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Tule in a sentence

She loved Tule.
Barbie and Tule had been in play at the same time.
Tule moved away from the table, and his phone buzzed.
I said, Hal said that Tule was threatening his life.
From where he sat in the plush armchair, he could see Tule.
I found him in his pool house with the body of his dead wife, Tule.
He said, They think Hal killed Tule? I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

Les heard Tule say to the dealer, Hit me, then saw her peek at her cards.
I saw the one knife that had been used to cut the melon and murder Tule Archer.
Tule nodded, then said with confidence, I’ll see you and raise you—this much.
Winfield broke a tule and twisted it free, and he put the white pulp in his mouth and chewed it.
If Hal Archer’s story that Tule had threatened to kill him was true, her motive had to be money.
It’s called tule fog, and it’s the leading cause of weather-related casualties in California.
But a few days after their first anniversary, Tule was dead, and, indisputably, Hal Archer had done it.
Cooper, and I’m sorry to tell you that Tule has been murdered and Hal is being held pending his arraignment.
Tule Archer was trying to frighten Hal into a heart attack by telling him that she was killing him in her dreams.
When Olsen could see the card table again, Tule was dancing around her date, kissing his face, crying out, Wowee.
TULE SAT ON the floor of the large closet, way in the back, heaps of high-heeled shoes around her, her knees folded up to her chest.
Same time that Tule was dancing and serving drinks to VIPs, she was cited for a DUI, then arrested for having a fight with another showgirl backstage.
Not long after that, according to justice court, Tule and her roommate, Barbie Summers, skipped out on their rent, leaving their dogs and furnishings behind.
In the picture, Tule wore a twenty-thousand-dollar wedding gown and an ecstatic smile on her face; next to her, Hal Archer looked proud and in love with his arm-candy bride.
Mo-bot went over Tule Archer’s newly composed dossier, homed in and winnowed out, asked new questions of the search engine, and received collateral material to add to the file.
Olsen had laid out his plan, but where was the crime? Marrying a man for money and waiting for him to die wasn’t illegal, and it didn’t connect Olsen to Tule Archer’s threats to her husband.
Mo-bot got into the Clark County Recorder’s Office records and found the entry for Tule’s wedding to Hal Archer, and then she turned up Tule and Hal’s wedding announcement in the LA Times; looked like they’d decided to have a second wedding, a much bigger one, back home in California.

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