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    1. The gift that we have been granted is our individuality but such a variance was never meant to indicate separation for in essence all are still very much connected to the same lifeline

    2. than that it should come into the hands of a set of people with whom those resolutions could scarce fail to set them in some measure at variance

    3. The man spoke High Helican, but it had somewhat mutated over the years probably, flex and intonation at wild variance from the original

    4. It contributed its principles to, and Followers subconsciously drew from these other cults, precepts at variance with the teachings of its founder, Jesus of Nazareth

    5. This discovery launched him on a road that he was already well qualified to travel, into the paradigm of a new order of belief at sharp variance with long-established Catholic doctrine

    6. Many of these at first glance seemed at variance with centuries’ old surmises

    7. He knew there was a built-in variance in the report of history

    8. enough for Sarah to discount the variance and go with the consensus, putting that

    9. 2 Be not at variance with a rich man, lest he overweigh you, for gold has destroyed many, and perverted the hearts of kings

    10. Whenever the final outcome is at risk due variation in intermediate phase outcome (ex: effort variance, defect rate, schedule variance, etc) the SQA based on the devised triggers can initiate the causal analysis along with the project manager

    11. We use (Earned Value – Actual Cost) to calculate Cost Variation, here it its (700 – 900), so -200$ is cost variance at this point in time

    12. It also shows an openness to cultutral variance that was less

    13. There is clearly a variance between the philosophical Maimonides and the orthodox

    14. The weakness of this system is that it allows such a wide variance of belief as to risk believing in nothing

    15. Also, there may be some variance in the data as a function of its location in the original list; that is the earlier entries (analyzed) may differ in some way from the later entries (not analyzed)

    16. “Males average five percent larger, but the variance in size among our genders is much greater than that

    17. And they who have them half-withered and cracked are both waverers and slanderers [railing against the absent] and never at peace with one another but always at variance

    18. One easy way to measure volatility is through the use of Bollinger Bands®, which employ standard deviation to measure variance in price

    19. He would have gone often to hear Jesus teach, but he feared to be seen by the people in attendance upon his teaching, for already were the rulers of the Jews so at variance with Jesus that no member of the Sanhedrin would want to be identified in any open manner with him

    20. 4 It was the apparent misfortune of Abner to be at variance with all of the leaders of the early Christian church

    21. variance in the amount of time it

    22. I can’t fathom what, but there is a variance in this Ryder

    23. Return on a market index) / Variance of the return on the market index

    24. the market) / Variance of the Return on the Market = ROE x COV(% ∆ Net Income, R

    25. market) / Variance of R market

    26. Variance of R market

    27. expression is then divided by the variance of the market index

    28. 7) The variance of the return on the market

    29. divided by the market variance

    30. as COV(ROE(U), R market) / Variance of R market

    31. market)) (1 / Variance R market) is the beta of the unlevered firm that we stated in step 3

    32. observing the mean and variance of operating margins, sales, operating income, and capital

    33. We apply both the mean variance method and the coefficient of

    34. operating margins of two companies along with a mean variance and a coefficient of

    35. mirrors operating leverage when costs are stable, its own variance is so volatile that it

    36. default algorithm accounts for the variance of input, but also accounts for a large

    37. by the variance of the market: COV( Sales, Market) / Market σ

    38. the variance when it is squared and multiplied by 1/16, the indicator has some


    40. The formula for the variance is ∑ (X - µ) / N

    41. It is more commonly used in finance than the variance because it has a close relationship with the mean, and can be used in

    42. In the above sequence of (1,2,3,4,5), we found that the variance was

    43. much applied adaptation of the variance is termed “the covariance” For example, if I am

    44. The covariance is the same as the variance in this case and the two standard

    45. variance sums only those data points that are less than the mean, but uses the entire sample

    46. To use the semi variance, we form a function that will yield the risk of being below

    47. The lower partial moment will yield the same results as the semi variance when the

    48. While the semi variance is always squared, the positions of the mean and individual data

    49. This resulting figure is the estimated variance

    50. 0625 (range) = variance, thus: √ (0

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    Synonyms for "variance"

    variance variation variability variableness disagreement discrepancy divergence division variant

    "variance" definitions

    an event that departs from expectations

    discord that splits a group

    the second moment around the mean; the expected value of the square of the deviations of a random variable from its mean value

    a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions

    the quality of being subject to variation

    an official dispensation to act contrary to a rule or regulation (typically a building regulation)

    an activity that varies from a norm or standard