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Vultures in a sentence

and the Vultures.
The Vultures and E.
Vultures, even in.
Storks, like vultures,.
vultures will be gathered.
the one about the vultures.
Auntie scanned the vultures.

vultures had descended on it.
Some people were such vultures.
Yeah, leave me to the vultures.
It’s either Vultures or undead.
But, the vultures came, ate, and ran.
Mitra! The skies were black with vultures.
nearly destroyed on the cheap like vultures.
The black vultures were already in conclave.
Where do vultures gather? In the skies above.
It’s home to leopards, vultures and falcons.
and mauled by the vultures, leading to his death.
NNS had attributed this death to turkey vultures,.
I stop abruptly and bony vultures pile into my back.
Next in line are the griffin and white-backed vultures.
was decorum, a tense watchfulness between the vultures.
I looked up at the sky only to see the vultures fly away.
There are 6 species of vultures who observe the African.
And the only leaving things that remained were vultures.
Even in the darkness, they saw the vultures massing above.
Then, when the Vultures arrive it’ll be an all-out war.
Even our home was forfeited to vultures looking for a deal.
He pointed skyward where vultures were already circling.

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