    39. Lewis tilted his head to one side, like the

    40. He tilted his head back until his neck hurt then opened his eyes

    41. The trailers tilted inward, toward each other, and each half of the house slid off the trailer and onto the foundation

    42. He then tilted the lighter so it glinted revealing an intricately weaved pattern, lines curling and intersecting each other

    43. He took Esther by the hand, tilted her chin and kissed her long and hard

    44. ” Sicarius tilted his head toward the wall dividing the room from thousands of tons of ice

    45. What was it, double Chivas on the rocks?” He tilted his head and green shirt went to the bar

    46. Dunn tilted his head

    47. The man’s attack left him tilted forward, off-balance

    48. Soffen tilted her head, a distant look in her eyes

    49. Reese tilted his head to the side, staring down at her in quiet contemplation

    50. Darkburst's last conscious thoughts were a collection of fleeting images of his mother standing in a clearing deep within Brockenhurst Forest, her head tilted to one side as she listened to the liquid, switt-witt-witt-witt of a goldfinch singing in a nearby tree

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    Synonyms for "tilted"

    atilt canted leaning tilted tipped

    "tilted" definitions

    departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontal