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Undercut in a sentence

1. He cut deep, and yet I just undercut him.
2. Jack’s lies and evasions undercut her integrity.
3. The stock should not have undercut the prior low at 47.
4. They would be able to undercut the price in the market place.
5. Alternatively, maybe you have found a way to undercut the current.
6. There was so much more that undercut the country during those years.
7. We soon stood in front of the opening of a large undercut in the cliff face.

8. Moody’s dramatic lie had undercut the entire thrust of the Raiders’ argument.
9. Hence stocks will have a tendency to undercut and rally as they trend lower.
10. As she returned to the shallow undercut, she heard the notes of a simple reed flute.
11. I think he’s a competitor, he’s making a list of all our prices so he can undercut us.
12. He projected that Right now the market looks like it will need to undercut the low at 7500.
13. In those years, the acquiring company’s management may undercut the previous CEO’s decisions or plans.
14. Thus, any investor should do a thorough long term assessment because analysts’ estimates undercut our own.
15. This is the only model in which the reaction from Point F does not undercut one of the previous two reactions.
16. With this she probed around and found that sure enough, the banks were undercut and she could not reach the bottom.
17. Undercut banks are a great location to find trout since this location provides them with excellent cover from predators.
18. No, no, of course you wouldn’t, Janie said in a soothing tone, which she immediately undercut by snorting loudly.
19. O’Neil was dead-on in his projection of a market undercut and bottom at around the 7500 price level on the Dow, as Figure 9.
20. A full-blown price war soon developed between the traders, each trying to undercut the other in order to sell his merchandise.
21. From that point there was a sheer drop, for the cliff was slightly undercut, and even Gollum could not find a hold of any kind.
22. These lows had in turn undercut the April lows, constituting a shakeout that faked out short-sellers as the market turned and began to rally.
23. John Kerry, Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, voted for war, and his campaign undercut antiwar protesters, asking them to stop demonstrating.
24. After the third wave down the need to sell is too obvious, and it also undercut the low on the handle formed in January 1998 which is a logical bottoming point.
25. The stock then broke and headed lower over the next eight weeks, finally bottoming at a point that undercut the low point of a prior base formed in June-August 1968.
26. Reagan led the opposition to SALT II and tried to undercut both Nixon's ban on anti ballistic missiles and the US ban on weapons in space by his Star Wars program.
27. As the stock came down the right side of the head it undercut the low of the first late-stage cup with handle base and set off on a rally that carried it above the 50-day moving average.
28. In the case of a Model 3 Three Peaks formation, we count from this higher bottom to the top of the Domed House to determine the Swingover (as opposed to counting from the reaction low, which undercut a previous low).
29. Because it is difficult to build new cement plants (not in my backyard) and because it is generally inefficient to ship cement long distances because of its weight, those cement plants are able to undercut the prices of most competitors.
30. One interesting rule that O’Neil had was that after a stock has consolidated and built a base of at least five weeks, then usually the stock can be bought on pullbacks that are near to or undercut the prior low of the base in the sixth week or later.
31. Note that as FSLR came down to the 100 price level it bounced once and then re-tested that 100 low by coming down to a point just below it, setting up an undercut and rally situation, which also provided a potential profit-taking/short-covering point.
32. The turn off the lows following the undercut should be swift, as this confirms the stock’s ability to recover quickly and with some authority, hence giving the SO+3 a look of extreme buoyancy in the stock as it immediately rises back to the surface—the top of the base.
33. The market continued to plumb new lows going into mid-October, and there was still no concrete evidence that the market decline was ending, until it finally undercut the September lows and began to rally, posting a massive follow-through day on the ninth day off the bottom (Figure 9.
34. In doing that, Goebbels had not only created a compelling vision of the new Germany but also undercut the Nazis’ opponents in the West—whether they were American Jews in New York City or members of Parliament in London or anxious Parisians—making all of them seem shrill, hysterical, and misinformed.
35. Watching for lows that are retested and undercut can be useful in determining when to cover part or all of a short position, as it is very common for stocks to fake out shorts by undercutting a prior low, whether near-term (within the last week or two) or intermediate-term (several weeks to a few months), which is seen as a breach of support that is simply too obvious to work.
36. After all, if one of the Inquisition’s own violated the regulations laid down for the governance of the holding camps—allowed misplaced leniency to encourage the heretical to maintain their defiance of God’s plan and the Archangels’ plain commandments rather than seek pardon and penance—it could only encourage others to do the same thing, which must inevitably undercut all Mother Church’s effort to crush the heresy.
1. What are the long-term consequences of undercutting and degrading the physical body as a.
2. This kind of undercutting can increase market share tactics that will benefit the consumers, not the producers.
3. He then noticed that many live oak trees were in the process of falling into Snow’s Cut, due to erosional undercutting.
4. A company can increase revenue and earnings by undercutting the competitors, but that is not profitable for the shareholders.
5. You email the bidders with the information that you have the same item and will sell it for $40, thus undercutting the seller.
6. The stock rallied for a few days and then spent the next two to three weeks drifting back downward before undercutting the initial 47.
7. Robert delivered his incredibly plaintive vocal in just a few takes, undercutting any piety in the subject matter with a running commentary of jokes.
8. We had oodles of money in our coffers by virtue of our Fall Quarter used book sales in Greene Lounge, undercutting UC bookstore by just enough to monopolize the business.
9. After the stock puts in more time building its base, undercutting the lows of the base in early March 2007, and then working its way back above the 50-day moving average toward the end of March, it flashes a correct pocket pivot buy point on March 26, 2007.
10. Mel undoubtedly bitched about my attitude (Leigh granted me permission to deal directly with Customers undercutting her role), and the woman in the cubicle across the hall retaliated because I had complained about her loud, very personal conversations on the company phone with, among others, her gynecologist, her baby sitter, and her husband.
11. Watching for lows that are retested and undercut can be useful in determining when to cover part or all of a short position, as it is very common for stocks to fake out shorts by undercutting a prior low, whether near-term (within the last week or two) or intermediate-term (several weeks to a few months), which is seen as a breach of support that is simply too obvious to work.
1. It undercuts the entire system.
2. The raging river undercuts the face of the glacier, resulting in frequent calving.
3. Watching for such undercuts can help determine when a short position should be covered in part or in total.
4. Note how the stock undercuts a prior low within its base structure on September 24th as volume picks up sharply at 123 percent above average.
5. The stock then flashes another pocket pivot buy point on July 30th as the stock undercuts its 10-day moving average and then finishes with a strong close on huge volume.

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