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Weakened in a sentence

With F flat weakened light.
You’re in a weakened state.
However, his legs only weakened.
They should be greatly weakened.
The link was not weakened by time.
Then it closed as Melvin weakened.
His voice weakened as he continued.

Pain ate at her, weakened the barrier.
But the hand weakened and released him.
For the weakened sense of ennui, see p.
You’ve weakened the House of Life and.
The man-dog pack was considerably weakened.
So the respective meridians are weakened as.
Of her ills and woes and weakened veins that.
Your death will leave the Wyseman's weakened.
Though he felt weakened and tired, there was.
Tom's fright weakened every muscle in his body.
Weakened as she was, imprisoning her was simple.
The tension on the thread pulled the weakened post.
Latterly I have got out of the habit, have weakened.
He called, as loud as his weakened lungs could bear.
Kay’s resolve weakened, and her shoulders slumped.
Cynthia appeared very tired and in a weakened state.
It has, on the contrary, killed ambition, weakened.
Jasra’s weakened that spot with magicked weapons.
She weakened so promptly that I was ashamed of myself.
And Tristan weakened and paled, and his bones showed.
Which meant that if I weakened the wire at strategic.
I awoke in the morning shaken, weakened, but refreshed.
Shane felt the connection weakened and fade completely.
My suspicion was not weakened when he went on to say:.
In her weakened condition, she has decided life is too.
Alan’s heart was weakened as a child, Donna added.
When it's hold weakened sufficiently, it fell - acting.
Nothing of sadness or of emotion weakened that pale look.
And the old man strong blows seemed to have weakened and.
With his mind and will weakened by the whiskey, he smiled.
How could she demand so much of her, weakened as she was?
But first, smoke that she inhaled weakened her making it.
She understood, and in her weakened state, she was a bit.
Also, the wind was weakening.
The Witch's magic is weakening.
The combination of a weakening U.
His heart flooded with a weakening.
The grasp of his fingers was weakening.
The beast’ s struggles were weakening.
By weakening the Gelugpas, relatively the.
Ralph could see that the beast was weakening.
This is seen as weakening your own ethnic culture.
Rather than weakening him, the expulsion seemed to.
This would’ve led to overall weakening of the 138.
When a weakening of the "ground" substance or actual.
Having to endure uncontrolled pain and the weakening of.
I devoted the next couple of days to weakening the rusted.
This would prevent weakening of hinges, when left outdoors.
Suddenly her rapid steps paused, fright weakening her knees.
Because of G weakening with age this means that there would.
As we age, most of us can feel the weakening of our sex drive.
And the third chap, a fireman, is showing signs of weakening.
Danny noticed that the aura of the whole planet was weakening.
My body is weakening, my ego is fallen and my wits are withering.
Jojo and I suddenly stood up and saw Lor’s heartbeat weakening.
The shout became weaker and weaker like a flute that was weakening.
I hoped that we were weakening Apophis by forcing him to deal with.
It’s not over yet, she told herself; but her courage was weakening.
Stress threatens the health of the body by weakening the immune system.
Although what he said were for the sake of weakening the morale of the.
Checking frantically for a pulse, she found an erratic and weakening one.
It had lasted over two hundred years, so far, but was obviously weakening.
He heard the matador’s weakening spasms, and then more localized thrashing.
He said that the energy that kept him alive was weakening this far from Amber.
He nodded his head in my direction, humoring my obviously weakening resistance.
Until they succeed in weakening them enough to make their efforts ineffectual.
She couldn't help her weakening knees, or the emotions that were bubbling lose.
The MADRID then exploded, weakening the Terran laser fire against the KOSTROMA.
Deficiency of folic acids causes the weakening of the nervous system, leading to.
In the immediate aftermath of the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein appeared to be weakening.
The lower tops reflect a gradual weakening of the uptrend with the passage of time.
The long-term uptrend is not showing any specific weakening just in a review of price.
The blisters charge towards her from all directions still firing, weakening her shields.
Life weakens and.
As it weakens, the area of.
It weakens the normal functions.
Stress weakens the immune system.
This weakens the biofilm structure.
Fear weakens the power of the mind.
He even says that cider weakens him.
As the Barrier weakens, they may find.
I can’t blame them but it weakens the army.
It weakens your body and makes you irritable.
And when the Sun weakens, and the barrier finally.
The stronger bond weakens God’s relationship with us.
The act of scourging so weakens the body that life itself.
The best love is the kind that weakens the soul (music lyrics).
Their constant struggle to abandon the Earth: weakens their energy.
If he’ s up for two posts, it weakens his case for either one.
The instant it deflects away from its original path: it weakens itself.
Deficient unification weakens the moral nature and engenders unhappiness.
Paradoxically, at the same time it weakens self-esteem by virtue of its limits.
My incentive, you see, weakens, weakens … His voice trailed off into a sigh.
It weakens your emotional and moral passion for justice and fairness, and honesty.
The action of violence actually weakens and destroys that which it wishes to support.
The contemplation of the past sometimes weakens the energies for action in the present.
Thus the activity of violence weakens and impairs precisely what it intends to maintain.
It weakens the culture you live in, it weakens you; it makes you lazy, stupid, and useless.
When the market weakens during the day, it's likely to reach a lower low in the days to come.
Rather, it weakens after the first day because the close is significantly lower than the high.
It weakens the moral fabrics of any society, coming from the custodians of the citadel of learning.
We’ll see how ethical living weakens the self-centered desires that make us dissatisfied with life.
In other words, adding combinations with low criterion values into the sample weakens the correlation.
For many, at the moment of purchase, critical judgment weakens and hope ascends to govern the decision process.
Each test actually weakens the level because price should not be able to return to the level if it is going to hold.
This weakens them so horribly: they have no inner resilience or inner strength: which is exactly what the undead want and like.
The problem with a drug solution is that daily stimulation of that part of the brain eventually damages and weakens its normal functioning.
In addition, the excessive use of drugs and alcohol weakens the auric field, and tends to dissolve the protective shield, making one vulnerable to outside forces.
Nothing could have happened without him: he weakens the old pirate at just the right moment: so he cannot escape the Olde comrades after him looking for the map to the treasure.
The rate expectation and risk premium components in the YC are related in opposite directions to the rate level, a situation that weakens the overall link between the YC and the BRP.
Violence only weakens this force, retards, and distorts it, and puts in its place another activity, which is not only not useful, but even harmful for the forward movement of humanity.
Probably, the absorption of energy acts as an anesthetic too: on one hand it weakens the victims, on the other hand exhaustion is often screened by the sweet delight of offering.
The use of violence only weakens this force, hinders it and corrupts it, and tries to replace it by another which, far from being conducive to the progress of humanity, is detrimental to it.

