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Unforgiving in a sentence | unforgiving example sentences

  1. Unforgiving, the sea is called.
  2. The desert is an unforgiving place.
  3. She became fearsome and unforgiving.
  4. Truth was always hard and unforgiving.
  5. He wished Kate were not so unforgiving.

  6. He speaks in a cold and unforgiving voice.
  7. Emotionally, he was loveless and unforgiving.
  8. It’s lucky for you my memory is unforgiving.
  9. The public anger was more unforgiving and frank.
  10. It was a long drop to those unforgiving stones.
  11. Avienus is by nature very unforgiving, ruthless.
  12. He sees only stillness and the unforgiving rock.
  13. Those mountain men were tough unforgiving souls.
  14. It is an unforgiving environment, Brenda replied.
  15. The mores of the country were stern and unforgiving.

  16. His voice was harsh, unforgiving – and he wanted a fight.
  17. She had sleek black hair pulled back in an unforgiving bun.
  18. That the Wheel of Life appears much too harsh and unforgiving!.
  19. The woman deserved more than a daughter’s unforgiving bitterness.
  20. He'd wilted when he should have been aroused and Judith was unforgiving.
  21. Unfortunately, life in those past millenniums was harsh and unforgiving.
  22. Life was indeed rough and unforgiving for most in this historical period.
  23. He felt the harsh unforgiving strength of it as he pulled it tight between his hands.
  24. But somehow the mysterious and unforgiving calculus of real estate had downgraded them.
  25. But he might hear it bouncing over the bumpy, unforgiving roads just north of Main Street.

