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Underestimate in a sentence | underestimate example sentences

  1. Do not underestimate his ability.
  2. Do not underestimate your ability.
  3. They underestimate ME and MY plans.
  4. But we must not underestimate them.
  5. Never underestimate the power of food.

  6. Don’t underestimate the human mind.
  7. Don't underestimate her for a second.
  8. Do not underestimate yourself, or me.
  9. You underestimate her, Kyle said.
  10. I warned you not to underestimate him.
  11. Do not underestimate the shortness of.
  12. He would never underestimate his captor.
  13. Don't underestimate the Power of Poetry.
  14. People often underestimate the situation.
  15. Do not underestimate the heat of the sun.

  16. We may underestimate the situation but we.
  17. We need never underestimate the power of.
  18. Don’t underestimate how much that means.
  19. It would be a mistake to underestimate him.
  20. He'll underestimate you and think he's safe.
  21. Never underestimate the power of a gap down.
  22. We should never underestimate our influences.
  23. I wouldn’t underestimate his devotion to me.
  24. Do not underestimate Maitre Abu Bakr, he said.
  25. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth.

  26. Well, never underestimate the power of marketing.
  27. I think you deliberately underestimate yourself.
  28. Those who underestimate her live to regret it.
  29. Never underestimate the power of the resource box.
  30. And he wasn’t going to underestimate the woman.
  31. Our worse mistake would be to underestimate them.
  32. Never underestimate the importance of good timing.
  33. Never underestimate The Brotherhood my friends.
  34. Buseth warned Stacey not to underestimate Bingham.
  35. Never underestimate the power of self-preservation.
  36. Again, don’t underestimate yourself, Elizabeth.
  37. Never underestimate the advantage of local knowledge.
  38. We no longer underestimate the power of small actions.
  39. Never underestimate an old ‘piss tank’ like Zavitz.
  40. Don’t underestimate the power of a single split test.
  41. Never underestimate the power of a shared experience!.
  42. We should never underestimate the Spirit’s work when.
  43. Again, don't underestimate the importance of you slow-.
  44. Never underestimate the human mind, Jimbo told me.
  45. We must not underestimate the power of the words we speak.
  46. Still, Ben knew better than to underestimate an opponent.
  47. He was impressed and would not underestimate her in the.
  48. He said she’s very clever and not to underestimate her.
  49. Do not underestimate the power of sleep! I’ve been there.
  50. Rocky has a very short fuse, and don’t underestimate his.
  51. And don't underestimate the power of language/communication.
  52. We should never underestimate the power of a comprehensive.
  53. Don’t underestimate something that is seemingly worthless.
  54. Never underestimate what one person’s belief in you can do.
  55. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a woman, I said.
