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Ugliness in a sentence | ugliness example sentences

  1. It took on its own ugliness.
  2. There is beauty and ugliness.
  3. Has she seen your ugliness?
  4. It is the creation of ugliness.
  5. The ugliness of their behavior.

  6. Saul felt an ugliness in himself.
  7. What for? To create more ugliness?
  8. I shut my lips to the ugliness in 1986.
  9. When ugliness is fact, then is it true?
  10. The whole ugliness was laid out there and then.
  11. You are designed to create BEAUTY! Not ugliness.
  12. It had been so ugly, and Walter hated ugliness.
  13. A journey that carries me from ugliness to beauty.
  14. The hunchback at least showed his ugliness honestly.
  15. Alas! beauty is concealed as though it were ugliness.

  16. When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises.
  17. Unabbreviated ugliness was mostly what Nancy had to hear.
  18. You see the beauty in my ugliness, the new in what is old.
  19. Her ugliness bound her to him more strongly than iron chains.
  20. An ugly inner soul creates inner ugliness and outer ugliness.
  21. That since beauty is the opposite of ugliness, they are two?
  22. But now the miracle of it had turned to ugliness and cruelty.
  23. That is what they try to do: undead turn beauty into ugliness.
  24. I didnt want to break the spell with the ugliness of a murder.
  25. I could see a witch’s pimple on her nose and her ugliness was.