  26. Herzog’s unforgiving eye moves from focusing first on the Emperor, and then on the child.
  27. Then he turned to look at Nicole and asked her with a deep frown and an almost unforgiving stare:.
  28. Instead, she merely stands there and watches her—unmoving, unblinking, and completely unforgiving.
  29. The Chief Of Police heavily fined him too, and returned him to his cruel and unforgiving prison cell.
  30. At that very moment, a roaring filled his thoughts and something hard and unforgiving hit him in the back.
  31. If a Christian has an unforgiving spirit it will not separate them from their loved ones for all eternity.
  32. He hadn't expected the waiting would have been so unforgiving; all he could do was wait, hope and remember.
  33. She had totally doted on her only child and probably spoiled me, too, but could be unforgiving with adults.
  34. First, it is shelter from the unforgiving sun and second, it hides the Wanderer from the eyes of the Travelers.
  35. However, the stern and unforgiving look on their faces soon made it apparent that there will be no long embraces.
  36. She had come here in search of love and acceptance, but this world seemed even more cold and unforgiving than hers.
  37. You’re a very unforgiving person for a nurse, do you know that? he said, this time without a grin or a smile.
  38. She wanted him so badly, and he was separated from her by thick, cold stone and the unforgiving eyes of the High Police.
  39. The hike was made harder by the path's unforgiving nature, which, rather than winding gently, tended to go sharply upwards.
  40. The same that occupied the rugged, unforgiving area that surrounded the Colorado River, or The Rio Grande south of the border.
  41. Nekhludoff felt that in this refusal there was hatred and unforgiving resentment, but there was also something besides, something good.
  42. Woolmack was what many would call a puritanical man, believing in family values and quite unforgiving of what he considered to be vices.
  43. It’s similar to a submersible, except that it has the capacity to drill in deep waters under harsh and unforgiving weather conditions.
  44. Incidentally, it shows also the sort of discipline on board these ships, the sort of hold kept on the passengers in the face of the unforgiving sea.
  45. Because offshore drilling activity may take place in unforgiving locations, companies have to deploy specific vessels for specific drilling projects.
  46. She wishes she had a blanket so she could curl up and go to sleep for the night, as this eve is much colder than the previous and completely unforgiving.
  47. Images of film stars dancing in front of the ruling Yadavs were contrasted with those who were spending their nights in camps in an unforgiving UP winter.
  48. There were still remnants of old cabins that had last seen occupants when the Cherokee lived there, silent reminders of life when it was harsh and unforgiving.
  49. She shuddered as the unforgiving wind blew millions of fluttering snowflakes in hundreds of different directions, grateful to Nora for choosing her warmest fur.
  50. If I smash my brave little toaster, it isn't revenge for burnt toast, but because I'm an unforgiving perfectionist expecting my desires to be met upon demand.
  51. You’re not surprised then that he may have done this? Feltus inquired at the change in the tone of the reverend’s voice that was steady and unforgiving.
  52. When the king heard of the doings of his chief steward, he called this ungrateful and unforgiving man before him and said: `You are a wicked and unworthy steward.
  53. An unforgiving spirit in a Christian hinders a close personal relationship with the Saviour and blocks their communion with Him--it does not condemn them to hell.
  54. It was a harsh evening in london, the sky felt blue like an unforgiving spirit looming in the air of the city, from his windows he could see a grey sky overlooking passers by.
  55. Being used to not existing in other’s eyes for so many years, and then suddenly being the focus of a camera’s unforgiving gaze, was uncomfortable for him, to say the least.
  56. The love of God lost and curse sets in; those are : love of money, unholiness, unfaithfulness, unloving, unforgiving, self-loving, doubts and basically breaking the brick wall.
  57. Kaya knew it would be nearly impossible for her uncoordinated Travelers to attempt the final crossing in the pitch black of a moonless night so she maintained an unforgiving pace.
  58. Before Millie could address him, the crown parted and a tall, gaunt, man with sharp, unforgiving features and gray hair that matched his high collared uniform well approached her.
  59. They would do nasty, hateful things to him, and he would die broken and in pain, in the harsh and unforgiving daylight, many miles from the dank comfort of the caves he called home.
  60. Thinking back on the meeting from his holding cell at the station, Scott guessed that he'd looked to officer Battles exactly like what he was: a terrified animal caught in an unforgiving trap.
  61. It remained a mystery to Molo how the Pilgrim could remain unperturbed by the roughness of the terrain, the adverse conditions, and the unforgiving miles he had walked to get here in the first place.
  62. These stories have given power and authority to the writers and the priests as they describe how God’s anger from human disobedience, and sin, will be expressed in harsh and unforgiving punishments.
  63. He was, further, a man of phlegmatic and unforgiving character, and above all of great cunning—in fact a thorough Tartar—rather a courtier than a general, but redoubtable on account of his reputation.
  64. Exactly! Even though Berlinski doesn’t seem to wholly agree with that postulation, the evidence of massive extinctions in the geologic record seems to indicate that the environment has, at times, proven to be very unforgiving.
  65. They were bitter about the influence Agatha had on Josie with regard to Chad and Manuel, and they seemed unforgiving about their treatment during the two or three months that Josie and Agatha lived together while Roger was in Spain.
  66. The assassin was completely taken aback as he never would have believed that his entire body of officers would mutiny against him: he knew his reputation was well established and that everybody understood what kind of unforgiving man he was.
  67. He struggled to angle his head downwards and viewed the silver blade skewered through his neck and the unforgiving eyes viewing him through the tight eye slits, kneeling on the ground the Su-Katii’s arm extended up delivering the coup-de-grace.
  68. Beyond the hedge and the ubiquitous, unforgiving, waist-high nettles, chunks of ballast gravel, sharp and stained, emited a slight haze of heat, baking the old timber sleepers laid a hundred years ago, counting off the miles between Blue Anchor and Watchett.
  69. An hour earlier, Peter had set a pot of chicken cacciatore on his gas stove, and after slamming the pot and its piping hot contents to the smooth tiled floor, where it clanged with a clank and a bang and pitter, he kicked at the stove until he heard an unmistakable, a horrid and nasty, unforgiving hiss.
  70. And that was how, some four days later, White and Bridgette found themselves atop a high hill overlooking the valley, waiting for Madnishnue’s train to come roaring through on the tracks below, at which time they would board it, abduct him, and deliver him into the unforgiving bosom of Beetle Durgeon.
  71. Displayed on the walls of the cave in hieroglyphs in red clay pigment that could only be ground from the flattest and most unforgiving canyon rock found only in the caverns and mine shafts that lie below the foothills of the Sure Hill Valley! Which is where we must go to find another piece of the scrolls.
  72. There are probably many other indications where the wisdom of the ages complements modern discoveries, but suffice it to say that together they, science and religion, would exert a far stronger influence on the concerns of Man than they do today, separated as they are, into selfishly disposed, unforgiving competitors.
  73. The sea oats that protected the high dunes, still many yards from the unforgiving ocean and its fury that eroded the coastline, were nearly bent over in the wind and managed to catch much of the microscopic grains of sand that flew weightlessly through the air, bringing great discomfort and annoyance to those who stopped its progress.
  74. Within the past few weeks, he had lost more than his aching head could even begin to count: his wife, his kids, everyone from the village - all starved and burned to death on the unforgiving trek towards the east; where they had hoped to find some food and water, a safe haven away from the drought, a place that appeared clearly unreachable.
  75. I believe that Michael belabored this point about forgiveness to assuage his conscience and sense of justice in the event that he was executed--he felt that if he were to die for a crime that he didn't commit then the judge, jury, prosecution, false witnesses and executioner would spend eternity in hell paying for their unforgiving and vengeful spirits.
  76. But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power (2 Tim.
  77. To make himself the one trusted friend, to whom should be confided all the fear, the remorse, the agony, the ineffectual repentance, the backward rush of sinful thoughts, expelled in vain! All that guilty sorrow, hidden from the world, whose great heart would have pitied and forgiven, to be revealed to him, the Pitiless, to him, the Unforgiving! All that dark treasure to be lavished on the very man, to whom nothing else could so adequately pay the debt of vengeance!.

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