  56. Never underestimate the power of music to induce mood change.
  57. We should not underestimate the micro decisions which employees.
  58. Do not underestimate the power of this simple charting exercise.
  59. The younger of the two men said, You underestimate our vault.
  60. In summary, we should never underestimate the power of intention.
  61. Second, we must not underestimate old resistance and support levels.
  62. On the other hand I could always bank on Daphne to underestimate me.
  63. You underestimate me, he growled and pinned him to the ground.
  64. Th ey usual y underestimate the role of second-tide schools in for-.
  65. It costs trillions of dollars and that may be a gross underestimate.
  66. It is always better to let your opponent underestimate you after all.
  67. Be careful, though, and whatever you do, don’t underestimate her.
  68. We should never underestimate the cunning of the Denizens of Chaos.
  69. You wouldn't want to underestimate the damage that strangers could do.
  70. Never underestimate the heavy wear and tear of rough ground on your feet.
  71. Many writers who have worked on this poem often underestimate this theme.
  72. Don’t underestimate the power of the stop order as a cure for over-trading.
  73. Most people underestimate how much they eat in a day by as much as one-third.
  74. You also underestimate Africa and are less professional than usual when here.
  75. He too felt encouraged but knew it was never wise to underestimate any enemy.
  76. I told you, hunters underestimate me, or in his case—overestimates himself.
  77. Never underestimate the number of people that you can influence in your life.
  78. I think you underestimate how much love people have for you, Garcia said.
  79. If they had only held off on the attack! He would not underestimate them again.
  80. One should never underestimate the power of influence gained through networking.
  81. Arrogant child, you more than most should know better than to underestimate.
  82. All the same we ought not to underestimate the Daitya’s prince, Vayu advised.
  83. Don’t underestimate the creativity and ambition of civilizations before that time.
  84. Lest we Americans underestimate the degree to which Marcuse will accept mass murder.
  85. Don’t underestimate their actions by thinking that they are pretending to be acting.
  86. When you are working on your lawn, you should not underestimate the heat of the sun.
  87. Stupid witch, she must really underestimate me if she thought I was out for the count.
  88. As I said, never underestimate the combination of fear, adrenaline, violence and shock.
  89. People are consistently way too optimistic and underestimate just how competitive the U.
  90. Besides, imperial men tend to underestimate women since most of us don’t study combat.
  91. Well, perhaps you have learned not to write off the elderly or underestimate the young.
  92. Never underestimate the lengths they’ll go to cheat you out of what is rightfully yours.
  93. This gets to the heart of the matter (think ancient city-state), don't underestimate its.
  94. I don’t know what you have heard but I cannot underestimate the severity of the problem.
  95. Yes it went horribly wrong, but do not underestimate how at first we all admired Hitlerism.
  96. The divider constant may seem like a minor detail but don’t overlook or underestimate it.
  97. To see a Yorkie in your dream is telling you not to underestimate someone’s small size.
  98. They want you to underestimate them and discount them, and never believe in their existence.
  99. Never underestimate the combination of adrenaline, pain, shock and anger all at the same time.
  100. For one, that could cause him to underestimate them, a mistake that often had bad consequences.
  1. Maybe he was underestimating Dr.
  2. Childers responds, underestimating you.
  3. I told him he was underestimating our foe.
  4. His underestimating us would be the only way.
  5. He felt that she was underestimating herself.
  6. The Boss could stil quite easily be underestimating Mr.
  7. But this time these foxes are underestimating their enemy.
  8. You, I said, are vastly underestimating his wits.
  9. What was that about underestimating? she said quickly.
  10. Let’s not make the mistake of underestimating these people.
  11. Nothing is more disastrous than underestimating one's antagonist.
  12. Sir, I think that you are underestimating her curiosity and abilities.
  13. Models for pricing stocks are underestimating the risk of extreme events.
  14. Alternatively, it indicates that you are underestimating yourself in some area.
  15. We are surprised of their capabilities and we admit that for underestimating them.
  16. Are you positive you can’t do it alone? You could be underestimating your charm.
  17. History suggests that underestimating the crude appeal of bigots is usually a mistake.
  18. One of the biggest mistakes made by new investors is underestimating their renovation time.
  19. Alternatively, reading your own obituary means that you are underestimating your own abilities.
  20. The insurance company lost money because it mispriced the insurance by underestimating the risk.
  21. You may be feeling threatened, vulnerable or unsure so you are underestimating your own strength.
  22. Then began the era of ‘Pessimism’, when people began underestimating their own fortune and fate.
  23. But their underestimating of our abilities is the testimony of their poor understanding and their weak.
  24. Gem brought her hand to her bandaged head, her own aching reminder of what comes from underestimating the man.
  25. Underestimating Chutani’s abilities would be extremely dangerous, but overestimating them could lead to paralysis.
  26. A man left bloody and crippled from a nasty accident after seriously underestimating the validity of the snow and ice.
  27. For all the years I’ve spent hero-worshipping the man, he thought, here and I still find myself underestimating the actuality.
  28. Mutilation is curse in look relating to parents inspired by magical acts to drive much of their lives, underestimating God’s power.
  29. He didn't blame himself—he'd meant well and done his best, simply underestimating the greed and egocentrism of this scion of wealth.
  30. The first reason for bad timing is underestimating the insanity of the public, a problem that took many short sellers out in the 1990s bull market.
  31. His fault for underestimating their abilities in temporarily taking over a portion of the base and trusting they would follow orders and fall back.
  32. Underestimating tasks: most university entrants are unaware that the academic work expected at this level is much greater than the high school work.
  33. Chris threw the stylus from his electronic pad despondently onto the table top, I still think we are underestimating the importance of this thing.
