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Wool in a sentence

1. I have lots of wool.
2. PS Wire wool is best'.
3. Gold was one and wool.
4. He asked if we used wool.
5. By Tuesday, the wool was.
6. Have you pulled the wool?
7. How badly the wool has been.

8. It helped to put on the wool.
9. It’s a gray, wool Army blanket.
10. Change colors when the wool ends.
11. The wool caught fire immediately.
12. It held a rival Wool Fair once a.
13. She wore a sun-whitened wool dress.
14. She said she wore a gray wool suit.
15. The price of Scotch wool, when, in.
16. News was vital in the wool business.
17. You’ve got forty sacks of wool.
18. Wool throws covered a straw mattress.
19. And the mountains like carded wool.
20. Her cloak was the color of undyed wool.
21. He was dressed in a matted robe of wool.
22. The wool blanket pooled around her waist.
23. They had probably been sold with the wool.
24. And the mountains will be like tufted wool.
25. The smell of preserved wool filled the air.
26. Cotton wool in their heads too, most of them.
27. She suddenly had wished for a wool covering.
28. Fine cloth is made altogether of Spanish wool.
29. Creating A Solution To Stopping Cats Suck Wool.
30. Shorn: Having the hair or wool cut off; sheared.
31. He was lodging at the wool merchants' hostelry.
32. Thick carpets of wool were therefore the ideal.
33. The merchants of the Wool Company in London.
34. She still wore pink underpants, wool knee socks.
35. He was the first wool merchant in town to deal.
36. His head and his hairs were white like wool, as.
37. Silks, sateen and embroidered vest in fine wool.
38. Inside was a bag made of oiled wool, still intact.
39. Do not use cotton wool directly on an open wound.
40. Her ears felt as though stuffed with cotton wool.
41. When they test a piece of wool, it turns yellow.
42. Flanders's wool which had rolled beneath the chair.
43. Mix sand with the cider, and wool with the wine—.
44. Did it pull the wool over his eyes? (Maybe a tarp?).
45. The exportation of English wool has been prohibited.
46. The price of wool is now so high that the Italians.
47. Shiny brass buttons adorn his wool four-pocket coat.
48. Moses pulled his wool blanket closer to his chin and.
49. His pants are pressed and he wears a heavy wool coat.
50. Distaff: A rod to hold wool for hand spinning clothing.
51. The wool merchant Leptos hailed her as she approached.
52. He pulled the wool and linen shift from over his head.
53. A baby owl is soft like a ball of wool with eyes in it.
54. Plush wool carpet under their feet led down the aisle.
55. By the time Dave was born the boom times for wool were.
56. This was upholstered with a few scratchy wool blankets.
57. She ran her fingers over the looped wool of a black rug.
58. The only eyes, he was pulling the wool over were his own.
59. Will you be a wool merchant, a knight’s wife, or a.
60. I wouldn’t fancy trying to pull the wool over his eyes.
61. He piled wood from the chests on top of the burning wool.
62. And his coat, despite the wool, doesn’t look too heavy.
63. Remove the cleanser with cotton wool pads or paper tissues.
64. He smelled of seawater and unwashed wool and pine needles.
65. Wool merchants often try that in hard times, he said.
66. Oh, by the way, remember the big thick wool ski sweater I.
67. I’ve got a warehouse full of wool that I can’t sell.
68. But the price of wool has fallen this year, for the fifth.
69. Wool, Seven Horns, Strength, Lamb, Seven Locks of his Head.
70. She reached for him, and there on the thick wool rug in St.
71. His hair was a clot of wool; a beard half-clouded his face.
72. He smelled of wet wool, leather, sweet bees-wax, and acorns.
73. Carded wool means: the wool whose threads are separate.
74. Wasn’t your fault their ears are stuffed with cotton wool.
75. It acts as a mordant – it helps the dye to bite the wool.
76. I was laying on the sectional, draped in thick wool blankets.
77. On his left thigh, the wool of his pant-leg started to bulge.
78. Am I to have nothing with which to buy wool next year?
79. John Baret entered the refectory of the wool merchants' guild.
80. Sir Gerald had a heavy wool surcoat and Lady Maud a fur cloak.
81. He wears a suit and has a heavy wool coat draped over one arm.
82. The money price of wool, therefore, in the time of Edward III.
83. I am told by Fearghal that there is a large wool mill beside.
84. Remember to take that wool sweater I gave you for Christmas.
85. She kept a small wool blanket on the back seat for emergencies.
86. Oh, no, it's the cotton wool in your ears has got out of place.
87. I was blindfolded, and had cotton wool over my eyes so that I.
88. The wool overcoat and extra clothing Stacey had left were gone.
89. When prices are falling, it’s better to have cash than wool.
90. Caris opened the bag and took out a small object swathed in wool.
91. This hut was given to me yesterday by a goat whose wool was of.
92. With increased prosperity, the parish guild could build a wool.
93. Not spun wool, but many shearling fleeces crudely sewn together.
94. The black wool fell to his heels, as black as Laeron’s scales.
95. Before, you had a sack of unsaleable wool and four shillings.
96. It felt as though his whole body had been wrapped in cotton wool.
97. I slipped a green, wool cover to my neck and watched the ceiling.
98. Underneath the soft wool, she held the manuscripts she had taken.
99. What looked like scraps of wool were caught in his tangled beard.
100. He was wearing a long black wool overcoat and black leather boots.

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