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Weapons in a sentence

He sees us as weapons.
We all had our weapons.
Sans weapons on my part.
But the earl had weapons.
But I choose the weapons.
Natch we had weapons and.
The man loved his weapons.

We know they have weapons.
He reached for no weapons.
He knew it was the weapons.
Do not go for your weapons.
These weapons of your life.
We both had our weapons out.
He seized three more weapons.
Why these weapons were be-.
We carry weapons with us.
Drop your weapons and your.
Do you have weapons yet?’.
I will bring the weapons on.
Regard their horns as WEAPONS.
We have no offensive weapons.
Cut off shipments of weapons.
We both reach for our weapons.
Weapons appear to be off line.
Tell me al about your weapons.
Then he found his own weapons.
We're in range of all weapons.
Lyte passed the weapons to him.
Some had weapons, some did not.
I need to buy some weapons.
The weapons shop was priceless.
The weapons have gotten better.
Weapons are the tools of fools.
Lower your weapons, all of you.
All three raised their weapons.
Those that had weapons skills.
We’ll use our best weapons.
All had weapons ready in hands.
He was changing murder weapons.
Guns are very powerful weapons.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

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His weapon was an axe.
A weapon, I told Horus.
He looked for a weapon.
It was a weapon of war.
You use sex as a weapon.
Odd sort of weapon, too.
Alex is our only weapon.
I’ll get you a weapon.
His only weapon was vice.
As An Offense Weapon And.
We have a secret weapon.
Then he saw the weapon.
The man dropped his weapon.
He lowered the weapon at.
He uses sex as a weapon.
It was a formidable weapon.
Not to pull out the weapon.
But what kind of weapon?
As for me, I am a weapon.
She could use it as weapon.
That had to be weapon fire.
I couldn’t find a weapon.
The weapon really was cool.
In his view it was a weapon.
Guanella had a weapon that.
It was a single shot weapon.
Great weapon in their hands.
Assault with a deadly weapon.
A weapon never since equaled.
There is a weapon … Shap.
This is quite a nifty weapon.
They have the special weapon.
As his side weapon he had a.
He drew his weapon and fired.
You are here to be a weapon.
Can't use his weapon, I think.
That weapon was a gentleman's.
Quell says Time is its weapon.
He handed Brittany his weapon.

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