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Wetter in a sentence

1. It was wetter than my face.
2. The ground could probably be wetter.
3. I was getting wetter by the minute.
4. She was already soaked and getting wetter.
5. I don’t think I could get any wetter, he said.
6. This material is wetter and is what we need to bed our drywall tape into in order to make the repair.
7. Australia’s climate cycle is said to go through a one hundred year more dry than wet and wetter than dry centuries.

8. Melissa was filled with an indescribable lust and was wetter for him than she had been for any man in her whole life.
9. Her mouth was soft all around, with full tender lips, which were now getting wetter, along with her own throbbing lips.
10. It was raining again, and the people grouped around the font were wetter than the infant who was sprinkled with holy water.
11. Now that this terrible weather has come upon us, and every day is wetter and sadder than the last, she has collapsed entirely.
12. Pin points of sunlight came in through minute holes in the shades never dried but became wetter and stickier as the hours went by.
13. Everyone agreed that it was much colder in England in the winter as opposed to Ireland where it was milder but much wetter and stormier.
14. If heat was the subject, then at that time the papers listed Fargo as hotter than any place else, or wetter or drier, or deeper in snow.
15. The release of water into the ecosystem is a good thing as, ultimately, a wetter (fresh water) environment supports more land/air based life.
16. And soon Edmund noticed that the snow which splashed against them as they rushed through it was much wetter than it had been all last night.
17. Set the boy alight now, before the night gets wetter, said Herist to the soldier with the hissing torch, and he nodded his head toward Andrei.
18. I squatted on the pillion and couldn't get any wetter, so I relaxed into the rain like you relax into the sea, and right away felt much better, calmer.
19. Everyone grew into a wetter July and the Confederates, fighting desperately around the entrenched heights, still held Sherman at bay, a wild gaiety took hold of Atlanta.
20. But Owen would not hear of this: he thought, as he became very conscious of the clammy feel of his saturated clothing, that he could not get much wetter than he already was.
21. The resort towns on the north shore of the upper lake would all be gone now, this 'wild range' would get wetter and brushier til there was no doubt it was swamp if they went in that direction.
22. As I was trying to remember if there was a symbolic meaning to which ear a guy used for the earring – bed wetter, left – gay, right – I couldnt recall, the guy rounded menacingly on Busted Nose and started to scream loudly at him.
23. He found that the boots, having been placed too near the fire, had dried too quickly and consequently the sole of one of them had begun to split away from the upper: he remedied this as well as he was able and then turned the wetter parts of the clothing to the fire.
24. Waule found it good to be there every day for hours, without other calculable occupation than that of observing the cunning Mary Garth (who was so deep that she could be found out in nothing) and giving occasional dry wrinkly indications of crying—as if capable of torrents in a wetter.
25. Spite of this frigid winter night in the boisterous Atlantic, spite of my wet feet and wetter jacket, there was yet, it then seemed to me, many a pleasant haven in store; and meads and glades so eternally vernal, that the grass shot up by the spring, untrodden, unwilted, remains at midsummer.
26. She was all alive again directly, and among the most active in being useful to Fanny, in detecting her to be wetter than she would at first allow, and providing her with dry clothes; and Fanny, after being obliged to submit to all this attention, and to being assisted and waited on by mistresses and maids, being also obliged, on returning downstairs, to be fixed in their drawing-room for an hour while the rain continued, the blessing of something fresh to see and think of was thus extended to Miss Crawford, and might carry on her spirits to the period of dressing and dinner.
27. In the wetter sections planking had been laid down,.

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