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    1. Nothing Galeron was saying was unplanned for

    2. This type of hostage situation is mostly unplanned

    3. It is mostly unplanned

    4. The uprising was very uncoordinated and unplanned

    5. Could Texas survive its ugly, unplanned, unwilling attempt to be a nation? It came into existence to be a US slave state, and practiced ethnic cleansing against both Mexicans and Natives, even friendly tribes

    6. The parents and the child accepted this unplanned demonstration of LOVE quietly and calmly, but with some anxiety, I felt, too

    7. His family was on an unplanned vacation to the Caribbean

    8. A Loved One’s Unplanned Needs: This could be a sick child or a good friend that needs some money or the possibility of caring for an aging parent that has unexpected needs

    9. Because this was truly unplanned emergency surgery, I could not have stopped taking certain medicines which promote bleeding

    10. The differences in this regard between your people and mine stem from the fact that your people are vulnerable to sexual diseases and unplanned pregnancy, while elves are not

    11. reducing the unplanned breeding of dogs and cats by promoting the

    12. the unplanned breeding of pet animals, the introduction of wild animals as pets and the

    13. “You feared being ridiculed and shunned for exposing your nakedness, you feared offending everyone by desiring females other than your wife, you feared that your sexual performance might be judged to be poor, you feared that promiscuous sex with promiscuous females would lead to sexual diseases and unplanned pregnancies and bastard children and the loss of your wife’s love and the breaking of your marriage, as well as shame, dishonor, humiliation and loss of respect from everyone involved

    14. “Voluntary sexual behaviors carry the risks of disease, unplanned pregnancy, physical harm, and emotional harm

    15. they were unnatural, unplanned, and uninvited implants into the

    16. She fluffed and puffed her beautiful henna colored tresses and then shook her head slightly, just to mis-arrange her hairdo enough to give it that unplanned looseness that could be so sexy

    17. It was an unplanned retreat

    18. Was Arnold involved? Did he steal the handles? I felt she was entitled to some explanation, so I did something that was unplanned

    19. Alarmed by this totally unplanned development, Nancy had no other choice but to follow Yeshua outside, where the latter addressed his guests and disciples in a strong voice

    20. Nancy’s best guess was that the boy was the unplanned child of a young unwed couple of lovers who could not marry, probably because their love was between two different ethnic backgrounds that would not allow them to marry

    21. The incident when he had plunged into the quicksand in a desperate rage to find his wife’s body seemed genuine and unplanned, suggesting a momentary lapse of judgment due to the shock he had experienced when it became apparent that his wife had perished

    22. The Reality is that your life is the time you spend stuck in traffic , is the time you spend mopping up the drink you have just knocked over, is the unplanned and unscheduled conversation with a stranger in the supermarket

    23. A couple times I have ended up at the store on an unplanned trip and had my coupons at home when I needed them

    24. She flipped through her notes, annoyed by the Captain’s unplanned answer

    25. The use of the systems following installation, commissioning, validation and any unplanned

    26. A time-traveller instead appears in an unplanned and random location that will likely turn out to be a dangerous place completely unfit to inhabit

    27. unplanned soulversations, walks in nature and play time

    28. The economics of the KM life cycle also should provide for unplanned events

    29. unplanned but an interesting story

    30. Weylyn must have been surprised by this unplanned turn of events, but he wasn’t beaten yet; he transmogrified into his wolf form, and now appeared as a cross between a wolf and a man, a hideous werewolf

    31. All the months of planning and here everything was coming together in one unplanned moment and Oak was the one that was giving it all to him

    32. --it doesn't have to be the unplanned ordeal that Alec Baldwin and

    33. You won’t panic and do some weird unplanned things when you’ll be incurring some operating costs because you know that’s already incorporated in the formula and that you’ll still be profitable at the end of the year

    34. Unplanned, unexpected, totally shocking

    35. into the oblivion of unplanned inactivity

    36. Do they make Christ to be less then He now is? Is not the New Covenant, which according to them is only a temporary unplanned substitution but bought with the blood of Christ greater than the Old Covenant and the blood of animals? Is God's temporary unplanned substitution of the New Covenant greater then what was planned by God?

    37. They say the throne Christ is now on is not the throne of David but is only on a temporary unplanned substitution throne which was not foreseen by God or the prophets

    38. If that were true David could not have known anything about the temporary unplanned throne or the resurrection or spoken anything about either and Peter was wrong when he said both Joel and David spoke of it

    39. They say it was both unplanned and unknown that Christ would be put to death; and if the Jews had not rejected Him and put Him to death, Israel would have been restored and the kingdom set up according to God's plan

    40. I also didn’t want it to appear as unplanned as it was, so I did my best to spin it as if this were all part of my plan, as my staff rolled their eyes

    41. It was the last piece of a puzzle I’d been trying to put together since the start of this whole unplanned adventure

    42. Executing unplanned breakout trades in a reactive mode is unlikely to be a formula for long-term success

    43. Trouble is you feel tempted to go for the third and utterly unplanned choice—to lower your stop, giving your losing trade “more room

    44. But their entry was unplanned and uncoordinated

    45. Because if the child was unplanned, it would be a simple case of a mother who hates the idea of motherhood

    46. Because if the child was unplanned, it would be a simple case of a woman hating the idea of motherhood

    47. When you try to put away whatever is left at the end of the month instead, you may find that unplanned or unconscious spending has eaten into your savings

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    Synonyms for "unplanned"

    unintentional unplanned unwitting

    "unplanned" definitions

    without apparent forethought or prompting or planning

    not done with purpose or intent