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Unevenness in a sentence | unevenness example sentences

  1. He realized the unevenness of the single.
  2. Not an unevenness of the ground, not a caprice in the architecture, not a fold.
  3. The feel through the leather and the subtle unevenness of the coverings of the scrolls.
  4. He realized the unevenness of the single combat challenge so haughtily flung in his face.
  5. As he concentrated on the watermelon, he noticed increasingly delicate details: this pattern here, that unevenness there.

  6. As Mitchell noticed the unevenness in Chance's knuckles from the fight with the Gators baseball team members, he turned away looking at the ground.
  7. Under uneven distribution, periods of capital growth alternate with periods of decline (their length and depth is determined by the extent of this unevenness).
  8. I shudder’d somewhat with the Cold and Damp; but presently the Monks were heard in Pursuit, and I had to be nimble on my Feet despite the Darkness of the Caves and the Unevenness of the Floors.
  9. An angle of the wall being given, with the tension of his back and legs, with his elbows and his heels fitted into the unevenness of the stone, he raised himself as if by magic to the third story.
  10. John says that it would be a three day journey there and back, and if Balambér decided to move on, a couple of hours after we'd set off, we'd only find out the next day because of the unevenness of the ground.
  11. Nekhludoff raised his hat, and the well-bred bays, slightly snorting, set off, their shoes clattering on the pavement, and the carriage rolled quickly and smoothly on its new rubber tyres, giving a jump only now and then over some unevenness of the road.
  12. They clutch at everything: a bush is a point of support; an angle of the wall offers them a rest to the shoulder; for the lack of a hovel under whose cover they can draw up, a regiment yields its ground; an unevenness in the ground, a chance turn in the landscape, a cross-path encountered at the right moment, a grove, a ravine, can stay the heel of that colossus which is called an army, and prevent its retreat.

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