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Workbench in a sentence

The workbench was made of heavy timber.
Claire leaned heavily on the workbench.
With a cry, Odin tips over the workbench.
You Are Looking At Paul’s Workbench.
On a small workbench sat an open can of.
Vinny was stil hunched over the workbench.
She lay on the workbench in the middle of the room.

Paul’s Gladiator workbench took up an entire wall.
I saw some tools on a workbench through the window.
This workbench is simple to build and solid so it won’t.
Scrabbling back up again, making wooden toys at a workbench.
The workbench between the two cars was where the switch was.
She’d seen wood shavings piled on the end of the workbench.
He slowly contemplated his actions as he walked to the workbench.
The shooting stand was just a wooden elevated workbench on wheels.
Clayton’s gaze zeroed in on the workbench in the middle of the room.
There was a computer on a workbench like the one Paul had in his garage.
A familiar Gladiator workbench was set up in front of the metal garage door.
Finishing my beer with a flourish, I threw the empty can under the workbench.
I lugged the heater to my outdoor workbench, and hooked it to Hab power.
He pulled a sturdy old workbench over—Gary had said the bench would be there.
The officer examined them one by one on the workbench and then he turned human.
Where is the workbench, where is the radio, what are these weights on top of him?
Dubanski wiped his face with the rag while glancing at the clock above the workbench.
The workbench was too heavy to move, and even without that, it was bolted to the floor.
Kreios slammed his hands in frustration down on the workbench in front of him, sending.
Gary followed his wife to the basement and down to his workbench where Martin was cuffed.
Sabina snapped a pair of rubber gloves around her wrists and walked to a nearby workbench.
There was a solitary globe softly glowing above the ancient, heavily constructed workbench.
Between Panel A and the workbench were the Mylar balloons Pathfinder had used to tumble-land.
Every tube of paint had been stomped on, smeared over the walls, floor, easels and workbench.
He gazed over at his tools and the mess of wood shavings that lay curled across his workbench.
Adam followed Zeke into the shed and sat on his spot, on a box, off to one side of the workbench.
There, lying on the workbench next to the two-stroke motor of Ben’s jetpack, was the prop guard.
Tools were scattered all about and sawdust graced the tabletop and the floor around the workbench.
The light was fading fast and she could barely make out a workbench set in the middle of the room.
After sliding it into his pocket, he stood for a moment with his fingertips resting on the workbench.
Finlay put down his mead, walked around the workbench, and sat beside me in the dirt of the smithy floor.
Wiping the back of his hand across his mouth, Uncle Hobart nodded at a pile of beer cans on the workbench.
Loki winces from where he lays atop Hoenir’s workbench, the self-satisfied smile slipping from his lips.

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