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  1. It heralds their arrival into womanhood.
  2. The soft, smooth lips of her womanhood as she glided.
  3. She was closer to womanhood than her mother had noticed.
  4. The other way would have been such a tragic waste to womanhood.
  5. WITH HER ARMS) When the might of womanhood moves, nobody can stop us.

  6. Ah the flower of highland womanhood, his muffled voice intoned.
  7. What a model to womanhood and what else can a man look for in a woman?
  8. No doubt Bonnie danced in the moonlight to deal with the ebbs and flows of womanhood.
  9. It was then that he first took notice of the small sproutings of her emergent womanhood.
  10. Her young womanhood had, I knew, been spent in rough scenes and under strange conditions.
  11. A petty man who would rape and cut me, I was all of womanhood, not scared or cynical anymore.
  12. The young girls not yet come to womanhood, learned in this way what being female was all about.
  13. The Bishop would have been surprised if he had known how nearly she approached his ideal of womanhood.
  14. Indeed, the same dark question often rose into her mind, with reference to the whole race of womanhood.
  15. The young girls who’d not yet reached womanhood learned in this way what being female was all about.

  16. She felt the pressure of his erection against her womanhood and sighed when desire re-ignited inside her.
  17. Her white t-shirt revealed adolescent breasts and her figure had yet to mature into the curves of womanhood.
  18. As his manhood reached the threshold of her maidenhood, her womanhood connived with him to contrive its crossing.
  19. When he removed my panties, tears fell from his eyes as his lips and tongue worshipped the nakedness of my womanhood.
  20. Aspasia was a creature in whom two extremes of womanhood met; she was the goddess prostitute; Socrates plus Manon Lescaut.
  21. You have all—nay, more than all—those qualities which I have ever regarded as the characteristic excellences of womanhood.
  22. The Greeks had noble conceptions of womanhood in the goddesses Athene and Artemis, and in the heroines Antigone and Andromache.
  23. They were exemplary specimens of womanhood – never complained, never nagged, always well-tempered; a pragmatic and sensible bunch.
  24. As she stood there her hand was holding her wonderful hair above her head; she was for a moment outside the pale of everyday womanhood.
  25. They had once tried their hand at matchmaking 'on behalf of their daughter,' when Mandy was in the early blossom of her young womanhood.

  26. There played around her mouth, and beamed out of her eyes, a radiant and tender smile, that seemed gushing from the very heart of womanhood.
  27. But that simplicity of hers, holding up an ideal for others in her believing conception of them, was one of the great powers of her womanhood.
  28. Any desire he may have had dissipated and she became to him all of womanhood: bitchy, holier-than-thou cunts every one of them, just like Sylvia.
  29. In that hour, when cherished illusions of possible safety had all but vanished, manhood and womanhood aboard the Titanic rose to their sublimest heights.
  30. In my teens womanhood was something I dreaded because now whenever I disagreed with my mother she’d say wait until you’re older than you’ll see.
  31. When my traditional wine carrying ceremony was six days away, it finally dawned on me that I would ultimately embrace womanhood and eventually motherhood.
  32. He was by her side now, the man whom of all men God had made to accomplish her womanhood and to take all of soul and body, sense and brain, that she had to give.
  33. He also recalled the time when she was growing into womanhood, and the curious feeling of fear and anger that he experienced when he became aware that men regarded her as a woman.
  34. He lowered his brush into the red mixture and with a critical eye dabbed the sticky paint on my breasts and the nexus of my womanhood, a cherried champagne bloodbath in the making.
  35. Karan entered the bath tub now filled with rich lather and pulled Tarana who fell on top of him with her womanhood automatically resting on his manhood, driving both of them crazy.
  36. A very different ideal of womanhood is held up by Plato to the world; she is to be the companion of the man, and to share with him in the toils of war and in the cares of government.
  37. As if there were a withering spell in the sad letter, her beauty, the warmth and richness of her womanhood, departed, like fading sunshine; and a gray shadow seemed to fall across her.
  38. Though unsophisticated in the usual sense, she was not incomplete; and it would have denoted deficiency of womanhood if she had not instinctively known what an argument lies in propinquity.
