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    1. unearth the potatoes, using the fork he had noticed earlier, and fill the

    2. documents we’ve managed to unearth suggest that he was briefly

    3. What shameful secrets would she unearth?

    4. Lokdon claims to have pretended to join forces with him to unearth his plans and feed the information back to Hollowcrest, but something went badly between them, and now she wants to share all her information with you

    5. He was supposed to be helping Akito unearth the debris around the wolf carcasses, but he was yet again engrossed in his cell phone

    6. Every generation has fancied that it, unlike previous generations, now wields the tools to master nature and unearth all her deepest secrets

    7. In the past it was presumably more difficult to unearth the informative propositions I desired

    8. I imagine it will be some time before they help you to unearth more coffins containing members of my tribe

    9. When the edge was taken off my appetite, I scratched at a boulder, turning it over to unearth a sizable deposit of firestone into my gut and the special chamber that processed it until it was full

    10. One way to unearth these meanings, in listening to any woman's stories, is to ask, Who is this about? ls the experience just about you? ls it about you at all? Who else is it about? Whose perspective is invisible? How would it be interpreted

    11. What to do? There are a lot of limpa recipes you can unearth, but I wanted a bread machine one because arthritis has made it impossible for either Elmer or me to knead

    12. Clarity - Unearth the symptoms and roots of the issue

    13. probing beyond initial responses to unearth a broad

    14. took me two years to unearth their names

    15. “He is in Oman, waiting for the freighter to arrive, at which time they will unearth the missiles,

    16. hills as they began to unearth the remaining containers – the headlights of our approaching

    17. he’d once sought so fervently to unearth was now being quickly interred

    18. could unearth anything but the relatively run of the mil , wel , run of the mil for

    19. unearth the hidden resources within you

    20. ‘And where did you unearth these unusually thin gold nuggets, sir?’ Yikes

    21. It is not my job to unearth him; that’s why you are here

    22. information? Maybe I could trace Rick’s relatives and unearth enough for a chapter on his family

    23. I have come to redeem in you, instill in you, unearth in you the mercy that wisdom echoes

    24. Happiness is such an ephemeral feeling that the friendly psyche-forensics of others often unearth unconscious symbolic facts which determine that not only are we not happy, but also only they, and not us, can be aware of just how unhappy we actually are

    25. She needed to cast a stone in water so marred by filth, to unearth all mess then revitalize and refill with pure water out of a heart of humility and renewal

    26. The bodies buried here, not poisoned by the embalming repellants rendering a flesh of plenty into a toxic, fetid mass undigestible to microbe, insect, and animal, are the Zombie Truffles those awakened to cannibalism are seeking to unearth and consume

    27. He was sick of all the secrecy and the guesswork involved with trying to unearth Miss Simone’s great plan

    28. I’ll give you a call when I unearth myself from these piles of paint and canvas

    29. 7517 Dwarves unearth the Great Evil

    30. This will be on one condition; that you share with me anything you unearth, whether it proves this story of our Sister’s fate, or otherwise

    31. In the process of doing this, each person will finally unearth their own subconscious and get to know it

    32. We will never discover what we are fully capable of, what our potential actually is, or what our creativity or our awareness is capable of unless we can unearth the model of human existence, which is optimum for us

    33. There was no end of detail I would unearth, no end to the delight I felt

    34. Every now and then I got up and roamed the vast ballroom to try and unearth an acquaintance to exchange a few pleasantries

    35. If you study the history of Daoism: you will never be able to unearth the thousands of years of the details about its original corrupt origin… and how it became further corrupted as one of the most snarled masses of convoluted irrational evil ever to be posed as a pinnacle of human spirituality…

    36. He feared the types of Evil they could unearth there, the hidden portals to other Realms, demons stirred by greed, the goldlust

    37. It is the ‘Bio-RAM’ that gave her the knowledge to design her own gadgets, and to unEarth and augment her powers within

    38. “Mom! Please!” Elizabeth pleaded harder, cutting Grandma Lucy’s sentence before she could unearth the unwanted family secrets, of Sophia’s true identity

