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Back en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He put it back up.
  2. He got back on the.
  3. Cut back to the boat.
  4. I had to fight back.
  5. Now I can't go back.

  7. I threw the ball back.
  8. She sat back on her.
  9. I want his skin back.
  10. John lays on his back.
  11. He did not turn back.
  12. He looked back at ease.
  13. The back door was ajar.
  14. I was glad he was back.
  15. He shook it back and.

  16. It goes back to Mrs.
  17. Some of the kids back.
  18. The back of the bench.
  19. There is no going back.
  20. I'll get off your back.
  21. He decides to back off.
  22. Hand me back that note.
  23. He’s a few cars back.
  24. She wanted her home back.
  25. Roman had his back to us.

  26. We drove back to Avignon.
  27. Ok, back here in 2 hours.
  28. We went back to the shop.
  29. Jack kneed me in the back.
  30. I nodded and smiled back.
  31. With the sun at his back.
  32. John hands the photo back.
  33. I came back with two cups.
  34. He rocked back and forth.
  35. I rolled over on my back.
  36. He gets back into his car.
  37. He lifted the torch back.
  38. He turns over on his back.
  39. She turns back to Mohammed.
  40. He began to back up slowly.
  41. He struggled back to the.
  42. Can I go back with you?
  43. A face looked back at him.
  44. She smiled and waved back.
  45. It all came flooding back.
  46. When they turned back to.
  47. Meanwhile back to the visa.
  48. They get back in the boat.
  49. Ava can back you back out.
  50. So I came back to the shop.
  51. No, he goes out the back.
  52. She groaned and hit my back.
  53. He pulled back on the yolk.
  55. SAMANTHA takes a step back.
  56. She nodded and smiled back.
  57. He looked back at the screen.
  58. Otto jerked back in surprise.
  59. Jock is back behind the desk.
  60. Then he will turn back and.
  61. Dave looks back over the sea.
  62. Shall I send them back?
  63. It was kept in the back of.
  64. Slam cut back to parking lot.
  65. Man, we were dumb back then.
  66. He wondered if Ava was back.
  67. Then you’ll get it back.
  68. She tied it back on her arm.
  69. He passed the cup back to her.
  70. They stood back and watched.
  71. Next she came back and packed.
  72. Petr stopped and looked back.
  73. I'll be back by two, promise.
  74. Yes, I've been there and back.
  75. I’ve been all the way back.
  76. He hasn’t been back either.
  77. Sweat drenched his back and.
  78. I want to, she said back.
  79. They went back to the Bigtree.
  80. John looks back out at the sea.
  81. Just then the back door opened.
  82. The tea always brings me back.
  83. His eyes warm, he smiles back.
  84. He sat back in his chair and.
  85. Can you send it back now?’.
  86. He was glaring back out at me.
  87. It’s water off a duck's back.
  88. This will all go back to Jock.
  89. Michael patted him on the back.
  90. We began our journey back home.
  91. We need to take back the ship.
  92. Something was being held back.
  93. He took a sip and leaned back.
  94. He turned to the back of the.
  95. He went back out on the balcony.
  96. His hair was greased back and.
  97. Jake took her back to the house.
  98. Then he turned back to Brasham.
  99. Something feeds back on the PA.
  100. The gunner sat back in his seat.
  1. I was backing from him.
  2. The pain is backing off.
  3. For backing me up today.
  4. You can tell by the backing.
  5. Once the backing is removed.
  6. He could feel her backing away.
  7. Leona cues up the backing track.
  8. This was it, no backing out now.
  9. This process is called backing off.
  10. I wasn’t backing down to anybody.
  11. The ern by the gate were backing away.
  12. Alex grinned, backing out of the store.
  13. You have thousands of people backing.
  14. I’m not backing anyone, he said.
  15. They’re backing up quite a bit sir.
  16. I shook my head, backing toward the door.
  17. Backing her toward the bed, he strung a.
  18. In his mind, there can be no backing down.
  19. This time, there was no one backing me up.
  20. It was the backing vocal to the rhythmic.
