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Tribune in a sentence

Another tribune of the ball.
The Tribune makes an extraordinary offer.
Double numbers of The Tribune Novels count as two.
Extravagant findings in the spirals of the tribune.
Through the efforts of Philadelphia Tribune editor G.
Foy falls at Hougomont and rises again in the tribune.
The Tribune has always been a favorite with the religious community.

A plebian tribune could veto an act he judged injurious to his class.
Stimson even had his own copy of the Chicago Tribune in his briefcase.
The following story was in the Buffalo News thanks to the Chicago Tribune.
In an editorial in the Sunday Tribune on June 29, 2008 the editor wisely.
The Chicago Tribune chimed in with its headline: Fed Jolts Stock Market.
Ports to Possible Attack By Terrorists, The Oakland Tribune, June 10, 2002).
Charles Dana, Horace Greeley’s earlier executive editor, later left the Tribune.
The Tribune Marullus reproaches them with having forgotten Pompey, and calls them.
For further information and specimen copies, address simply THE TRIBUNE, New York.
Roosevelt while still reading the morning edition of the Chicago Tribune newspaper.
Tom gets up at eight, buys the International Herald Tribune, and heads to the café.
The King let it at that and completed his distribution, then returned to the tribune.
That is, until the Tribune finally decided to break in and address the other officer.
Michael had already placed a notice in the Tribune advertising the vacant flat to rent.
Standing near the tribune was that beautiful giant reporter from the future, Lori Kano.
Marguerite Higgins, of the New York Herald Tribune, was the first to ask her a question.
You will be free to sing and dance around but, first, I have to present you to our tribune.
Justin snatched up the International Herald Tribune and stared at the stories one more time.
The Tribune has long enjoyed the distinction of the largest circulation among the best people.
Nancy then saluted the teenagers and returned with Tomi Kern to the microphone on the tribune.
The spectators fairly held their breath as the prisoner now stood before the tribune of justice.
The February 28, 2007, edition of the Chicago Tribune was headlined: China Market Plunges, Dow Follows.
There were cracks in the tribune gallery, and stone mullions had fallen from the windows of the clerestory.
The Weekly Tribune has been for a third of a century the favorite paper for our substantial country population.
By the way, Carius…why was I brought here? All the Tribune would tell me was that it was in the interests of.
But when Tribune Aetius took her shoulder and urged her along, she was suddenly struck with a twinge of nervousness.
Rudd, of Cincinnati, editor of the American Catholic Tribune, a colored Catholic paper, was chosen permanent Chairman.
And even though the Tribune ignored him, the recruit did not hesitate to speak to Penelope with barely contained enthusiasm.
Since both had also read today’s edition of the Chicago Tribune they had a good idea already about why they had been called in.
I check the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune every morning for interesting stories about the economy, finance, and business.
The October 9 edition of the Chicago Tribune had a page 1, above-the-fold news analysis headlined: Risk-Prone Economy Limps Along.
The stalwart Tribune who had initially delivered the Bretons was content to watch the thief until Carius could return his attention to him.
The guy bucking the wheeled machine had no idea he was reaping Hearst's outcries, '29, or McCormick's eruptions in the Chicago Tribune, '32.

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