    39. In fact, the minister, who, in the plenitude of his power, had been unable to unearth Napoleon's secret, might in despair at his own downfall interrogate Dantes and so lay bare the motives of Villefort's plot

    40. Butterfield was initially intrigued as I tried to unearth his precise motive or motives

    41. Only now, at threescore and ten, can I write these words for an astonished constabulary who may well run with picks and shovels to unearth my truths or bury my lies

    42. Some say Sir Robert killed himself, an actor in his own melodrama, and that one day we shall unearth his brooding, lost, and Gothic body and that it was he who killed the children and that his preoccupation with doors and hinges, and more doors, led him, crazed, to study this one species of spider, and wildly plan and build the most amazing door in history, an insane burrow into which he popped to die, before my eyes, thus hoping to perpetuate the incredible Finnegan

    43. And so it was arranged that on the next day Lieutenant Charpentier was to take a detail of ten men, and one of the mutineers of the Arrow as a guide, and unearth the treasure; and that the cruiser would remain for a full week in the little harbor

    1. Archaeological digs have unearthed many representations of the god Baal by way of small household idols of clay

    2. The same EL as had been found in ancient writings unearthed by archaeologists digging in and around the ancient city of Ur

    3. ” As far back as anthropologists have unearthed the fossilized remains of Man, there have been indications of the ability to think abstractly

    4. What he appeared to have unearthed was disturbing in the extreme

    5. The first pieces of "modern" pottery, five thousand years old, have been unearthed in Uruk

    6. Tophet is a place where archaeologists unearthed thousands of children’s bones

    7. Yuella found herself in the world which Chloe had unearthed at nightime

    8. Harry’s mind could only guess at what they had unearthed

    9. “What else have you unearthed about Jorge Morales? Oh, Benjamin Sta

    10. Time after time, I’ve relived those memories and unearthed others

    11. couldn’t be lifted and unearthed secrets that should have stayed buried

    12. Luckily it was a male when they unearthed it—had it been a female they would have had to dig up another

    13. He expanded on the magical technology that they had unearthed and his wizards had deciphered

    14. In 1988 the government announced the formation of a Task Force to examine the status of women employed in the Canadian Civil Service and to identify any obstacles to the advancement of women, with recommendations for removal of whatever obstacles were unearthed

    15. This chariot was unearthed near the base of the Taurus Mountains to the south and had marks that suggested it was used by King Hattusilis III

    16. ‘I was examining the prehistoric burial mound by Crow Hill, where skulls of sacrificed victims were unearthed by an archaeological dig just before the Great War

    17. it came from much farther off, unearthed by the rain’s pitchfork from the days when in Melquíades’ room he would read the prodigious fables about flying carpets and whales that fed on entire ships and their crews

    18. countries where they were unearthed

    19. it as the Indian chamber they had unearthed

    20. Now this mist may have been doctrine as we unearthed above

    21. arrangements for the missiles to be unearthed, moved to the area where the Cormorant would

    22. It was decided that, as the missiles were unearthed, they would be immediately put in a panel

    23. were quickly unearthed, and moved into two of the panel trucks

    24. had been unearthed by water murmuring down towards the humid lowveld

    25. Back even more and he unearthed deeply rooted beliefs that integrating too much would deem him Chinese

    26. Not fol owing the lead that the map had unearthed was not an option

    27. He had the gold unearthed within seven minutes

    28. He had unearthed the special weapon and secreted it under his overalls

    29. Who can imagine what other universal secrets he unearthed in his lifetime if his life was longer?

    30. I'd unearthed information about

    31. The only problem today is that the backhoe has unearthed

    32. unearthed a tunnel where the casket once was

    33. “Aha, methinks I've unearthed a mystery!” Sashi proclaimed pouncing on the prospect

    34. That the evidence they had unearthed was incriminating, if not to the suspect at least in its very nature

    35. unearthed and sold to build his wealth

    36. Human skeleton remains unearthed in the many newly dug temple remains finally revealed the shocking truth

    37. During the “clear up” of these victims, Roger often watched with horror as the digger unearthed rows and rows of elaborately wrapped human remains

