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Wriggling in a sentence

1. Raul, he commanded, wriggling close.
2. She knew that I was in the web and wriggling.
3. You make matters worse by wriggling out of it.
4. Wriggling beneath him, she managed to turn over.
5. There was a live rat wriggling furiously in his.
6. The moment it hit the dirt it started wriggling.
7. They were both wriggling to get away and shouting.

8. It’s where you’re wriggling them that concerns me.
9. Frankie deliberated, wriggling in her mother's embrace.
10. Octavio was wriggling all over with pride and happiness.
11. Homer has one, she said softly, wriggling, trying to.
12. They plunged down to him, wriggling their skins and yawning.
13. He fell, as if someone'd given a heave on the cord, wriggling.
14. He shifted around in his chair, writhing and wriggling his hips.
15. He threw his half smoked cigar into the wriggling mass of snakes.
16. One came wriggling over the threshold, glistening in the starlight.
17. Quite an appetite then, she said, wriggling out of her knickers.
18. He bounces over to you, balls swinging in step with wriggling hard on.
19. Sure enough, there was a small, red finned fish wriggling on the hook.
20. My feet could only improve the taste, ser, Egg said, wriggling his toes.
21. She tried wriggling out of her captor’s grip, but Ma was too strong for her.
22. Here, she suddenly raised her hand high above her head and began wriggling her.
23. Jill took a bite of the swordfish and sunk into her chair, wriggling in enjoyment.
24. It feels alive with things moving and wriggling under the surface like huge fish.
25. The lines stopped wriggling and moved out of conscious thought towards nothingness.
26. She carried a large flat Basket of wriggling Eeles upon her Head like a Peasant Medusa.
27. Almost instantly a head appeared at an embrasure and a rope came wriggling down the wall.
28. She was wriggling so violently that Hobbs smashed her with his fist and knocked her out.
29. But why are you wriggling out of it, like a schoolboy? By Jove, there he's blushing again.
30. She whisked the cat out of the room, leaving me alone with the wriggling fur ball in my arms.
31. Willie watched him in horror as he picked up the wriggling worms and put them inside the tin.
32. When she emerged again with the wriggling kitten in her hands, Elior stood across from Laino.
33. Where’s Mammy? asked Bonnie, wriggling in Scarlett’s grasp and she reluctantly set.
34. In random moments, he felt lice and fleas wriggling over his skin when there was nothing there.
35. Each writhing thought wiggling its way, avoiding contact with other wriggling writhing thoughts.
36. I had to catch these wriggling maggots one by one until I finally reach the bottom of his wound.
37. Who’s the daddy then? he said, standing with his arms spread wide, wriggling his eyebrows.
38. Mariette, give him his tea, said the Countess, and left the room, with her quick, wriggling walk.
39. Hal wondered why, directly in front of him, Lauren was wriggling her shoulders and squirming in her chair.
40. It’s a belated welcome-to-our-neighbourhood gift, Jessica said as she snuggled with the wriggling puppy.
1. The boy wriggled and cried.
2. Philip wriggled in the chair.
3. She wriggled through the gap.
4. Squirmed and wriggled a lot.
5. Dark stripes wriggled along his skin.
6. Small creatures wriggled in the water.
7. As she wriggled them, she could feel.
8. He wriggled loose and gave her a pinch.
9. He wriggled his eyebrows at Amaranthe.
10. Inside the eggs, the babies wriggled.
11. The sack wriggled again and a muffled.
12. As Michael wriggled and squirmed in an.
13. I wriggled it Genie style, and he laughed.
14. She had nowhere to go so she wriggled out.
15. Nothing wriggled in it, no bubbles popped.
16. Panicking, she wriggled out from under him.
17. I wriggled out of my cuddle, and opened it.
18. It wriggled weakly on the end of the blade.
19. Carefully he wriggled his way back over the.
20. Tom wriggled up through the thicket to the top.
21. With his shoes now on the floor, he wriggled 267.
22. He winced, took a good swig, wriggled about a bit.
23. She wriggled around with a goofy look on her face.
24. His fingers wriggled for an instant, and then were gone.
25. I wriggled around until the bag slid to where I could un-.
26. They wriggled and made for more cover without trying to be.
27. A snake wriggled slowly from the cotton rows into the road.
28. Meenu wriggled out, lifted Hasini and took her to the crib.
29. He chuckled and wriggled but Simon hushed him to stillness.
30. One of the wolf-masked captives on the ice sometimes wriggled.
31. She wriggled furiously, but he was bigger than she, and strong.
32. Ekström would otherwise have wriggled out of it like a snake.
33. Hel o, shadow Tut! She wriggled her fingers at the empty box.
34. His mouth covered mine again, and I wriggled under the onslaught.
35. The coarse pine grains wriggled like little rivers over the wood.
36. Sammy wriggled into his arms and pushed his head underneath Tom's chin.
37. It wriggled out of the mess and slithered rapidly to chase after them.
38. Cat choked, gagged, wriggled, looked around for help but nobody gave it.
39. Instead, he chose to shoot the soldier walking towards her and wriggled.
40. Halfshaft wriggled uncomfortably, feeling that he had been rather put on.
1. She wriggles away.
2. The mortuary people watched Aunt Tildy's wriggles.
3. She wriggles out of her tights and throws them onto the floor.
4. She punches Molly in the ear, knocking her off-balance, and wriggles free.
5. Stupidity is brief and artless, while intelligence wriggles and hides itself.
6. Caleb wriggles for a second, but he is not half as strong as Tobias and can’t break away.
7. Blood starts to seep amongst it as Simon wriggles his wrists, rubbing them raw and breaking the skin.
8. You stand puzzled like a fool—he puts you in a fog, he twists about like an eel and wriggles away from you.
9. She doesn’t bother changing into pajamas; she squirms out of her jeans, tosses her socks down next to them, wriggles out of her bra, and yanks it out from under her T-shirt.
10. Never again will any man trespass on that territory, not if she has anything to do with it! The thought makes her smile; again she wriggles her limbs under the covers, enjoying the utter magnificence of the freedom.
11. A frog just has this one instinct with respect to food: catch whatever wriggles in front of your snout! We have many more, and so it becomes much more complicated to satisfy them, and that’s why we need an intellect.
12. They watched the little animal as he waddled along the path contentedly and with importance; watched him till they saw his muzzle suddenly lift and his waddle break into a clumsy amble as he quickened his pace with shrill whines and wriggles of recognition.
13. His struggles, his wriggles, his attempts to get down on his knees, followed by the most violent efforts to break away, as if he meant incontinently to jump overboard, his shrieks and shrinkings and cowering wild glances had filled them first with amazement, then with a doubt of his genuineness, as men are wont to suspect the sincerity of every great passion.

