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Worn in a sentence

I’m worn out.
tired and worn out.
Replace worn laces.
Was by the Son worn.
He sounded worn out.
chest and a worn rug.
leather, old and worn.

worn back in the days.
Fear, has worn thin:.
I had worn a blue T-.
wished he'd worn a hat.
He shoved a worn red.
he had worn all weekend.
worn in the photographs.
You must be worn out.
Never been worn before.
Williams might have worn.
The main gates are worn.
Your boots are worn out.
He’s worn himself out.
™ Gloves should be worn.
worn a smile on his face.
I see the cover is worn.
'You were worn out, and.
A worn path crossed here.
the chemical had worn off.
the rock will be worn out.
A worn dirt road emerged.
or not wearing.
He was wearing.
Sue was wearing.
She was wearing.
I find it wearing.
He was wearing a.
cap he was wearing.
was wearing a dress.
She was wearing a.
was wearing a watch.
They were wearing.
Bev was wearing a.
Sue was wearing a.
She is wearing the.
what she was wearing.
She was wearing an.
Undine was wearing.
You were wearing it.
Wearing red lipstick.
Wearing red clothing.
The god was wearing.
It wears off.
He wears a St.
Aaron wears a.
It wears me out.
Wears a monocle.
She wears shawls.
Now wears his crown.
She wears a form-.
He wears a pink suit.
He wears a red.
This rider wears a.
husband also wears one.
He wears black shorts.
That wears the crown,.
Magnus wears a tuxedo.
It wears off as they.
She wears a smug smile.
Often He wears a dark.
Brittany wears a white.
" "And Manna wears brown.
Upon his head he wears.
what size pants she wears.
Francesca wears a white.
No one wears ski masks.
of the person who wears it.
Yes, and it wears you out.
He even wears shorts and.
I wore a.
He wore a.
He wore no.
She wore a.
He wore his.
They wore a.
Each wore a.
Roman wore a.
He only wore.
He wore a 218.
She wore a wig.
Johnny wore a.
They wore the.
All wore jeans.
She wore what.
wore on his leg.
She wore that.
I never wore it.
He wore a thin.
I wore the beard.
He also wore a.
He wore a very.
He wore chinos.
Not wear them.
for me to wear.
What to wear.
of what to wear.
Never wear out.
We wear the mask.
meant to wear it.
I wear this.
wear them in bed.
They wear out,.
Wear it yourself.
We Wear the Mask.
And wear this.
I’ll wear white.
to wear that dress.
Ye must wear Blue.
We wear the mask!.
who loves to wear.
and wear the dress.
about what to wear.
I need to wear it.
Wear the black hat.
You should wear it.
When to wear a tie.
of wear аnd tеаr.
what we should wear.
The watch I wear.
wear them to church.
`I can't wear this.
Wear it, nin sythan.

Synonyms for worn

careworn drawn haggard raddled worn