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Vent in a sentence

For This Long, I Vent.
Take a few minutes to vent.
I need to vent once in a while.
I wanted my mother to vent out.
I kept her office off the vent.
Who could he vent his anger on?
Ca covered the vent with his shirt.

He would use it as an exhaust vent.
I let her vent a little while longer.
So how did Marie vent her anger.
We will need to vent before five a.
He peered out the vent and watched the.
You need a victim to vent your wrath on.
Apparently, they had nothing else to vent.
It was a volcanic vent full of blue clay.
Well, vent it on me as I've said already.
The tram line has its own air vent system.
Jake was the one who spotted the steam vent.
They all wished she would go home and vent.
He knew they needed to vent the containment.
My brother came to vent his rage on me, for.
Next he instructed his men on how to vent the.
He glanced at the vent, considered taking the.
We have been ordered not to vent into the air.
Nick reached the air vent outlet and looked down.
They will be too close if we vent into the air.
Louie went out for wrestling where he could vent.
Maybe there was a vent above I could crawl through.
I'm about to vent to you, so get ready for an earful.
Mitchell decided to vent in pressurized frustrations.
It was always safe and easy to vent her spite on Sara.
Lyamshin gave vent to a scream more animal than human.
That’s how my people must vent the heat of exertion.
Steve looked up at the ceiling vent and back at Rancid.
You can see it thru the vent holes, doostEr told him.
Here's my vent for today: I really hate social niceties.
There was an immediate rush of air from a vent overhead.
She is in a vent looking down into the hallways beneath.
We need to vent before the pressure increases anymore.
There's a vent that leads down to the bunker where she's.
Try venting the.
And the venting?
Hold out on the venting.
The venting system is inoperable.
This has to be the Chinese venting out their hostility.
This exchange occurred when he was not venting about Hymietown.
Yes, we’ll have to try to restore power to the venting system.
The prime minister needs to authorize the venting and the evacuation of.
Regular checks should be made to ensure that the venting mechanism on the.
Liz was venting about the arrogance of the women she wanted to connect with.
Storage tanks require venting to compensate for the dynamics of changing water.
Taking Clara's arm in hers, she walked over to him, continually venting her delight.
What is ‘invent’? Invention is the secret inner venting of hate by undead entities.
There were smaller venting grates to either side, letting in just enough light to see by.
I’ll turn him out! shouted Gania, glad of the opportunity of venting his vexation.
It was something William Bradford had spoken of when venting his fury over the almshouse charter.
When the guards weren’t venting their fury at the captives, they entertained themselves by humiliating them.
Had he come to make friends again – or to berate her, venting his anger with the courage of several tankards of ale?
That volcano sure has been venting a lot of smoke since we've been here, he mentioned as he surveyed the surrounding.
So instead of venting his temper on the auxiliary bishop he straightened and made himself take a quick turn around the cabin.
And they showed it not by venting their rage in idle reproaches, but by applying efficient remedies to the diseases of the country.
Behind him, the army from the Playground was venting jubilant cries; waiting for either a victory celebration or a final push to drive out the intruders.
Will spoke at random: he was merely venting his petulance; it was a little too exasperating to have his grandmother's portrait offered him at that moment.
It seemed, for near a minute, as if the demons of hell had possessed themselves of the air about them, and were venting their savage humors in barbarous sounds.
That power drain is a straight line, venting horizontally, and while it eventually reaches the void, it is out of sight due to distance while still within the atmosphere.
A person obsessed with the vindication of insanely held ideas or prejudices will often select the convenient surrogate for venting their tensions of the built up frustration.
It seemed as impossible to bear the fatality she had drawn down on him without venting his fury as it would be to a panther to bear the javelin-wound without springing and biting.
His recoilless rifle, like his recoilless pistol, used bullets that were in essence small rockets, with the hot gas from their solid rocket motors venting out through a fork-like shoulder butt.
From morning till night these thousands of men, the greater portion of them starving and in rags, tramped angrily through the mud, venting their hatred in abusive epithets and acts of violence.
She had never been able to accept her lot with grace, and lately, with the dawning realisation that life was not going to improve, had taken to venting her frustrations on those few who loved her.
All this meaningless jabber, this trivia, this fake politeness, this fear, this dishonesty, and this cowardice: is merely a way of venting secret anger and hate and distastes, and judgments of others.
Not until we had turned into the Avenue did she utter a word; but from that point onwards, until we arrived at the hotel, she kept venting exclamations of "What a fool I am! What a silly old fool I am, to be sure!".
Frederick made an intercom check, got clearance from his crew chief; then punched the starter button to fire the over-sized shotgun cartridge that turned the engine over with a roar, venting acrid smoke into night air.
Can you wonder that such thoughts transported me with rage? I only wonder that at that moment, instead of venting my sensations in exclamations and agony, I did not rush among mankind and perish in the attempt to destroy them.
Garcia activated his life belt, attached a suction cup to the wall, tethered to his belt, and then fired a phaser at viewing port, melting a whole in the structure until the window popped out, venting the air from his section.
There had been no clashing of temper between Dorothea and her husband since that little explosion in Rome, which had left such strong traces in her mind that it had been easier ever since to quell emotion than to incur the consequence of venting it.
Some are evil forces whose only aim is to torment the living as if to punish those responsible for their condition; it’s something like getting revenge on those who did you wrong by venting your anger towards anyone even if they had no hand in the affair.
As for the occasional violent arguments and fights they’d witnessed, he reminded them that sex-depressant chemicals were no longer added to the food and water, so females were coming into heat before the males were interested, and were venting their frustration.
