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    1. Heart disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer and diabetes occur more often in older women than in younger women

    2. ~ Researchers in the US have found that skipping breakfast routinely can indirectly increase the chances of developing diabetes and heart disease as the sugar deficient body craves for fatty foods which are hard to resist

    3. A huge study that tracked thousands of nurses found that those who ate just an ounce of nuts or peanut butter five times a week lowered their risk of Type 2 diabetes by at least 20%

    4. Elizabeth Wynell

    5. ‘… which has re-activated local discussion concerning Mrs Elizabeth Wynell, the woman who was helping police with their enquiries recently, but the police have refuted any suggestion that Mrs Wynell is connected with this

    6. ‘I wouldn’t have thought you could afford to be picky, Elizabeth

    7. ’ She said in exasperation, ‘It is just too ridiculous … I mean, this is me … boring old Elizabeth Wynell!’

    8. ‘You, Elizabeth, have had more alcohol than is good for you

    9. Kara – This is reputed to have belonged to Cecily, sister to Elizabeth of York, wife of Henry VII

    10. Gilla passes the tea things round, aided and abetted by Deris

    11. After everyone had turned in, he went to Elizabeth and her sister, Tommy’s mother, and they all had a long talk

    12. After his explanation, Elizabeth said she understood why he had told

    13. Startled, Elizabeth jumped, and then getting herself under control she answered, Always, why? I don’t repeat anything I hear

    14. Elizabeth saw nothing wrong with her ability

    15. Elizabeth sat in the back of the Hall and listened in to everything that was said

    16. Jake did not disturb her as he began to see Elizabeth’s future and knew she was learning what would be required of her

    17. Elizabeth, Jake called to her, Elizabeth, Lady Kate is in need of your services

    18. James turned around and pulled Elizabeth to him and yelled in her ear, “Lady Elizabeth, please hold on

    19. ” Elizabeth looked below and her eyes flew wide as she grinned at him

    20. Well now, I never would have guessed it; you are a fighter, Lady Elizabeth!” Turning, he mockingly bowed at her smiling

    21. Elizabeth said nothing more, but she was surprised that James knew what she had just found out that morning from her dragon

    22. ” Elizabeth commented as her eyes looked over the house

    23. Kate saw to it that James and Elizabeth sat across from each other

    24. Several times she caught James studying Elizabeth, and vice versa

    25. Elizabeth helped Kate clean up the kitchen, and went around picking up all the excess glasses around the house

    26. Music was soon filtering out into the kitchen and Elizabeth found herself singing along with some of them

    27. Elizabeth went around and picked up all the empty beer cans and glasses

    28. “Lady Elizabeth, you are needed at the warehouse

    29. She flew over the warehouse and he could see Elizabeth climbing the stairs to the doorway

    30. Your gentleness with Lady Elizabeth, thinking of her need over your own, this marked you as a man of great compassion

    31. James remembered Elizabeth curled up next to him when he woke

    32. Elizabeth on the other hand was restless during the night

    33. Kate and Elizabeth stepped in the room and seeing what was happening she pinched the doctor quickly

    34. When Kate returned with the bag, Elizabeth was holding a screaming baby boy as the doctor was cleaning out his eyes

    35. Kate and Elizabeth brought them to Lucy

    36. Elizabeth assisted the doctor, and now she needs your comfort

    37. By dawn both James and Elizabeth were exhausted

    38. He was very tired, and he still had not located Elizabeth anywhere

    39. James woke feeling truly rested; he reached for Elizabeth and found that she was already up

    40. He put on some pants and went into the hallway just as Elizabeth was coming up the stairs

    41. This time was for him and Elizabeth

    42. You can do that now, right? Her name is Elizabeth

    43. Lady Elizabeth; please came out and present yourself to me

    44. In time James and Elizabeth had two daughters; they in turn married the sons of Sarah and Jackson

    45. attempted to instil the rudiments of the Lyndesfarne alphabet, and the

    46. letters in the English and Lyndesfarne alphabets

    47. fifty-five characters to choose from – twenty-six in the alphabet Tom

    48. ‘Tough!’ the Inspector laughed ‘I know we don’t actually have anything to charge him with – other than aiding and abetting desecration of a protected site – but I’d like to hang on to him for a little longer

    49. other letter of the alphabet were just symbols in place of what really existed

    50. Elizabeth was re-stoking the fire and his brother Gastolde

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