    38. They didn’t expect the Great Evil to be unearthed for many more thousands of millennia

    39. Any documents, artefacts or icons that were unearthed were immediately procured by The Sons, their existence hotly denied and the item itself buried away in a vault until The Sons had gained sufficient ground and following to make a coup and take over as many denominations of the Christian church, worldwide, as possible

    40. Inevitably, after his death, stories were unearthed about his father"s ruthless business dealings which made him a multi-millionaire together with his extramarital dalliances with famous Hollywood actresses

    41. Then a few paltry details are unearthed, pooh-poohed, ignored and re-buried

    42. Why? Only now; are the archeological remains of the waves of Amazon nomadic tribes coming out of Asia being unearthed, and scientifically verified

    43. If all the major forces influencing the development of our species could be unearthed and examined; you would see over a span of millions of years how we veered off the most dynamic path of organic life, onto a path of selective awareness; instead of an overall awareness

    44. “Don’t play games with me! We know you had it with you on the island! We haven’t recorded such a signal from the scroll since it was last unearthed some fifty years ago! Now where is it?” The Captain said harshly as he rose from the desk and came around to stand in front of me

    45. I couldn’t but feel that along with Colt that I was somehow to blame for the risk to so many lives that having unearthed the scroll had resulted in

    46. There is a mine of knowledge to be unearthed in this drawing

    47. which he had unearthed himself decades ago when he first arrived here at this his Utopian

    48. You may have unearthed a wife on the way, but that means nothing

    49. ) unearthed heaps of AAF documents for me

    50. For dinner, they unearthed from a cupboard a box of pasta, a decade old if it was a day, which Mercer whipped together with olive oil and some canned Parmesan of equally dubious provenance

    1. Sensationalism or legit unearthing

    2. The boys explored the stream bed, unearthing the usual collection of may and caddis fly larvae, a couple of dragonflies, some bivalves and a few small shrimps

    3. As it was probable that Twinn was from the London area they would be the front-runners in unearthing his story

    4. flashlights, headlights, and two floods mounted on the twin Toyotas, they were busy unearthing

    5. There is a great shortcut in the process of unearthing core fears

    6. Though the resistance comes from the subtle self simply because it is not accustomed to being consciously interacted with, but assurance is given that with time and effort, future unearthing becomes easier

    7. Nevertheless, and in the 10 years plus of unearthing and dissolving core fears, our experience has discovered a phenomenon

    8. unearthing those things we’ve buried deeply in hopes of hiding them

    9. I learned it was a process of unearthing negative beliefs that had become entangled with life-long behavioral patterns

    10. ) I also learned that by unearthing these beliefs, connected behavioral patterns would have a chance to shift

    11. Intuitively, everything I heard in the workshop made sense but being a person that would rather deal with facts and hard concepts I was a bit skeptical about the unearthing process

    12. The unearthing process began with a type of massage

    13. Imagining the future, unearthing the past,

    14. In exasperation he brushed more sand away with the intent of unearthing it entirely and casting it away to soothe his anger

    15. Eventually, when the news that the police were searching for the brother, Michael Sands, broke, the press researchers set about unearthing as much as they could about the Sands family

    16. When it came to unearthing facts, the press appeared to beat the police hands down; - it was a shame none of it was true! Before long, the story hit the nationals

    17. What a thrill! Forgotten emotions which would have remained buried and lost but for the unearthing of memories to battle my insomnia

    18. Germans had seen with their own eyes after all wealth was stripped from their towns and villages… how Jews began unearthing the secret wealth which they had hidden for generations… just for such an eventuality as the Great Depression

    19. Recently, the debate has died down, or perhaps it’s just that the practitioners are too busy making money, too busy unearthing the next mis-priced security, to find the time to argue anymore

    20. As it is, the ablest scholar must feel cautious about expressing a decided opinion; for the whole fabric of his argument may be overturned any day by the unearthing of a fragment of pottery or a sculptured head

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