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Wool in a sentence

I have lots of wool.
PS Wire wool is best'.
Gold was one and wool.
He asked if we used wool.
By Tuesday, the wool was.
Have you pulled the wool?
How badly the wool has been.

It helped to put on the wool.
It’s a gray, wool Army blanket.
Change colors when the wool ends.
The wool caught fire immediately.
It held a rival Wool Fair once a.
She wore a sun-whitened wool dress.
She said she wore a gray wool suit.
The price of Scotch wool, when, in.
News was vital in the wool business.
Wool throws covered a straw mattress.
You’ve got forty sacks of wool.
And the mountains like carded wool.
Her cloak was the color of undyed wool.
He was dressed in a matted robe of wool.
The wool blanket pooled around her waist.
They had probably been sold with the wool.
And the mountains will be like tufted wool.
The smell of preserved wool filled the air.
Cotton wool in their heads too, most of them.
She suddenly had wished for a wool covering.
Fine cloth is made altogether of Spanish wool.
Thick carpets of wool were therefore the ideal.
Creating A Solution To Stopping Cats Suck Wool.
He was lodging at the wool merchants' hostelry.
Shorn: Having the hair or wool cut off; sheared.
He was the first wool merchant in town to deal.
Silks, sateen and embroidered vest in fine wool.
The merchants of the Wool Company in London.
His head and his hairs were white like wool, as.
She still wore pink underpants, wool knee socks.
Do not use cotton wool directly on an open wound.
Her ears felt as though stuffed with cotton wool.
Inside was a bag made of oiled wool, still intact.

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