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Unresisting in a sentence

1. Why was the host (reluctant, unresisting) still?
2. Finding me then next to senseless, and unresisting, he tears off my.
3. The carriage wheeling by Farrell's statue united noiselessly their unresisting knees.
4. Standing in his arms still unresisting, smothered by his kisses, she thought, this is It.
5. Then, with a yell of frantic pleasure, he leaped toward his unresisting victim and prepared to lead him to the stake.
6. He reached down and enclosed my unresisting hand in his own, raising it so our clasped hands were in front of my eyes.
7. It comes when he is abandoned and challenges him reluctant and, as an apparition of hope and youth, holds him unresisting.

8. It had been there ever since Will remembered, since civilization unthinkingly poured forth the dull hard unresisting cement sidewalks.
9. Alexey Alexandrovitch stood still and said nothing, but his face struck Stepan Arkadyevitch by its expression of an unresisting sacrifice.
10. He had, however, been anticipated by the elder Mohican, who had already torn the emblems of victory from the unresisting heads of the slain.
11. Whatever the reason, she submitted to the kiss, letting him pull her unresisting body to his own, and moving her lips against his bearded mouth.
12. It is behind Arjun’s feeling that it will be propitious even if he is killed unresisting by the armed sons of Dhritrashtr, for it will ensure.
13. It took a very long time to get this jacket off, because whilst he was helping her, Slyme kissed her repeatedly and passionately as she lay limp and unresisting in his arms.
14. Witness the evil coarseness and the brutal ferocity of these supposedly civilized men as they derived a certain form of animal pleasure from this physical attack upon the unresisting Son of Man.
15. Mason’s arrival? Why had the mere name of this unresisting individual—whom his word now sufficed to control like a child—fallen on him, a few hours since, as a thunderbolt might fall on an oak?
16. I gathered up Rowan's supple limbs and I kissed her forehead, the hard sweet skin of her forehead, and then her soft unresisting lips, and let her loose arms go, watching her slip into the chair beside Michael.
17. With a transport of glee, I mauled the unresisting body, tasting delight from every blow; and it was not till weariness had begun to succeed, that I was suddenly, in the top fit of my delirium, struck through the.
18. They sat like that in the chair before the fire, Wemyss holding his hand on her forehead and feeling full of maternal instincts, and she an unresisting blank, till he suddenly remembered he hadn't shown her the drawing-room yet.
19. The latter seized the nerveless arm of the unresisting Delaware, and passed his knife into his bosom three several times, before his victim, still keeping his gaze riveted on his enemy, with a look of inextinguishable scorn, fell dead at his feet.
20. Florentino Ariza had not been impressed in any special way by the invention of moving pictures, but Leona Cassiani took him, unresisting, to the spectacular opening of Cabiria, whose reputation was based on the dialogues written by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.
21. She soon would, though, he told himself; and he went over to her determined and confident, lifted her unresisting hand, kissed it with all the fervour of happy reunion, and said with what he felt was immense tact and presence of mind, I would have known you _anywhere_.
22. And behold Gertrud, cold reminder of realities, beside me cloak in hand; and she told me it was chilly, and she put the cloak round my unresisting shoulders, and it was heavy with the weight of hours and custom; and the sun dropped at that moment behind the forest, and all the radiance and colour went out together.

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