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Unprovoked in a sentence

1. To an unprovoked attack.
2. Unprovoked? You kissed me.
3. Senator Byrd argued against going into unprovoked war.
4. Demon attacked unprovoked and just stabbed them with a syringe.
5. Especially if it was an unprovoked bite, the dog may bite other.
6. The Fife’s sudden, unprovoked response staggered the young lad.
7. You act as if the attack was unprovoked and out of line, Chevalier.

8. Scorn, bitterness, unprovoked malignity, gratuitous desire of ill, ridicule of.
9. This is not an attack out of nowhere, unprovoked, says Lynn, scowling at her.
10. Shocked at this unprovoked attack, she turned and fled, terrified the boar would hurt her again.
11. What: The unprovoked war of aggression that stole one half of Mexico's land and one tenth its people.
12. Domingo, and the unprovoked and still continued plunder of Denmark, a nation of pirates from their origin.
13. Along with the unprovoked attack came the sudden realisation that the rats were not here to rescue him at all.
14. His face worked, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he suddenly laughed an unprovoked and irrelevant laugh.
15. If you do not proceed with mathematical accuracy, it ceases to be just self-defence; it becomes an unprovoked attack.
16. He grew still more irritable, and it was Princess Mary who generally bore the brunt of his frequent fits of unprovoked anger.
17. Under article five, section two it clearly states that if a member country initiates any form of unprovoked hostility or aggression.
18. Sir, no citizen of the United States would have given his consent to an unprovoked attack on that country merely for the purpose of getting possession of it.
19. Tymon was “subject to an unprovoked physical and verbal attack” by Clarkson, during which he was “struck, resulting in swelling and bleeding to his lip”.
20. If not an effect then what else is there but an occurrence that seems to be unprovoked by anything that we can testify to except through the agency of belief.
21. The source reported the major will undoubtedly face a court-martial for his flagrant violation of the Rules of Engagement and unprovoked attack against a peaceful ship.
22. If retaliation to the maximum against an unprovoked attack has ever been justified in the history of the world, the events of September 11, 2001 constitute such justification.
23. For them it had been easy to hate her nation for its unprovoked attacks, but now another side of the story had been unveiled and they were left without an answer as to what to think.
24. America did not precipitate the events leading up to those unprovoked attack(s) on its own Soil! So where‘s the dis-connect? The duties of citizenship are not always conditioned by choice.
25. As covered elsewhere, while the decision to invade Afghanistan was perhaps justifiable (and not all agree it was) only the most ideologically blind could agree the unprovoked war on Iraq was right or necessary.
26. He prefers to stay in the light in these troubled nights of binge drinking chaos and unprovoked menace, although in his head he can still see the hard fist of his youth dealing out a solid and immediate form of justice to the kids in the hood.
27. What could be a more unprovoked act of aggression than her crusade against Syracuse, a crime that visited her with a declension of power from which she never recovered? For a nation to believe her destinies fixed, is in a great measure to fix them.
28. We have been referred by the gentleman to the history of the Revolution, and after a kind of encomium on the resources of Great Britain, the triumphs of her navy and her present imperious attitude, he demanded to know if we can expect she will yield to us now, when during the Revolution she maintained a war against the whole world, at the same time that she kept us at bay seven years and succeeded with every nation but her own sons—will she truckle at our feet now? The gentleman knows we do not seek to make her truckle at our feet; we wish her no injury; we ask of her no boon whatever; we only entreat her to let us alone; to abstain from wanton, unprovoked acts of oppression.

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