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Vulture in a sentence

A vulture circled.
and ended like a vulture.
He isn't a vulture investor.
Vulture with the pump-action.
I thought I was a vulture.
something a vulture would eat.
Vulture was gone now utterly.

Finally, the vulture has come.
hatred becomes the vulture calling.
Now just one vulture remained in the sky.
With vulture, and with wheel Ixion come,.
Its headdress featured a fearsome vulture.
The vulture flies down the road towards him.
As they flew, a large vulture approached them.
The old owl had fled before the young vulture.
The vulture swept in with a swift roar of wings.
14 And the vulture, and the kite after his kind;.
Before throwing it, she looked the vulture in the eye.
(An ossifrage is a vulture and an ospray is a buzzard.
The vulture had the face of Phil's reprimanding mother.
Vulture populations in the Middle East and Europe have.
It was a vulture with its bill open, talons outstretched.
auto industry and if Fiat can become a successful vulture.
A vulture will never attack a human or animal that is moving.
I hadn’t thought about it in months, but Zia had a vulture.
He had been a vulture of bad omen, a cadaver without a coffin,.
We wont be hovering over your head anymore, said a vulture.
Kami made a fast flip in the air, leaving the vulture behind her.
Even the lowest vulture and cannibal is the true I of God.

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Synonyms for vulture

vulture marauder piranha predator