  34. I’m inclined to think that some of our superiors in Zion who haven’t personally experienced heretic artillery are underestimating the threat.
  35. I have no doubt you could defend yourself from the devil himself if it were only him that’s come, but you are underestimating the danger that you are in.
  36. First, I believe the Inquisition is underestimating the heretics’ actual present troop strength and being … overly sanguine about their future troop strength.
  37. On a side note – if you thought this chapter title had to do with 90-days of getting laid, you are dramatically underestimating what your love life will look like.
  38. The gushing success of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” would follow later that year, but there’s no underestimating the importance of what “Losing My Religion,” and R.
  39. Investors also often make the mistake of underestimating the importance of the support networks these managers had at their prior company that helped make them successful in the first place.
  40. However, I believe they’re still significantly underestimating the heretics’ artillery support, and that they’re making insufficient allowance for how much of the heretics’ infantry is mounted.
  41. But even that may be underestimating the impact of grain prices on America’s beef and poultry industries, considering that corn feed represents about two-thirds of the input costs for the beef industry alone.
  42. Over the long run, money manager David Dreman has shown, 59% of Wall Street’s consensus earnings forecasts miss the mark by a mortifyingly wide margin—either underestimating or overestimating the actual reported earnings by at least 15%.
  43. PS: After dinner the waiter brought us fortune cookies and I was like, FOUR FORTUNES IN ONE DAY! WHAT A BOON! Victor said cookies weren’t really the same thing as actual fortune, but I think Victor’s underestimating the importance of cookies.
  44. Concerning oneself with what the Dow was doing, what 30 old economy stocks were doing in an otherwise vibrant era of Internet connections and shrinking cell phones, was utter nonsense to O’Neil, who felt at the time that market analysts were underestimating the depth of the economy.
