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Trial in a sentence

The Trial Of My Faith.
A trial he had earned.
A trial of the heart.
The trial of People v.
You lied at the trial.
She is not on trial.
The trial of the century.

If it comes to trial.
The trial is major news.
Praise Him in the trial.
You were at the trial.
Every time a trial and.
It had been a long trial.
I start a trial tomorrow.
Martini with me for trial.
She had a trial to attend.
This was just a trial run.
The trial counsel sat down.
The trial also found that.
A preliminary trial and a.
Go over the trial record.
He gave voice to his trial.
My trial was about to begin.
IT WAS DAY two of the trial.
I’m on trial for my life.
You do not fear this trial.
There would be a trial today.
They are now standing trial.
And trial by judge and jury.
We will put this B to trial.
If not, I'm ready for trial.
In that trial, people were.
At last the real trial began.
This is my first trial!.
Pure trial and error, LUCK.
I heard about your trial.
In the dream, I was on trial.
Most trial lawyers have one.
Livid trial of error limbo.

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