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Tree in a sentence

1. Jes sat in his tree.
2. A tree that is tall.
3. It was a large tree.
4. Not a tree in sight.
5. He had left his tree.
6. He bounced off a tree.
7. A Tree and Its Fruit.

8. A bird was in the tree.
9. Not here by this tree.
10. You stay by this tree.
11. The tree of the future.
12. He looked at the tree.
13. A Tree and its Fruits.
14. They hid behind a tree.
15. She leapt from the tree.
16. The oak tree simply is.
17. The tree had caught her.
18. Drove him into the tree.
19. How to expand the tree?
20. He spoke of how a tree.
21. The festive tree I now.
22. And The Tree Birds Flee.
23. Than weed or plant a tree.
24. The Trolls in Lone Tree.
25. I leaned against a tree.
27. This tree cannot be cut.
28. But he had left his tree.
29. The tree of our present.
30. I go to Dollar Tree and.
31. No one mentioned the tree.
32. You climb up that tree.
33. I was urinating on a tree.
34. Then the tree hit the bear.
35. Lone Tree was in an uproar.
36. It is the sound of a tree.
37. That something was a tree.
38. The stump of that tree.
39. It is coming from the tree.
40. I hid behind a nearby tree.
41. She turned toward the tree.
42. As I lay beneath this tree.
43. It was his tree, after all.
44. Near the base of the tree.
45. The Cherry Tree, At Winter.
46. He heard nothing but tree.
47. Of a slow-growing oak tree.
48. Of The Cherry Blossom Tree.
49. Christmas tree in the corner.
50. From the safety of the tree.
51. Who put this tree here?
52. It is a tree on a street in.
53. The tree house! she thought.
54. She could not save the tree.
55. Lone Tree Learns the Truth.
56. See, over there on that tree.
57. She stepped around the tree.
58. Which will produce the tree.
59. It was hanging from a tree.
60. Of every tree of the garden.
61. The tree that has meaning.
62. Themonkey climbed up a tree.
63. Something about a large tree.
64. The tree is you and it is me.
65. Tree: As above, so too below.
66. It’s a baby tree, soon it.
67. What's in this tree thing?
68. Tree of Life? Thomas asked.
69. The new tree that comes out.
70. If a tree falls in a forest.
71. Every tree that bringeth not.
72. Rather like a tree in a field.
73. Doug were back in the oak tree.
74. You lover, she is a tree?
75. He even went to see the tree.
76. And that tree did speak to me.
77. Meet Me At The Plum Tree Hill.
78. Every fruitless tree is cast.
79. Let’s go climb that tree.
80. A bird was sitting in the tree.
81. Do you see that big tree?
82. The old memories of the Tree.
83. She saw him standing by a tree.
84. I’ll hide in the tree house.
85. This tree had three gigantic.
86. He walked up to a nearby tree.
87. Kara's tree that is, not Kara.
88. You ate the apples on the tree.
89. Always choose the Tree of Life.
90. I descended the tree and then.
91. In its center grows a huge tree.
92. My love had never left her tree.
93. Blood and the Tree of Atonement.
94. A ploughed field here; a tree.
95. I couldn’t scale another tree.
96. It was the fig tree that bare.
97. It jumped from one tree trunk.
98. Photo of tree with pump stand.
99. He hit his head on a tree limb.
100. He is standing at the tree now.
1. He Giving Treed me out of existence.
2. Bane felt like a child, keen to see the treed City.
3. Vast and rectangular in shape, the treed City was.
4. The homesteads are less treed, and hold closer to the.
5. The property was well treed and had a small stream on one perimeter.
6. Oxygen is present in treed areas because porous wood will hold oxygen.
7. I am fine, he said, mesmerised by the dynamics of this treed city.
8. So might one of his breed have glared up at their troglodyte ancestors, treed on a high-flung rock, in the dim dawn ages.
9. I dial Tom’s cell and get his voice mail, and I’m starting to panic, when on the far side of the house, Wingo barks as if he’s treed a fox.
10. I was glad I didn't drink whisky; but it wouldn't made much difference anyway, because most of the time they couldn't a treed me because I didn't breathe.