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He tried to wriggle free.
Bits of her wriggle in agony.
He tried to wriggle out of it.
She tried to wriggle her hand from his grip.
Wriggle your toes and your fingers whenever you can.
Another started to wriggle through the gap behind.
This caused Melissa to wriggle, struggle, twist, and.
Again, I tried my hardest to wriggle the cage bars, but.
He then tried to wriggle his arms into it without success.
He tried in vain to wriggle himself free from the freezer.
He began to wriggle almost immediately once he came around.
He’d regained his composure and managed to wriggle off the hook.
She settled back in her chair with the faintest wriggle of her body.
He wished she’d never learned how to wriggle out of his compulsion.
The little girl was blurry from trying to wriggle out of Keith’s arms.
Surely Godwyn could not wriggle out of this? Certainly not, she said.
The clown forced his head through the gap in the wall, and tried to wriggle.
Moraine tried to wriggle back into Vedara’s focus, unwilling to give it up.
She squirms trying to wriggle herself free from my grasp, and again I hit her.
This is a chain that even a serpent can’t wriggle out of when properly applied.
They'd make ye wriggle! Not but what this is a very good tex for rural districts.
He tried to wriggle free but the experienced Badger would not let his prey escape.
Naturally enough, the first thing Michael tried to do was wriggle from his predicament.
It represented snakes gathering in the thousands to writhe and wriggle in their sex-lust.
That could spell real trouble for him, which he will find difficult to wriggle out of this time.
The grave face of the child, however, spread into a broad smile, and its thin legs began to wriggle.
She answered Jack's raised eyebrows with a broad smile and an extra accentuated wriggle of her hips.
He had half risen but turned the movement into a slight wriggle as he twisted his face into a false smile.
Isabella heard her complaints and questions, but smiled as she watched her wriggle her ass at the same time.
Stepan Trofimovitch said truly that I lie under a stone, crushed but not killed, and do nothing but wriggle.
Suzy panicked and tried to wriggle free but her assailant was too overpowering as he held her in a vice like grip.
The effect of Marjory's kiss and Maureen's wriggle were like a left and right hook in quick succession to his senses.
She tried to wriggle down from Loken’s arms, but he whispered something to her that made her settle back in his arms.
This explains both her tendency toward harmful-but-selfless behavior and, perhaps, her ability to wriggle out of simulations.
Certainly a detective told me afterwards there was a substantial increase in cheque fraud as they tried to wriggle out of the evidence.
They weighed on her; and she had the sensation of wriggling beneath them like an earwig beneath a stone, and it humiliated her to wriggle.
This time, however, Annie told me to get back up again when I dropped onto my stomach so as to wriggle past the window of the guards’ room.
Gerard tried his damndest to wiggle and wriggle out of complying with his boss’s request to the point of diplomatically telling him to go pound sand.
I feel a rush of hate toward him, that he’s still trying to wriggle out of our marriage even though I’ve told him—three times now—that he can’t.
Charlie’s blood was still up from the throng they’d passed through downstairs, and from trying to wriggle away in the reception area (hence the cuffs).

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