Now, while Macey, the mate, was standing up in his boat's bow, and with all the reckless energy of his tribe was venting his wild exclamations upon the whale, and essaying to get a fair chance for his poised lance, lo! a broad white shadow rose from the sea; by its quick, fanning motion, temporarily taking the breath out of the bodies of the oarsmen.
As for the numerous servants (more numerous that evening than usual, for their number was augmented by cooks and butlers from the Cafe de Paris), venting on their employers their anger at what they termed the insult to which they had been subjected, they collected in groups in the hall, in the kitchens, or in their rooms, thinking very little of their duty, which was thus naturally interrupted.
He vented a long sigh.
There was too much anger to be vented.
Jilin grew angry and vented his disgust.
Having vented his anger, Sam spoke calmly.
Then his anger vented itself upon the guard.
He cursed, knowing that if they vented, the.
Then he vented it out, to get rid of excess CO2.
Looking down, Conan vented a gusty sigh of relief.
With the Doc gone, the Old Dogs vented their concern.
For my friends who got on their soapboxes and vented.
He crumbled to the floor as steam vented into the room.
They used the boulders to assemble a great, vented Hive.
Mary vented all her frustration; I bent under the abrupt.
I vented my anger at the cruel turn of my life in a roar.
I vented the fear, anger and sorrow that my dream had caused.
The windows were down and the smell of the dust and crops vented.
Will vented those adjuring interjections which imply that admiration.
Masha vented her frustration as Moshe was giving her pistol to the robot.
Lacking a better victim, they vented their pulpit inspired anger on Emerson.
But after Rick vented his anger, he usually regretted what he had said or done.
What if this man meant harm to Ruby? He was seething and vented his frustration.
The anger she had brought back from the border now vented, she wanted reconciliation.
The entire ship had been vented and both inner and outer door to the airlock stood open.
Storage tanks must be vented to allow for fluctuations in water levels in order to prevent.
The Squidies that got hit with that wave vented clouds of snowy gas out their ruptured suits.
The condenser is vented to atmosphere in order to remove non-condensable gases and to equalize.
A 10-liter tank of compressed liquid CO2, vented into the Hab, will be enough CO2 to do the trick.
A storm attended with similar effects occurred in this country in 1815, and vented its fury upon the eastern states.
There were wires and cooling ducts hanging from the ceiling; a lot of steam was being vented into the room off to his left.
And… now all the years of oppression and persecution they suffered is being finally being reversed and projected and vented.
He did not stop until he reached the gym and, without bothering to change into his sweats, vented his anger on a punching bag.
Alien atmo vented out punctures where Chief Horcheese’s machine fingers pressed their way straight through the Squidy’s suit.
She hated the editor’s bluster and uncouth manners, but she was used to them and knew he would relent after he had vented his spleen.
Yeah, Williams had apparently contained that last outburst, but it hadn’t been a directed attack on someone, just vented frustration.
Nevertheless, many institutional investors are pre vented by their charters from holding the securities-generally the debt-of companies that have filed.
Ah, it made our Tempers keen for Battle—all this unrequited Love and Lust—and we three vented on the Prey the Fury that we could not spend in Bed!.
I remember one woman friend I had (I have since divorced myself from her) who continuously vented about her husband every single Universe given time I met her.
Right now, however, that hot plasma simply vented away in space from both the forward and aft nozzles of the KOSTROMA’s main drive, producing no effective thrust.
Esau deceived, not only by Jacob but by his own mother, vented his anger, however, on the recipient of the blessing, threatening to kill Jacob the moment his father, Isaac, died.
He vented his frustration with you by sending you on campaign and making sure you were attached to the Maya tumen in the not unreasonable expectation that you would be killed in action.
Make vents in the top.
The tower vents some steam.
The trailer had vents all.
And, her vents were poisonous.
The smoke came through the vents.
She closed the vents closest to her.
These swirls were centred on the vents.
Non-sanitary vents and drains are copper.
Tree Vents and TGM+ will control problem.
She had an old-style heater without vents.
Cut vents for steam in center of top crust.
Installation of vents corrects the problems.
I can dock without nose vents if I have to.
So the manager vents his anger on his secretary.
Open the vents in Reactor One, he ordered.
Idiot, you built this shit, think about the vents.
The vents can also be dusted to dust the area with.
No, this activates the thruster vents! Stop, stop.
The only way they survived was by lying down on the vents.
Insure crawl space vents for proper ventilation of all areas.
Once the air was clean they could they would close the vents.
Let’s open as many vents as we can and get out, he said.
It is also advisable to install vents in bathrooms and kitchens.
Smoggy exhaust poured out of the vents, smothering the soldiers.
He knew the vents could be controlled back at his old workstation.
Of course, now I’m wondering how long he’s known about the vents.
Anything lowered, with tinted glass, stick-on bits and lots of vents.
The heat from the vents did feel better than the nipping of the cold.
Warmth pumped into the room through vents just beneath the mantelpiece.
Frustrated and in pain, Rugged vents, This is a wild goose chase!.
The water was draining properly through the vents according to the board.
We decided to remove one of the square air vents that were on each side of.
He had no choice but to vent, and the vents would have to be manually opened.
Tree vents can be used for all trees placing only compost as a food source.
Vents in sections A and B on deck two and section D on deck three are open.
Everything was clearer now; most of the smoke had been blown away by the vents.
He heard no engines, felt no vibrations, just pipes and vents in all directions.
It said a silent hello to the flatulent crabs which populated the deep-sea vents.
I will lead the first group to survey the condition of the vents, said Kenichi.
Rear cabins were below water, and the sea gushed in through open portholes and vents.

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