11. Once out of the thicket, he took her hand and led her swiftly through the thinning trees, until they mounted a grassy slope, sparsely treed, and emerged upon a low plateau, where the grass grew taller and the trees were few and scattered.
12. Many a village Bose, fit only to course a mud-turtle in a victualling cellar, sported his heavy quarters in the woods, without the knowledge of his master, and ineffectually smelled at old fox burrows and woodchucks' holes; led perchance by some slight cur which nimbly threaded the wood, and might still inspire a natural terror in its denizens;—now far behind his guide, barking like a canine bull toward some small squirrel which had treed itself for scrutiny, then, cantering off, bending the bushes with his weight, imagining that he is on the track of some stray member of the jerbilla family.
1. The trees and my car.
2. The trees are all dead.
3. The grace of the trees.
4. Only a few tiny trees.
5. Trees of the field cont.
6. The trees do not fear.
7. Many of the trees were.
8. The trees are very green.
9. The smel of pine trees.
10. The red glow on the trees.
11. There are trees on many.
12. Trees also love Rock Dust.
13. The tall grass and trees.
14. Like the trees and the sea.
15. The wind shakes the trees.
16. Jesus spoke often of trees.
17. Clearly men are not trees.
18. That censors all the trees.
19. Joey marched into the trees.
20. Sobbing in the little trees.
21. The man ran into the trees.
22. Only tiny slivers of trees.
24. The Trees began to protest.
25. These trees had red roots.
26. Just the wind in the trees.
27. In the trees, In the breeze.
28. The birds play in the trees.
29. As He watched the Trees die.
30. These trees and the whales.
31. The high bare warming trees.
32. The trees are always growing.
33. Trees need hundreds of years.
34. Chapter 5: The Cave of Trees.
35. Even the trees seem to droop.
36. I am but wind in the trees.
37. Trees appeared on the horizon.
38. He could park it in the trees.
39. Another shape, but only trees.
40. He just fell out of the trees.
41. It’s the way of the trees.
42. We started clearing the trees.
43. Leaves rustle and trees creak.
44. I want to dance with the trees.
45. The trees flashed by below him.
46. He even stopped climbing trees.
47. There were tall trees, evenly.
48. She quickly searched the trees.
49. Give me peace beneath the trees.
50. All the trees in an area five.
51. The trees were becoming shadows.
52. Trees love slow, deep watering.
53. Have a lie-down under the trees.
54. Lights were strung in the trees.
55. It don't grow on trees yer know.
56. The trees then blocked our view.
57. I paced under the line of trees.
58. The trees, grass, and homes in.
59. Between the birds and the trees.
60. The trees, so orderly spaced on.
61. Use filtered water only on trees.
62. More left the trees as I watched.
63. I won’t let the trees have her.
64. Trees are to find on most streets.
65. And trees bent their heads to me.
66. The trees say yes, but only just.
67. Let the trees grow in the Amazon.
68. There are no trees around!.
69. Dogwood trees grow on this island.
70. I saw the trees one after another.
71. Plus, the trees had already been.
72. I wouldn’t rise above the trees.
73. And my voice with the vocal trees.
74. Birds chirped in the trees outside.
75. Sit in meadows of Trees and Green.
76. Just watch over those trees over.
77. There were trees to give us shade.
78. Even the trees howled in laughter.
79. The trees stood rubric to the lake.
80. The trees were coming toward her.
81. In seconds he was among the trees.
82. Felt the trees around him swaying.
83. The trees were all underwater now.
84. Rolling downs, hedges, apple trees.
85. If the Trees love to grow,.
86. Fountain of the Pear Trees,.
87. The Trees are always growing,.
88. He would walk around the trees,.
89. See the trees through the breeze,.

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