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Unconventional in a sentence

He loved unconventional.
And we were an unconventional trio.
Unconventional, perhaps, but effective.
You are unconventional, but predictable.
reasons for your unconventional behavior.
gained from his unconventional upbringing.
I would have done it—I can be unconventional.

I’d had counter-terrorism and unconventional.
Dad was unconventional, but in the best of ways.
unconventional stance, as markets were already thin.
"Yes, he is unconventional, isn't he?" Teresa commented.
Th eir unconventional bearing that is further subjected.
Boredom has mind doing unconventional conduct, met by nil.
someone this way—kind of unconventional, at least for me.
Linda did look stunning in her unconventional wedding dress.
exuberant and unconventional persons I have ever come across.
It was a crazy, most unconventional idea but it could well work.
Often characterised as being unconventional and stimulating, Dr.
Submitted to the Journal of Unconventional Theories and Research.
This unconventional dogma had the Daityas, Danavas and Rakshas so.
For a really unconventional art there is Madame Tussaud's Waxworks.
In the second painting, Jesus asked me to do something unconventional.
Blomkvist wondered, though, about the unconventional choice of subject.
He was charming in the most unconventional and sometimes shocking manner.
And here is where Ray’s second piece of unconventional wisdom came crashing in.
board, though not unheard of, it was completely unconventional in a modern arsenal.
Al-qaeda reflects wagging global but unconventional was to substitute conventional war.

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unconventional improper unlawful