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Wellspring in a sentence | wellspring example sentences

  1. Feed it every day out of the wellspring of your.
  2. Somehow, from some deep wellspring of will, she managed a smile.
  3. Eugenie's first and only love was a wellspring of sadness within her.
  4. My dear, information has always been the wellspring of my success.
  5. The main hope of life is seated in the wellspring of emotional wisdom.

  6. We can, however, co-‐create solutions that create a wellspring.
  7. But it’s not like you to leave a wellspring of potential knowledge untapped.
  8. Near the chapel there is a wellspring that runs all the way down from the high plateaux.
  9. The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters; the wellspring of wisdom is a flowing brook.
  10. Before the Power was tainted, it had been a wellspring of ecstasy, now that feeling was melded with a dark plague.
  11. It was not that I had a sudden wellspring of pity for the man, or that I regretted setting in train proceedings against him.
  12. With him strode the stitch-inked Tyrannosaurus rex, which lent to his haunches a machined and ancient wellspring mineral-oil glide.
  13. The source point or fountain (wellspring) of the activity and the inertia of deeds are inspirations, motivations, impulses, will, et al.
  14. The Judeo-Christian understanding in common is that God is the wellspring of all creation, the Axiom of Existence upon which all reality rests.
  15. When the wellspring of conceit finally dried, I confided that I was an architect from Melbourne, keen to see the Sunshine Coast design sensation which had astounded the architectural fraternity a few years previously.

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