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    1. Q: My mind is weak and vacillating

    2. Always he has been vacillating in his commitment to the stars and gods of Lammas, preferring the clarity of war and known plans to the mysteries Simon has clung to

    3. Instead of the customary tormented soul vacillating between noble urges and amoral lust for power, Alwyn demanded that my Macbeth be pure evil

    4. 6 Simon Peter was distressingly vacillating; he would suddenly swing from one extreme to the other

    5. You who have professed entrance into the kingdom of heaven are altogether too vacillating and indefinite in your teaching conduct

    6. 6 It is significant that, while this vacillating Roman ruler sacrificed Jesus to his fear of the Jews and to safeguard his personal position, he finally was deposed as a result of the needless slaughter of Samaritans in connection with the pretensions of a false Messiah who led troops to Mount Gerizim, where he claimed the temple vessels were buried; and fierce riots broke out when he failed to reveal the hiding place of the sacred vessels, as he had promised

    7. 2 But Jesus could hardly answer such questions when asked by a man-fearing, weak, and vacillating judge who was so unjust as to subject him to flogging even when he had declared him innocent of all crime, and before he had been duly sentenced to die

    8. to excuses and vacillating about accepting them

    9. She had developed a severe cough and was in and out of consciousness, her body vacillating between freezing and quivering, and profuse bouts of sweating

    10. vacillating attitude of the Kaiser toward his first cousin Nicholas,

    11. While Nehru’s foolhardy in taking the Kashmir issue all the way to the United Nations and his credulity of a plebiscite pledge therein, it was Patel, who had coerced the recalcitrant Nizam and other vacillating Rajas, into the Union of India

    12. ’ Why are you vacillating in the nocturnal slumber steeped in

    13. “Even though the majority of people have no significant investment in the day to day stock changes, they still derive a certain sense of their own financial well-being and potential wealth in regards to the constantly vacillating 24/7 world markets

    14. It is easy to say that Pilate is a weak, vacillating man,

    15. My mother was the first to dare the fashion show in our conservative, barely rousing, still vacillating, revolution-gripped country

    16. The five adults were non-believers, Sasa and Alexanthros vacillating, and baby Iason had not yet expressed his convictions

    17. Some of them are taking on new responsibilities and are equipped with sufficient energy and imagination to drive forward unhampered by the restraining influences that reduced them previously to vacillating insecurity

    18. asked the landlord, vacillating weakly

    19. "Oh, it must have been the young man, certainly, for he was strong and industrious, while the abbe was aged and weak; besides, his mind was too vacillating to allow him to carry out an idea

    20. had been meanwhile vacillating in just the same way between three inevitable topics: the latest piece of public news, the theater, and scandal

    21. Her resolve, however, had been taken, and it seemed vacillating even to childishness to abandon it now, unless for graver reasons

    22. On some sweltering summer noons, Cecy would live in an amoeba, darting, vacillating, deep in the old tired, philosophical dark waters of a kitchen well

    23. was the same harsh voice, the same brow dimmed and wrinkled with tan, the same free, wild, and vacillating glance

    24. On some sweltering summer noons, Cecy would live in an amoeba, darting, vacillating, deep in the old tired philosophical dark waters of a kitchen well

    25. “Very well; I hope you feel the content you express: at any rate, your good sense will tell you that it is too soon yet to yield to the vacillating fears of Lot’s wife

    26. Round the samovar and the hostess the conversation had been meanwhile vacillating in just the same way between three inevitable topics: the latest piece of public news, the theater, and scandal

    27. And in various parts of Russia others are found who, as if by a concerted plan, imitate his example, and in every case the action of the government is undecided, vacillating, and underhanded

    28. Tell me, for God’s sake, what will Russia, our mother Russia, say to our being so frightened, and why are we abandoning our good and gallant Fatherland to such rabble and implanting feelings of hatred and shame in all our subjects? What are we scared at and of whom are we afraid? I am not to blame that the Minister is vacillating, a coward, dense, dilatory, and has all bad qualities

    29. For her restless and vacillating husband—he was this in her eyes as she mused—she had discovered nothing new in six years

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    vacillant vacillating wavering

    "vacillating" definitions

    uncertain in purpose or action