  21. He started backing away as he listened to.
  22. If anything is said without truth backing.
  23. Backing away from Sorren, Thedes released.
  24. Oh…my…God! I choked, backing away.
  25. Glen shook his head, backing toward the bed.
  26. Werner unscrews the backing and peers inside.
  27. Backing up 30 days will land on a Wednesday.
  28. Just when I needed him, he was backing away.
  29. Most fish you hook will run you into backing.
  30. There was no backing out of this one, every.
  31. Then it dawned on me that backing off meant.
  32. Backing the truck, he stopped fifty yards away.
  33. Wrong or a bad idea he wasn't backing down now.
  34. He was not backing down, which by the way, I.
  35. The rest of the dryads were also backing away.
  36. Good news without any backing is of no use to.
  37. Big began backing up to the door, challenging.
  38. I’ll need your backing on the rest of the tour.
  39. You should also consider buying fly line backing.
  40. Backing out of the driveway, he headed for home.
  41. Save it, I said, backing away with the girl.
  42. She tried backing up to put pressure on the chain.
  43. The plaster fell away revealing the stone backing.
  44. Backing up, Ailia panicked and tripped over a pew.
  45. She kept backing away, but it kept coming, slowly.
  46. He left the house, backing his car from the garage.
  47. Nancy and Silence were still backing away from Scar.
  48. Treater was now backing off with his two companions.
  49. He stopped backing toward the rear of the platform.
  50. Backing varies in length according to the type of.
  51. Hal pointed a finger at her, backing toward the door.
  52. What? cried Arthur, backing away still further.
  53. This is the reverse of BACKING where the total per.
  54. He shoved the van in reverse and started backing up.
  55. Take it slowly and simple when backing into the water.
  56. G-Wizard provides a number of tools for "backing off".
  57. McGarren was backing out of the driveway in a frenzy.
  58. I grabbed my jacket, and began backing out of the room.
  59. I had more than courage and rightness backing me up.
  60. While the driver was backing the bus I decided that I.
  61. Backing out of the doorway the monster cautioned them.
  62. Persis was mouthing the words ‘no, and backing up.
  63. The backing of a larger group as opposed to one person.
  64. As long as the horse initiates the backing up, let him.
  65. He faced them, backing slowly toward the northern wall.
  66. And behind that, like the backing on the mirror: death.
  67. The Lennys threw up their hands and started backing away.
  68. Backing away from a confrontation with Sean was a mistake.
  69. Blayney moved closer to show that he wasn’t backing down.
  70. You could also try a short backing of three to therty feet.
  71. Dom, I can't even drive a car with backing it into a tree.
  72. A block ahead, he saw Diego Alvarez backing into the Cadillac.
  73. Backing into the hall as if she hadn’t seen anything, she.
  74. Backing up, I tried to avoid him, but he wouldn’t allow it.
  75. This heart knows well that it has the backing of your thoughts.
  76. You must have the luck and backing of the Unicorn, he said.
  77. He started backing, his heart thumping in his throat, about to.
  78. He kept backing up, and tripped over a concrete parking place.
  79. Same response, the dog cowered, backing away from his cage door.
  80. You know what they say about backing an animal into a corner.
  81. I’ll report you, you know, the man was still backing off.
  82. Bob turned his head toward the noise and saw Monica backing away.
  83. Backing (a bit like kite string) is used to help fill the reel.
  84. More or less so, Thatcher replies, not backing down an inch.
  85. She hated to do this to him, but there was no backing from it now.
  87. This is all bullshit, he snapped, backing up from the window.
  88. Once this is done then it is a matter of wetting the backing down.
  89. It will separate from the paper backing rather easily in most cases.
  90. The leadership wanted to have the backing of the public for the war.
