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Wabash in a sentence

We sprint, Peter first, me second, and Tobias last, down Wabash Avenue.
I feel so much a part of nature standing in the Wabash as the morning mist wafts along the shore.
In the books they are found still united in the middle Ohio Valley from the Wabash to a little beyond Cincinnati.
This issue was also given superior treatment in the various reorganization plans for the Wabash filed to the end of 1939.
Although called debentures, they are secured by a direct lien and have priority over the Wabash Railroad Refunding and General Mortgage.
An unusual case is afforded by Wabash Railway Noncumulative Income Debenture 6s, due 1939, interest on which was payable from net income.
, Seaboard Air Line and Wabash) have required holders of maturing equipment obligations to extend their maturities for a short period or to exchange them for trustee’s or receiver’s certificates carrying a lower coupon.

The United States Supreme Court however, handed down a contrary decision (in the Wabash Railway case)9 holding that while the noncumulative provision may work a great hardship on the holder, he has nevertheless agreed thereto when he accepted the issue.

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