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And will weaken your power.
Nothing that could weaken him.
Whatever you exaggerate you weaken.
He did this to weaken the Seleucids.
They weaken the heart slowly and invisibly.
I could feel her pulse weaken and I stopped.
Molly, Sam noticed her knees seemed to weaken.
It would weaken the authority of the company.
That’d weaken the protection — too risky.
Foreign policy decisions to weaken the mid-east.
The smallest failure would weaken the whole setup.
Yet all these trials do not weaken his resolution.
I've got to weaken her so that she goes willingly.
Stretching a muscle can cause it to temporarily weaken.
We will not allow terrorists to weaken our government.
Fear and anger weaken character and destroy happiness.
For a second there above the cake, Carmine seemed to weaken.
Death would come later; he needed to weaken them all first.
They draw attention to a cause and seek to weaken authority.
It is a creature that can seriously weaken an entire planet.
The sun’s rays had begun to weaken, thereby making life a.
We're going to weaken you and hand you over to the Moretti's.
But I needed only to weaken control and he would appear again.
Aesa swallowed, letting the trembling fire in his veins weaken.
That readiness will not weaken in me, but I and Russia have a.
The imperial policy was to weaken the unity of the Jewish state.
Nothing happened the next day, or the next, to weaken her terrors.
This Weakness can be taken twice to weaken the character further.
Gelug tradition, he is trying to change, and thereby weaken, the.
Still we'd better keep to the children, though it does weaken my case.
Study show that intake a teaspoon of simple sugar can weaken the immune.
Now he realized why he didn't feel her weaken when Wendy was distraught.
That way Tafferel could not make threats to him and he wouldn’t weaken.
I cried and cried but the grieving didn’t end, the pain didn’t weaken.
This seemed to fatally weaken the animal and he fell onto his front knees.
So much so that ZTA movement began to weaken for the time being as a whole.
Let’s see how brave you can be once the exhaustion and famine weaken you.
They can easily weaken the intensity of your life experience, in many ways.
It was now late in the afternoon and the suns rays were beginning to weaken.
And afterward, to further weaken us, they had the gall to banish such things.