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Vassal in a sentence | vassal example sentences

  1. She hates me because I’m a Vassal.
  2. Russia, in contrast, once a vassal state.
  3. From that minute on every move the vassal.
  4. The second is a king who was a vassal of Tiglath-Pilezer, king of Assyria.
  5. Ishbel was spared the need to respond by the arrival of a Vassal with new robes.

  6. One is always a Freemen, this year the Empress, the other a Vassal, the Emperor.
  7. Nowhere in either the Vassal or Freemen apartment modules did they see an enforcer.
  8. The Vatican and its vassal nations and colonies have continued that tradition under the.
  9. She owed her afterlife to the Warlord, but that didn’t mean she was his vassal, far from it.
  10. And their rulers had an automatic rational excuse, if their chosen vassal did not succeed as expected.
  11. How is that a way to spend your life, being a vassal of the state in charge of administering violence.
  12. Fina glared, but recounted a recent holiday up-country with her father at his vassal barony of Lago Bravo.
  13. Some greedy power-hungry vassal seeking to gain favour with his lord by killing someone to prove his fucking loyalty.
  14. The heir of every immediate vassal of the crown paid a certain duty, generally a year's rent, upon receiving the investiture of the estate.
  15. Thirsk didn’t especially like admitting that even to himself, since he was Rahnyld’s sworn vassal and a man who took his oaths seriously.

  16. By a feudal law, the vassal could not alienate without the consent of his superior, who generally extorted a fine or composition on granting it.
  17. He too worships fire; most faithful, broad, baronial vassal of the sun!—Oh that these too-favouring eyes should see these too-favouring sights.
  18. The Vassal who had been spared uncoiled a hose from a cupboard and sluiced them down with delicious warm water, then provided them with soft towels.
  19. Although each Vassal was allocated a cell, there was nothing personal in them, merely a bed a chair and a hook on which to hang their work overall.
  20. Then, following that, there were the competitions as the European vassal provinces (the former barbarians) vied for preeminence after the final fall of Rome.
  21. While the attitudes towards the two inventors of both Freemen technicians and Vassal assistants had warmed appreciably, that of the Aristocrats had hardened.
  22. Once Science weds itself to the State, it ceases to be properly called a Natural Science but a ―Political‖ Science, rather; a vassal to its political agenda.
  23. In the interests of a happy resolution to the Emperor’s speech at the unveiling of NumbaCruncha, I need the Vassal Philo sent to the royal apartments immediately.
  24. The gold disc allowed access to the negrav chute that ascended directly to the royal suite where a Vassal conducted them to a large, impressively furnished reception room.
  25. Melvyn disconnected, and three minutes later a servant shoved into the room an extremely nervous, rather ordinary looking Vassal of about the same age as the Emperor, dressed in stained overalls.

  26. Because you have already given away your own spirituality and spiritual authority to them, and you have become a spiritual peasant, a spiritual vassal under their spiritual hierarchy and tokenism.
  27. If the rulers did not like what had been written about him, then they simply killed the writer, threw the Book into the garbage, hired or ordered some other vassal to write a better version of propaganda.
  28. Every Vassal and Freemen dresses the same, works long hours, is fed a minimum balanced diet and shares ablutions, so they don’t have the opportunity to consume more than what’s required to keep them alive.
  29. The vassal to obey the Liege Lord, and the Lord to take care of and rule the vassal wisely and justly: out of pure self-preservation and self-interest: so he would not be murdered in his bed… which was often the case.
  30. Spain boasted her invincible armadas; Elizabeth of England, by nature haughty, proud, and ambitious, trembled at the very mention of them, until they were dispersed and destroyed by storms at sea; Spain is now the vassal of France.
  31. He was deeply in love with a peasant girl, a vassal of his father's, the daughter of wealthy parents, and herself so beautiful, modest, discreet, and virtuous, that no one who knew her was able to decide in which of these respects she was most highly gifted or most excelled.
  32. For if the individual wants to live in a particular neighborhood, they are informed almost as an after thought in many cases once the real estate transaction is completed that they must render homage as a vassal unto his feudal lord if they desire to remain in their newly procured domicile.
  33. This cultural and legal precedent changed the hierarchical system of France from a Nation of impoverished vassal peasants with a King who openly sneered at his subjects: into a Nation of independent, educated, affluent shopkeepers, who if they did not like their President, were not afraid to show it.
  34. The duke and duchess resolved that the challenge Don Quixote had, for the reason already mentioned, given their vassal, should be proceeded with; and as the young man was in Flanders, whither he had fled to escape having Dona Rodriguez for a mother-in-law, they arranged to substitute for him a Gascon lacquey, named Tosilos, first of all carefully.
  35. Serbia would have been swallowed up into the Russian Empire and that would have become a vassal state and the Serbian Slavs would have discovered to their horror that becoming true Slaves under the Tsarist regime of the Russian Tsar was a thousand times worse than when they had not been independent and given ‘aid’ by the most backward, inept, decayed empire in the world.
  36. It is not thirty years ago since Mr Cameron of Lochiel, a gentleman of Lochaber in Scotland, without any legal warrant whatever, not being what was then called a lord of regality, nor even a tenant in chief, but a vassal of the Duke of Argyll, and with out being so much as a justice of peace, used, notwithstanding, to exercise the highest criminal jurisdictions over his own people.
  37. Members of The Assembly of the Just Alliance, acting only in my capacity as Lord of Serminak, and not as Prince of Hilia or as Key to The Just Alliance, I ask that the Sylvan people be recognized as my vassal; The Sylvan Nation, and that those dragons who choose to remain in Serminak be recognized as my vassal nation; Serminaki Draconia, and that those two nations be granted entry with full standing into The Just Alliance.
  38. And then plucking off a glove he threw it down in the middle of the hall, and the duke picked it up, saying, as he had said before, that he accepted the challenge in the name of his vassal, and fixed six days thence as the time, the courtyard of the castle as the place, and for arms the customary ones of knights, lance and shield and full armour, with all the other accessories, without trickery, guile, or charms of any sort, and examined and passed by the judges of the field.
  39. I am your vassal, but I am not your slave; your nobility neither has nor should have any right to dishonour or degrade my humble birth; and low-born peasant as I am, I have my self-respect as much as you, a lord and gentleman: with me your violence will be to no purpose, your wealth will have no weight, your words will have no power to deceive me, nor your sighs or tears to soften me: were I to see any of the things I speak of in him whom my parents gave me as a husband, his will should be mine, and mine should be bounded by his; and my honour being preserved even though my inclinations were not would willingly yield him what you, senor, would now obtain by force; and this I say lest you should suppose that any but my lawful husband shall ever win anything of me.

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