  39. Advancing womanhood had tempered her plainness, which was of a good human sort, such as the mothers of our race have very commonly worn in all latitudes under a more or less becoming headgear.
  40. But death had touched it and consecrated it, bringing out delicate modelings and purity of outline never seen before—doing what life and love and great sorrow and deep womanhood joys might have done for Ruby.
  41. It was as though she had wonderfully been converted from boyhood to womanhood, smitten suddenly with womanhood there in those gardens, and every muscle of her mind and will had relaxed into a sweet fatigue of abandonment.
  42. Why not, on the personal front, Islam has a lot to offer to the men of its faith, and sadly for the outcaste woman, as is the case with all womanhood, it was her man who calls the conversion shots for her and her children as well.
  43. Paris, who swore to defend womanhood from rapists, and murderers… and was killed and dragged in the dust for that outrageous insult to the power of the homosexual Greek gods: who lusted to kill and rape women in hate: not in love.
  44. When they came for fittings, I would stick around not only to assist the fitting but in search of beauty, to look at the girl, to see a comely face, an allure of youth and womanhood, a lovely leg or perhaps an accidentally exposed breast.
  45. Why such hatred? The betrayal of womanhood? To meekly take a cock into my mouth at a man's command, to think nothing of it? Would taking his finger be the same insult? Was his pleasure relevant to my self-respect? Did I have self-respect?
  46. So we bring the youth out of these homes, cut off as far as possible from their low surroundings, into our missionary schools, where they are lifted into a purer atmosphere and are brought into daily contact with refined Christian womanhood.
  47. Being a man who knew that the former of these symptoms was one of the inherent penalties of womanhood, he did not then press his inquiries, but waited for a more appropriate opportunity when he should again interrogate her, or receive an avowal proprio motu.
  48. When I was a child womanhood seemed like the ultimate Holy Grail because everything you tried to do you were told not until your older so that was what a woman was supposed to be someone with unlimited power, someone who could be what they want when they want.
  49. To the aesthetic, sensuous, pagan pleasure in natural life and lush womanhood which his son Angel had lately been experiencing in Var Vale, his temper would have been antipathetic in a high degree, had he either by inquiry or imagination been able to apprehend it.
  50. Lydgate felt sure that if ever he married, his wife would have that feminine radiance, that distinctive womanhood which must be classed with flowers and music, that sort of beauty which by its very nature was virtuous, being moulded only for pure and delicate joys.
  51. She knew she looked well, she loved to dance, she felt that her foot was on her native heath in a ballroom, and enjoyed the delightful sense of power which comes when young girls first discover the new and lovely kingdom they are born to rule by virtue of beauty, youth, and womanhood.
  52. And now, having attained full manhood or womanhood, is it fitting for you to turn from your Creator and forget His Charity towards you? Should you not ponder your origin, and think of where you were created from, when a period of time once passed when you were nothing worth mentioning?
  53. The errands of domesticity on which one ran, the perpetual up and down of stairs, the hours standing on the cold stone floor of servants' quarters seeing that one was not cheated, the innumerable honourable activities that beautified and dignified womanhood, necessitated large loose shoes.
  54. The Vicar was holding an inward dialogue in which he told himself that there was probably something more between Fred and Mary Garth than the regard of old playfellows, and replied with a question whether that bit of womanhood were not a great deal too choice for that crude young gentleman.
  55. Now she had the wrap that only thinly covered her womanhood, and her uncovered breasts pumped up and down as she sought to catch up with her exertion, but certainly not the quietness of the state she had been in when he had first seen her, and he was filled anew with a confused sort of gladness.
  56. All three wore suits of thin silver gray (their best gowns for the summer), with blush roses in hair and bosom, and all three looked just what they were, fresh-faced, happy-hearted girls, pausing a moment in their busy lives to read with wistful eyes the sweetest chapter in the romance of womanhood.
  57. After a great deal of mixed chat, frolic and humour, one of them, observing that there would be a good deal of time on and before the assembly hour, proposed that each girl should entertain the company with that critical period of her personal history, in which she first exchanged the maiden state for womanhood.