  1. He had underestimated this foe.
  2. I think I’ve underestimated him.
  3. You and Connie underestimated me.
  4. What I had underestimated was the.
  5. They weren’t to be underestimated.
  6. Once more, he’d underestimated her.
  7. We underestimated her, Larry said.
  8. Or perhaps you underestimated Africa?
  9. I think I underestimated your ability.
  10. I underestimated you, he said softly.
  11. The Americans were not to be underestimated.
  12. The Dead Tree underestimated its hold on him.
  13. He’d underestimated how he’d react to her.
  14. She’d underestimated his mental instability.
  15. I underestimated you, James, my first mistake.
  16. Yes, he’d underestimated her, but not enough.
  17. Thus, we underestimated the conspiracy again.
  18. If you've ever underestimated the blessings of.
  19. I underestimated the power of opportunism.
  20. Its positive effects must never be underestimated.
  21. But the role of practice can not be underestimated.
  22. I underestimated how much of a sales gig it was.
  23. I may have underestimated you, Stiff, he says.
  24. The value of this idea should not be underestimated.
  25. Or, at the very least, I underestimated her resolve.
  26. She began to wonder if she had underestimated Credit.
  27. I just underestimated you more than I should have.
  28. I have sorely underestimated this woman, she thought.
  29. And Aspen’s instincts couldn’t be underestimated.
  30. Ryanallo underestimated the kid, said a soldier.
  31. The burst of energy and power is often underestimated.
  32. But I underestimated the chief of detectives a little.
  33. I may have underestimated her talent in that regard.
  34. It turned out that I’d completely underestimated Onni.
  35. Perhaps he had underestimated the girl’s intelligence.
  36. The power of this technique should not be underestimated.
  37. He constantly underestimated his enemy’s capabilities.
  38. The value of this sort of clue cannot be underestimated.
  39. Please believe me, I am frequently underestimated and I.
  40. Then again, Alicia always underestimated the competition.
  41. Startling Heaven Seven Eagles cannot be underestimated.
  42. Well it looks as though we underestimated these farmers.
  43. I seemed to have underestimated him in more ways than one.
  44. The power of the spoken word should never be underestimated.
  45. I have many enemies and they have always underestimated me.
  46. Her parents have, as parents will, underestimated her lust.
  47. Soon he will realize how badly he ’s underestimated us.
  48. The value of having this option should not be underestimated.
  49. They underestimated her, Hagan said, watching Ash depart.
  50. But I had underestimated the twin Pow’rs of Envy and Hatred.
  51. The significance of oral health should never be underestimated.
  52. Evidently, he had underestimated them and the extent to which.
  53. This is serious and their actions should not be underestimated.
  54. He, on the other hand, hadn’t underestimated the Wizard at all.
  55. The power of both of his hands were not to be underestimated as.
  56. Pulaski found a certain tactical advantage in being underestimated.
  57. He had underestimated Torm Adrastos, taking him for just another.
  58. It would appear that I had underestimated my old friend yet again.
  59. He had an inflated opinion of himself and underestimated the enemy.
  60. Water-Down is not a town to be underestimated, as you both know well.
  61. Ted begun to understand that he had probably badly underestimated Tom.
  62. I think you could have used being underestimated to your advantage.
  63. He had underestimated the boy and now he had to correct his mistake.
  64. But Jeff and Paul had grossly underestimated the steepness of the trail.
  65. She was beginning to think she might have underestimated the young man.
  66. But Argos also underestimated the man’s determination and brilliance.
  67. He had the power to control her; but he underestimated the power he had.
  68. The Great Old Ones underestimated the passion of the dwarves for delving.
  69. TEPCO may have underestimated the size of the fault whose existence was.
  70. It was clear that Commander Orlanthis had underestimated the militia too.
  71. I underestimated the woman, and I guess I overestimated my own cleverness.
  72. The opportunity to save face should never be underestimated or undervalued.
  73. The only reason she’d located Jevan was because he’d underestimated her.
  74. He had entirely underestimated the little professor with a love for history.
  75. It appears I’ve underestimated you and, in the process, overestimated Finn.
  76. She had underestimated the MCU team, but wouldn’t be making that mistake again.
  77. It was yet another reminder of why the CIA assassin was not to be underestimated.
  78. Here, he appears to have underestimated the solidarity of the anti-Axis alliance.
  79. He thought of the princes who underestimated the judges appointed by the One Lord.
  80. Either Adros was weaker than he thought, or he had underestimated Ostedes’ speed.
  81. The large black underestimated Sarah’s courage, and the bond between her and Ichor.
  82. Unavoidable technological wizardry is underestimated – suits for the troops cause.
  83. She was so focused on her mission, that she had underestimated the possible pitfalls.
  84. The West hopelessly underestimated Japan’s military capacity and offensive capability.
  85. She tells the empty woods, Never underestimated the determination of a scorned woman.
  86. To escape so easily seemed odd, as if the Darangi had seriously underestimated the B’tari.
  87. No, I underestimated the number of ships the enemy could muster for an operation like that.
  88. This indicates that some of these portfolios were overestimated and some were underestimated.
  89. He had underestimated the lengths to which the prior would go to punish those who opposed him.
  90. She was in a runner's stance and faking injury all along, and I had underestimated her, again.
  91. Someone has to clean up the mess, but once again the danger involved can’t be underestimated.
  92. It was not that she was overconfident, or that she underestimated her adversary, on the contrary.
  93. Barring tonight, I’ve lived as long as I have because I’ve never underestimated my enemies.
  94. It’s like they’ve all underestimated the power of pure feeling to fuck up the most perfect system.
  95. While they lacked their masters’ powers they could not be underestimated if they appeared in any numbers.
  96. She didn't have a degree like me…not that I underestimated her, but she was so good at managing her shop.
  97. I should have learned that she was never one to be underestimated when she went after something she wanted.
  98. He definitely underestimated the size of this place and couldn’t wait until he could start looking around.
  99. THE IMPORTANCE of liturgy in the history of the Christian Church over the 2000 years cannot be underestimated.
  100. Once builders were left idle for one whole week because Roger had underestimated how much material was needed.
  1. This world thinks GOD is not real or greatly underestimates who.
  2. Using this ratio usually underestimates the cost of equity and thus overestimates EVA, but.
  3. This implies that the index delta underestimates the risk of such portfolios and the magnitude of this underestimation is stable.
  4. A positive difference means that the index delta underestimates the risk, whereas a negative difference points to the risk overestimation.
  5. The risk to this strategy is the tail risk that the market significantly underestimates the magnitude of the earnings announcement return.
  6. Winning investments arise when the current market price of a company's stock underestimates what you believe its current value is—and you turn out to be right.

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