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Woodcut in a sentence | woodcut example sentences

  1. The woodcut shows miners.
  2. The hand-colored woodcut repro-.
  3. That invention was soon complemented by woodblock, or woodcut, printing; providing a.
  4. The earlier invention of woodcut printing allowed for mass production, but movable type.
  5. Suddenly, the void shone a bright light, striking Justice in the stomach and imprinting his image into the doors like a woodcut, where he remained forever, and the light spread across the universe faster than time itself, and everything turned white.

  6. I say we went over, but I was pushed over by Pumblechook, exactly as if I had that moment picked a pocket or fired a rick; indeed, it was the general impression in Court that I had been taken red-handed; for, as Pumblechook shoved me before him through the crowd, I heard some people say, "What's he done?" and others, "He's a young 'un, too, but looks bad, don't he?" One person of mild and benevolent aspect even gave me a tract ornamented with a woodcut of a malevolent young man fitted up with a perfect sausage-shop of fetters, and entitled TO BE READ IN MY CELL.

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