  58. Diana, in the fullest bloom of human womanhood, the most needed years of her motherhood, shared all she was unfortunate to be burdened with; gave to all she reached, the love she had in such abundance as she matured; grew ever lovelier and wiser; yet remained the child who loves all, needing only to be loved in return.
  59. That the Master should blandish was natural, because a man is natural; but they knew that a woman, if she is to approach any ideal of true womanhood, cannot be too carefully unnatural, and should she be persuaded or betrayed into some expression of affection for her lover, some answering caress, at least she must not like it.
  60. The feeling of the warm young body against her breast, the sweet perfume of the child’s hair and the caressing touch of the little hands as they crept about her neck, were grateful to the lonely artist, and somewhere in the womanhood within her, she found words which Carlotta could understand, although they belonged to no language known to grownups.
  61. Those words of Lydgate's were like a sad milestone marking how far he had travelled from his old dreamland, in which Rosamond Vincy appeared to be that perfect piece of womanhood who would reverence her husband's mind after the fashion of an accomplished mermaid, using her comb and looking-glass and singing her song for the relaxation of his adored wisdom alone.
  62. Being graceful and interesting, standing moreover on the momentary threshold of womanhood, her appearance drew down upon her some sly regards from loungers in the streets of Chaseborough; hence, though sometimes her journey to the town was made independently, she always searched for her fellows at nightfall, to have the protection of their companionship homeward.
  63. Eugenie belonged to the type of children with sturdy constitutions, such as we see among the lesser bourgeoisie, whose beauties always seem a little vulgar; and yet, though she resembled the Venus of Milo, the lines of her figure were ennobled by the softer Christian sentiment which purifies womanhood and gives it a distinction unknown to the sculptors of antiquity.
  64. When they attain to manhood and womanhood they will be, if mentally or physically inefficient, a burden on the community; if they become criminals, they will prey upon the community, and if they are healthy, educated and brought up in good surroundings, they will become useful citizens, able to render valuable service, not merely to their parents, but to the community.
  65. When you think of the snares set for these girls, and that no father or brother may even yet dare defend them, and when you know that there are those—yes, very many—who, guided by Christian teachers stand firm in the purity of their womanhood, clinging to the Everlasting Arm, how plain it is that God has a plan, a purpose for this race, when we shall have fulfilled our duty to them, and when their fiery furnace of trial shall have done its work!.
  66. Did I gain Preferment from my Illustrious Lovers? Rather I would say, with all Modesty intended, they gain’d it from me, for I had begun to learn, having had Womanhood so rudely thrust upon me in my seventeenth Year, that Men come to a Brothel as much for Understanding and Compassion as for the Fulfillment of their Lustful Desires, and that a Whore who pays Attention only to their Bodies (and not to their Minds) will ne’er flourish long in her Trade.
  67. If no man would similarly submit to such a violation of his sacred "manhood", why on this should-be-sacred earth should any woman submit to the violation of her equally sacred "womanhood"? Men: unless you're invited in—get out of our bodies! Women: stop inviting your body's and your soul's rape, by allowing anyone to think for even a minute, that what you do with that body is anyone's business but your own! Nature (God, if you like) gave you the ability to nurture or to expel a new life within you.
  68. That voice of deep-souled womanhood had remained within him as the enkindling conceptions of dead and sceptred genius had remained within him (is there not a genius for feeling nobly which also reigns over human spirits and their conclusions?); the tones were a music from which he was falling away—he had really fallen into a momentary doze, when Rosamond said in her silvery neutral way, "Here is your tea, Tertius," setting it on the small table by his side, and then moved back to her place without looking at him.
  69. I was scarce twelve years old, before that part which she wanted so much to keep out of harm's way, made me feel its impatience to be taken notice of, and come into play; already had it put forth the signs of forwardness in the sprout of a soft down over it, which had often fluttered, and I might also say, grown under my constant touch and visitation, so pleased was I with what I took to be a kind of title to womanhood, that state I pined to be entered of, for the pleasures I conceived were annexed to it; and now the growing importance of that part to me, and the new sensations in it, demolished at once all my girlish play-things and amusements.
  70. Womanhood, and all that is a woman, and the man that comes from woman, The womb, the teats, nipples, breast-milk, tears, laughter, weeping, love-looks, love-perturbations and risings,.

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