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Woolly in a sentence | woolly example sentences

  1. Woolly Bully – Sam the Sham.
  2. Waule, with her usual woolly tone.
  3. I like it, but it’s a woolly one.
  4. But the sheep are too woolly to play with.
  5. I could not believe this but there were woolly.

  6. His brain was bundling itself up, getting woolly.
  7. Casey held on tightly as the woolly mammoth reared up.
  8. And little Alfie, too, bless his woolly cotton socks.
  9. What sent you jokers out into the wild and woolly?
  10. Eastern Woolly Lemurs tend to be monogamous, living as a.
  11. The black with his woolly head, the felon, the diseas'd, the.
  12. The night proceeded in a wild and woolly sort of way; Peter of.
  13. Uretep’s heart pounded and his head, already woolly, felt ready to burst.
  14. Harald peered to where a hundred or so woolly beasts were munching at the grass.
  15. It was a bit odd, for despite the afternoon sun it wore a woolly hat with flaps that.

  16. Waule, in the lowest of her woolly tones, while she turned her crape-shadowed bonnet towards Mr.
  17. Stuart stuck on his woolly hat and his yellow and black jacket with his small rucksack on his back.
  18. Thick, woolly hair covered every part of it, and a more dreadful-looking monster could not be imagined.
  19. He found one of the holes, but else the material was as nicely woolly as before – not much harm done.
  20. Having dried himself he got dressed in some jeans, a woolly green jumper and a pair of strong walking boots.
  21. Here is one of my pets, as spoke he started to stroke the hairs on the back of its woolly spiders spine.
  22. They seemed harmless, mere woolly globes of cloudy foam, but Conan stepped aside to avoid contact with the first.
  23. Getting woolly out there it's true, came the thick Bristol accent, cracking its R's with bracing enthusiasm.
  24. Their woolly, red–tinted hair was in sharp contrast to their bodies, which were black and glistening like those of Nubians.
  25. They could then see the faint summer fogs in layers, woolly, level, and apparently no thicker than counterpanes, spread about the.

  26. The mountains on the other side of the lake were indigo-coloured, with pulled-off tufts of woolly clouds lying along them down near the water.
  27. But he was obviously a purebred Rottweiler, except of course that he was twice the size of a woolly mammoth, mostly invisible, and had three heads.
  28. The activity chain had two separate threads: there was the extraction of his startup funds, and then there was the whole woolly area of what he did with them.
  29. Marraud adjusted his black woolly hat and fluffed his thick blonde hair as his vibrant blue eyes took in his position as he walked through the Alexandrovsky Gardens.
  30. Julian couldn’t imagine why his mother had such faith in the little jackets she placed over the eggs — the small knitted woolly hats he remembered from two decades before.
  31. The more she highlighted, the more her head became packed with pink, woolly sugar, clogging and muffling the circuits in her brain that were needed to understand and remember what she was reading.
  32. He was a big, woolly sort of animal with hair all over his eyes and the man kept him to guard the vegetables himself and anyone might have thought that he would be ready to let a vegetable garden, especially at night.
  33. Anyhow, by the time the waiter brought cheese and woolly radishes and those wicked black slabs of leather called _Pumpernickel_, I was sitting quite silent, and Charlotte was leaning across the little table hurling fiery words at me.
  34. After swift trips between Penney's and Sears for comparisons, Frankie owned a tan and a navy jumper, slacks in the same colors, short-sleeved white blouses, blue oxford shirts, panties and singlets, woolly navy tights, white cotton knee socks.
  35. The prominent man (who was then a person in power, with a lemon-coloured face and a very short and curly, not to say woolly, head of hair) went so far in his temporary discontent as to shake his yellow fist under the nose of his interlocutor, and shriek—.
  36. As I ploughed through the soft sand onto the firmer part of the shore the gently frothing surf trickled in, barely disturbing the sand as it quickly disappeared; the placid woolly breeze did little to take the edge off the tropical morning air even though it was still only seven am.
  37. He went to her in a state of such anguish that at times as he turned the corner he was glad to catch a glimpse of the woolly head of the Reverend Lynch, who read on the terrace while his daughter catechized neighborhood children in the living room with recited passages of scripture.
  38. Aliens or not, they didn’t seem to take too kindly to interlopers, or maybe it was the military trying to silence them because they’d seen way too much and didn’t want them blabbing to The National Enquirer or on Facebook or YouTube about cloning experiments with modern-day woolly mammoths and saber-tooth tigers.
  39. We were wrapped in a cloud; moisture began to form in tiny drops upon the stanchions and the deck, upon the beards and moustaches of the male part of the voyagers, upon the woolly texture of the garments of all, even upon the smoothly brushed silk of the Honourable John's top hat; save for the swish of the paddles and the running of the engines, with a whispered exclamation here and there, we could hear nothing; and we could scarcely see the length of the ship.
  40. Trying to find out why dinosaurs went extinct… This is an intelligent use of your time? Trying to find out why Woolly Mammoths went extinct? Going around the planet looking for signs of a massive meteor hitting the Earth to ‘explain’ things that they cannot explain otherwise… simply because there will never be enough evidence to make any useable sense out of in the first place?… Science is obsessed with the effects of death and destruction… it is not interested in the effects of life and living at all.

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woolly wooly addled befuddled muddled muzzy

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