  26. Man's aesthetic appreciation of beauty contrasted with ugliness.
  27. The organic energy of Life creates MORE BEAUTY: not more ugliness.
  28. An ugly outer environment creates outer ugliness and inner ugliness.
  29. Promise me that you will try to protect us from any further ugliness.
  30. She hurries to hide the ugliness she feels with her large awkward hand.
  31. When everyone recognizes beauty as beautiful, there is already ugliness;.
  32. She seemed, after the long months of ugliness, to be prettier than before.
  33. More and more, she understood and felt personally the ugliness of slavery.
  34. The ugliness of my injuries was not the sole reason for quitting the project.
  35. It means deciding to choose truth and beauty, instead of lies and ugliness.
  36. To distract visitors from the blackened ugliness and horrors of the actual city.
  37. The beauty of the endeavor obliterates the ugliness of the rejection, said Rau.
  38. We want that ugliness disappear … Of beauty that appear and spread in the presence.
  39. Wisdom of a saint is such a mirror in which the visitors can see their inner ugliness.
  40. Every that is ‘in’ with teenagers these days, is based upon bad taste and ugliness.
  41. That’s what shitease, I mean cities are; they are cesspools of pollution and ugliness.
  42. Madame Victurnien was fifty-six, and re-enforced the mask of ugliness with the mask of age.
  43. Gazing at the world as though it were her special jewel, she never saw the ugliness of life.
  44. Covering up the true horror and ugliness of it all by turning it into a whitewashed fairytale.
  45. Alistair's face looked like it should - the real ugliness beneath the thin veneer of the everyday.
  46. The terrible project he no doubt created for power and self-gain was reeking its ugliness ever more.
  47. It is surely better that we should surround ourselves with beauty than with ugliness, even though it.
  48. Beauty is always triumphant over ugliness in the hearts of all who are illuminated by the love of truth.
  49. The only reason evil is not destroyed is because it hides its true filthy nature and ugliness in SECRECY.
  50. The visible difference between the beauty of nature, and the ugliness which civilization creates is obvious.
  51. Walter shuddered--not so much from fear of the threat as from repulsion over the ugliness and vulgarity of it.
  52. What as sight I must looked, so I then decided that I would stop shaving and grow a beard to hide the ugliness.
  53. The atrocities and the human ugliness of the War of Independence also happened in America’s Westward Expansion.
  54. Human beings have the ability to create ugliness and they have the ability to create beauty that does not yet exist.
  55. The 3 Graces came about when Nhance’s father replaced wisdom, truth, and beauty with greed, deception, and ugliness.
  56. Reflecting on the ugliness of that idiotic race, there is much to be urged by way of excuse for people who kill mandarins.
  57. He ran away at an early age from his father's house, where his ugliness was a subject of horror and terror to his parents.
  58. She gazed out into the horizon and watched the rain come pelting down --anything but the ugliness she was going to witness.
  59. Anger and hatred are the conditions for ugliness, and loving care, gentleness, and kind speech are the conditions for beauty.
  60. When will you learn that duty and honor are two halves of the same face? If they’re out of balance, all you have is ugliness.
  61. Its somber ugliness accorded ill with the brightness of her hair, and somehow her hair seemed to turn mourning into a mockery.
  62. He was, as the inspector had said, extremely dirty, but the grime which covered his face could not conceal its repulsive ugliness.
  63. She wants other victims (survivors) of rape to know that rape need not be the end of their life; that beauty can come from ugliness.
  64. She welcomed her visitors with a smile, and turned down a corner of the baby’s blanket to display his puckered ugliness to Stephen.
  65. Deep down inside he knew that in spite of the ugliness and torture of divorce, Anna Husak still held a part of his life, his emotions.
  66. Though stout and broad-shouldered, I was shorter than Woloda, while my ugliness of face still remained and tormented me as much as ever.
  67. And although some apology is perhaps necessary for the ugliness of these diagrams, it is an ugliness that attends all anatomy drawings.
  68. Oh, how her riches made her poor indeed! And seeing the ugliness of her soul, I used to gloat that my fate didn’t condemn me to riches.
  69. At first they had hate and ambivalence in their faces, but as she surged on, she saw a softness start to part the ugliness in their faces.
  70. That work of art, of nature, that evolved, through millions of years from the ugliness of the pithecanthropus to the perfection of Lizzie.
  71. Whether from sorrow at the ugliness and suffering he was causing, or from mere physical reaction, or both, he wasn’t wise enough to know.
  72. There was no ugliness, no sickness, no evil, no hate, Germany had been cleansed of corruption…that is… except the center of German power.
  73. This is a rare reading, and it shows that there is some ugliness going on out there and that this day might, in fact, be a crash day.
  74. I approached this tremendous being; I dared not again raise my eyes to his face, there was something so scaring and unearthly in his ugliness.
  75. You? she gurgled, as recognition came amidst the almost continuous coughing, burping and spitting out the ugliness that had invaded her body.
  76. Then people who are attracted to the physical exterior of a physically Immaculate Beauty… would find all kinds of ugliness under their immaculate hides.
  77. The function called consuming… eating is evil: it is destruction of living organisms and living creatures on a scale of mass horror and ugliness and death.
  78. More probably, he’d decided, it was because he still felt compelled to protect his younger sister from all the ugliness with which he’d had to deal.
  79. However, the conflict continued, dragging its ugliness through year after year, and Anthea and I found ourselves more and more alien to it and the life around us.
  80. There is also poverty, ignorance, friendliness, dirt, beauty, ugliness, and since the list can go on and on, I end on a positive note: and sunshine and blue skies.
  81. If they do not cultivate good plants on it, weeding it, cleaning everything around them,—it will become overgrown with horrible ugliness and will become terrible.
  82. Sometimes what seems like ugliness tends with time to become fascinating and even beautiful in one's eyes, whereas the obviously pretty can become boring and banal.
  83. Excess of variations from a common type is what I think we recognise as ugliness in the objective world, whereas beauty is on the side of unity and conformity to type.
  84. Every time a moment of concordance is reached it is a Himalayan peak that has been climbed, in the name of the beauty that can be created and not in the name of ugliness.
  85. That creation and destruction, beauty and ugliness, health and disease, birth and death, war and peace, light and darkness and heaven and hell, all was as it was meant to be.
  86. I should be quite willing to enjoy the art here, but there is so much that I don't know the reason of—so much that seems to me a consecration of ugliness rather than beauty.
  87. Like me, she desperately wants to believe the flawed American justice system and the goodness of humanity all while cognizant of the ugliness of reality and the human condition.
  88. Cargo steam vessels have reached by this time a height of utilitarian ugliness which, when one reflects that it is the product of human ingenuity, strikes hopeless awe into one.
  89. The Iliad speaks of the horrors of war, of the ugliness of death, of the ugliness of Achilles’ wrath and of the hybris of Agamemnon, which caused so much grief for the Achaeans.
  90. There might be a hundred or better! There might be a gross! Ferdy chicken remembered the ugliness of the creatures in the photograph, and chuckled to himself at his own small pun.
  91. Levin felt that, in spite of all the ugliness of his life, his brother Nikolay, in his soul, in the very depths of his soul, was no more in the wrong than the people who despised him.
  92. The old woman retorted with a composite grimace, and a wonderful improvisation of hatred taking advantage of feebleness and ugliness, which was, unfortunately, wasted in the dark:—.
  93. What master would go to such great lengths to hide the ugliness of a scar? Hers apparently! Looking around she saw that she was in the same room as she had been in earlier in the day.
  94. The ugliness of telling a stranger--and a stranger with hair like fur--anything at all about those closely related persons she had been taught to describe to herself as her dear ones.
  95. If we can combine wisdom, pain and art, as Cosmo-Art suggests, we can extract beauty from ugliness, and we can create a type of immortal beauty that renders those who create it immortal.
  96. It is interesting to turn these observations around and wonder if the ugliness in so much of current art does not gradually inspire the violence, intolerance, and hatred we see around us.
  97. A sign that theft and pillage are beginning to filter into doctrines and sophisms, in such a way as to lose somewhat of their ugliness, while communicating much of it to sophisms and doctrines.
  98. The Mindless accumulation of human units, the mindless accumulation of money… what for? Destroy all beauty:; destroy beauty and create ugliness, create horror, create death…why? What for?
  99. She said yes without any hesitation and walked me down the stairs of her porch to the end of her lawn where we shared a half hug against the ugliness of a neighborhood that had seen better days.
  100. To be fully aware of beauty truth and honesty and courage and good and health: you must also be aware of evil, ugliness, horror and cunning craftiness of evil hidden under billions of years of evil.

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