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    1. “Let me see the tags attached to this,” Thom said, pulling up the wrapper file

    2. The condom wrapper

    3. I took a step forward and covered the wrapper with my

    4. I did a pivot turn so I didn’t step off the wrapper

    5. to stay on the wrapper or the discomfort of the condom

    6. condom wrapper and stuck it in my pocket

    7. The wrapper is open and one egg and bacon sandwich remains, slightly hard at the edges

    8. At this point I could take a condom out of its wrapper and put it

    9. chocolate from its wrapper

    10. cereal and threw away the lip stick stained wrapper

    11. found a condom wrapper inside one of the ion-

    12. wrapper was stupid in some ways but not others

    13. The wrapper was off and I lifted the lid of the box carefully

    14. Litter! Did he see garbage? William crawled a few feet and stretched to grab a plastic wrapper that was rolling like tumbleweed over the dry bare soil that was once the bottom of a stream

    15. In front of each seat was a file, with a water glass turned upside down in a clear paper wrapper

    16. He wrenched the overcoat from its plastic wrapper and unfurled it before her

    17. So I went over there and without tearing the foil or the wrapper I lifted the chocolate bar out of there

    18. When I got done, I carefully put the foil back in the wrapper and squared the corners of the foil along the lines they’d been before I removed the bar

    19. Then I sort of pushed on the sides of the wrapper so it puffed up with the foil giving it the appearance of a wrapper with a full chocolate bar inside

    20. Without wrapper in her teeth

    21. There was a paper wrapper on the floor and on the

    22. wrapper was the Megha Corp

    23. in its wrapper with the hot water and wiped off Nyla’s now sweat

    24. 6 7 you have heard that it was said Eye for eye and tooth for tooth: but I say to you Stand not in opposition to the evil; but whoever strikes you on your right 8 cheek turn to him also the other; And he who would sue you and take your tunic 9 leave to him also your wrapper; And whoever compells you one mite go with him twain; And he who asks you give to him and he who would borrow of you prevent him not; And prosecute not him that takes your substance; And as you desire that men should do to you so do you also to them

    25. fished the wrapper out of my breast pocket and handed it to Pa

    26. ” He held up my gum wrapper key

    27. Once I bartered a precious electronic instrument for a pair of black Oxford shoes and a brand new white shirt still in its original wrapper for just such an affair, and on very special occasions I was even allowed to borrow my grandfather’s tuxedo which, since he was a couple of inches shorter than I, was a poor fit

    28. “Not all business is questionable,” Nem said, gingerly picking up the stone by its wrapper and placing it back in the bag

    29. 0 mpg while tearing open the wrapper of a Butterfinger and licking the chocolate off before deep throating the bar

    30. Carried by the wind, a candy wrapper came to rest inside the cage

    31. I grabbed a soggy hamburger wrapper out of the current and immediately the paper turned dry

    32. The wrapper turned back into a slimy rag

    33. You toss the empty wrapper with a few crumbs to them to watch as they fight over it

    34. ” Wayne spit his gum into a wrapper and threw it into the wastebasket under Philip’s desk

    35. “Thanks,” he said as he rolled the wrapper into a ball and

    36. hurried to peel the wrapper from a second and began to

    37. for the CD – will probably be thrown into the landfill, but what about the disk inside? It goes along with the wrapper to its final destination, the junk heap

    38. Suppose the inside perpetrator goes to room 666, relieves his junior conspirator, writes down the trigger codes for each package, takes off the outer wrapper, and then places the bombs in conventional shipping cartons with the address of a different federal installation and a hand carry instruction with a code for each, but no explosives warning, and delivers them on a push cart to the mail room

    39. Then she disconnected the gismo and wrapped it in a chocolate bar wrapper, dumping it into her waste bin

    40. Jane reached into Carla’s bin and pulled out the wrapper, the device was still there

    41. He grabbed them up, stuck one between the waistband of his shorts and his stomach, ripped open the wrapper covering the other one, and began eating

    42. He blocks my move by poking his trash picker at a gun wrapper

    43. When the plastic wrapper fell on his lap it nearly

    44. stil in the wrapper

    45. Garcia removed the gum from his mouth, closed it in the foil wrapper, and set it

    46. I shrugged, and pulled out a cereal bar and opened the wrapper

    47. It was still in its red foil wrapper

    48. The foil wrapper has been glued to a

    49. [Laughter] I don't know where it went, it just vanished just like that - empty wrapper

    50. Inacio crushed the hamburger wrapper and smeared it between his palms

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    Synonyms for "wrapper"

    housecoat neglige negligee peignoir wrapper wrap wrapping sheath capsule pod casing case jacket

    "wrapper" definitions

    a loose dressing gown for women

    the covering (usually paper or cellophane) in which something is wrapped

    cloak that is folded or wrapped around a person