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    turn over

    1. Uncover pile and turn over while spraying with the liquid seaweed

    2. Turn over bin #3 ,water as needed with liquid seaweed and add a sprinkling of the formula

    3. As I stare at the banks of the wasteg slowly passing, I turn over in my mind why he should have volunteered for the job of escorting me to the Well

    4. When it comes to fear, this type of prayer is most helpful if you deliberately turn over your concerns to a higher power and believe that they will be taken care of

    5. They don’t need to turn over and burn us with drivewash, all they have to do is drop a screw when they cross our path and our point will vaporize

    6. The road made an abrupt right turn over it

    7. This is the time to turn over your problems and concerns to the

    8. She had counselled someone who was convinced of this; he also believed the world was due to end at the hands of other ‘evil’ alien colonizers who were due to return over four years ago

    9. His stomach churned and when he tried to turn over to alleviate the feeling it set the hammers in his head pounding

    10. into the garden that morning just to turn over some of the flower

    11. What would happen when they left Kismeria, only to return over a thousand years later? Hayley was mortal, what hope was there in this marriage?

    12. Following the release of all officers and crew of the Shenandoah, the British government arranged to turn over the Shenandoah to the United States, in response to United States Minister Charles Adam’s request

    13. “You will not turn over those notes to the MacDougals,” she shot out, her voice hot

    14. So, let's burn the midnight oil and turn over every stone,� ordered the Captain to Ciminelli and Hannigan

    15. project to clean up our environment generally complete and abolish the EPA and turn over the

    16. turn those audits over to the investigators and later refused to turn over documents to our Congress who

    17. documents shredded, refused to turn over audit reports and even approved the final report before it was

    18. Feeling the drowsiness begin to overtake me, I lay the phone on the nightstand and turn over to catch some much needed Zs

    19. this, switzerland agreed to turn over documents to the iRs to help to

    20. For a few seconds we stew in silence, and I follow the path of my thoughts as they turn over and over one another

    21. Please pray, and turn over in your mind the attitudes you have in this area, before the

    22. He also had to turn over his son, Cesar Borja, as a hostage

    23. father tried to pull-start the engine, but it wouldn’t turn over

    24. ” He said, “And if you turn over it states that your shares will now be transferred to Lucky

    25. It is time we called this project to clean up our environment generally complete and abolish the EPA and turn over the maintenance of the environment to the individual states

    26. He said in 1991 President Bush gave a speech at the Madrid Conference to pressure Israel to turn over land to the Palestinians

    27. waved, feeling his heart turn over in a way that was entirely unaccountable

    28. Every now and then I will turn over one of the cards and see

    29. He felt Rosie turn over and gently hug him

    30. Rosie heard John turn over in bed

    31. ”45 Knowing my father as well as I did, I just knew it wasn’t in him to turn over to anyone what he had taken a lifetime to build

    32. When her flight was announced, she felt her stomach turn over and realized that her adventure was finally happening; but the strange feeling she had that this was happening to somebody else and she, Lorna, was just an onlooker, stayed with her as she took her hand-luggage and moved forward behind the woman; and went though the exit onto the tarmac of the runway where the huge Boeing was humming and whining with lights flashing, while the passengers, apparently unconcerned and chatting happily to one another, ascended the stairs into the vast stomach of the plane

    33. This plow was basically a piece of steel bent at an angle with a wooden framework attached so that when it was dragged thru the soil, it would turn over the soil, covering what had been on top of the ground and bringing up the topsoil that was a few inches underground

    34. Frank placed the bent piece of metal on the ground so that when the horse started pulling it would turn over the soil

    35. many forays into the house, which always lead into the kitchen where they’d turn over the

    36. For those few who truly wanted to turn over a new leaf, we gave them that opportunity

    37. without having to jab him in the side to get him to turn over and quit

    38. Anointed and turn over the Sprugs to a Central

    39. The dealer has laid out your hand and before you even turn over the cards, you know it’s a losing hand

    40. Quick, turn over to channel 2!” shouted Joan down the telephone before hanging up

    41. bar is magnetized by the electric current, they all turn over and lean in one

    42. Hertsinger turn over many millions of US Dollars per year, they are recognized as a cutting edge company with vast assets

    43. In fact, in view of the disturbed conditions in Jerusalem, I think it would be best for me to turn over all the money to you

    44. than two dozen folks turned out to help the old man turn over his century

    45. As the United States started to turn over more of the fighting to the South Vietnamese in the late 1960s, the Vietnamese number rose again until it reached 62 percent in 1970

    46. Those things that cause you pain need not be repeated, but humans are creatures of comfort and routine and return over and over again to that which is familiar

    47. You are missing money, and you have to turn over all kinds of rocks to find out what happened to it

    48. “Sir, no disrespect but the order was for each Commander to turn over his troops for retraining and we are here for that purpose

    49. Was this the frightening moaning Ashley heard earlier? She helped the lady turn over onto her back

    50. Ingrid, apparently most eager to fight, jumped to the center of the circle and made her flail turn over her head

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