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Titular in a sentence | titular example sentences

  1. The devil take it all! the despairing titular councillor cried at last.
  2. The despairing titular councillor, abandoned by all, gazed about him, but there was no other cab.
  3. The clerks surrounding the two titular councillors stepped back and waited with curiosity to see what would happen.
  4. I am however working with Count Raymond, the titular holder of the county of Toulouse, on improving those various points.
  5. Tibetan Buddhists are relatively small in number, but highly visible because their titular head is His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

  6. It was common knowledge that he had refused to be made titular bishop of the Occidental diocese till justice was done to a despoiled Church.
  7. He was the titular head of a majority pagan religion, but also, it was one that slowly gave way to this new Christian entity under his leadership.
  8. He was a titular counsellor, a man about forty, much disfigured by small-pox, very poor, and burdened with a consumptive wife and an invalid child.
  9. Cole, that she, on account of her age, and I, on account of my titular maidenhead, should be excused, at least till I had undergone the forms of the house.
  10. The senior titular councillor realized that public opinion was not on his side, he realized that they were intriguing against him: which made it all the more necessary to hold his own now.
  11. It luridly depicted the titular beast—a splendid dinosaur, with extravagant yellow-and-black eyespots on its frill, and gore dripping from its horn—confronting a quartet of mounted huntsmen with spears and a pack of snarling green horrors.
  12. They all agreed that they must separate themselves from unbelievers; and within one month from the death of Stephen the church at Jerusalem had been organized under the leadership of Peter, and James the brother of Jesus had been installed as its titular head.
  13. So perhaps they might have lived in their corner for five or six years till their circumstances changed, if they had not come across the retired titular councillor Mlekopitaev, who had been a clerk in the treasury and had served at one time in the provinces, but had latterly settled in Petersburg and had established himself there with his family.
  14. Instead of, in all honest humility, following the titular leader, the bishop of Rome, religious heir of the Apostle Peter, already chosen, according to the Bible, by their crucified leader as head of his church, and by extension any other bishop chosen as his successor; the Eastern leadership, following Constantine’s move of his capitol eastward sought to contest that authority, trying instead to negotiate a kind of co-ruler-ship, similar to that which had brought Constantine to the fore of the pagan, Roman Empire.
  15. Had it not been for that last insult, our hero might have, perhaps, brought himself to control his anger; he might, perhaps, have been silent, have submitted and not have protested too obstinately; he would just have disputed a little, have made a slight complaint, have proved that he was in the right, then he would have given way a little, then, perhaps, he would have given way a little more, then he would have come round altogether, then, especially when the opposing party solemnly admitted that he was right, perhaps, he would have overlooked it completely, would even have been a little touched, there might even, perhaps — who could tell — spring up a new, close, warm friendship, on an even broader basis than the friendship of last night, so that this friendship might, in the end, completely eclipse the unpleasantness of the rather unseemly resemblance of the two individuals, so that both the titular councillors might be highly delighted, and might go on living till they were a hundred, and so on.

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