  91. I kept my feet in the surf, backing into the water up to my ankles.
  92. We recorded a few of the old tracks with Natalie’s backing vocals.
  93. Backing up so that he wasn't seen, he checked again, yep it was her.
  94. In their styles with all their backing They don't care what goes on.
  95. I briefed him about a recent-out-of-the-money trader we were backing.
  96. Singh and her cadre, with the backing of the AMA, stood their ground.
  97. Backing out of my original BACK BET by placing a LAY BET at odds of 7.
  98. Backing out of my original LAY Bet by placing a BACK BET at odds of 14.
  99. The stock markets spend the majority of their time backing and filling.
  100. Then she cried out, pulling her hand free, backing away from the gate.
  1. He backed away so Lt.
  2. Kurt backed up a step.
  3. I backed back to George.
  4. He backed off a little.
  5. The two lads backed off.
  6. Even I backed off a bit.
  7. She backed away from him.
  8. I backed out of the house.
  9. I backed out of her grasp.
  10. Curry had always backed me.
  11. Molinari had backed me up.
  12. No one backed him, Warren.
  13. He backed against the wall.
  14. It stopped and backed off.
  15. I backed up from the house.
  16. She backed towards the door.
  17. She backed toward the wall.
  18. Not backed up by a partner.
  19. The truck backed into the.
  20. Barker backed down the steps.
  21. He backed away from the bars.
  22. No one had backed Coombs up.
  23. I backed the car up to the.
  24. I backed into a dark corner.
  25. She backed away a little bit.
  26. Akstyr backed toward the door.
  27. He backed away from the area.
  28. Filthy waste water backed up.
  29. Annie huffed, but backed off.
  30. Matilda backed away in terror.
  31. It’s backed up every night.
  32. I backed against the railing.
  33. Then he backed from the room.
  34. Shrank backed off in the fog.
  35. The two doctors backed away.
  36. When they backed out of the.
  37. Then I backed out and waited.
  38. I backed tails and it rained.
  39. The soldier backed up and left.
  40. Pratt was backed into a corner.
  41. Donna backed me up, thank God.
  42. No, I said and backed up.
  43. Then he backed out, bewildered.
  44. Dave backed away from the smell.
  45. He backed out into the hallway.
  46. Then, I backed over him, twice.
  47. Pet backed up an inch, then two.
  48. She backed up, grabbing her bag.
  49. Buddy backed away from the door.
  50. He backed off on the foot pedal.
  51. Uthyr backed away into the hall.
  52. She backed toward the door, 75.
  53. She backed away as if he was mad.
  54. Ananya backed off from the stove.
  55. Sheah backed towards the lounge.
  56. We backed up towards the stairs.
  57. Backed by Sun Microsystems and.
  58. It appears further backed up by.
  59. Thor backed up and shook his head.
  60. The Qualsax Warriors backed away.
  61. The guy backed off ten more paces.
  62. No-one else in the place backed.
  63. She moved forward as he backed up.
  64. He backed away, shaking his head.
  65. Or that the sewage had backed up.
  66. Then Sue backed her face away a.
  67. They were backed up against the.
  68. Killer backed up until he was a.
  69. She backed it into the tank and.
  70. The SUV backed into the warehouse.
  71. She backed away to give him space.
  72. I backed up, and drove around him.
  73. The horses neighed and backed away.
  74. Hal backed off, awed by the giant.
  75. Robert backed away holding his arm.
  76. She backed away and waved to Midge.
  77. Big! Deep! She backed reared again.
  78. Therese backed away now, frightened.
  79. But when she asked me, I backed off.
  80. Dropping the stool, she backed away.
  81. Very sensibly, the Brits backed off.
  82. Slowly he backed into Mary’s room.
  83. Both men backed away toward the car.
  84. He froze instantly, then backed away.
  85. He shrugged in return and backed off.
  86. The prosecutor smiled and backed away.
  87. I narrowed my eyes and she backed off.
  88. She backed away as I stepped forward.
  89. Just his luck if they’d backed out.
  90. He slowly backed up, and went inside.
  91. The servant shuddered and backed away.
  92. She checked the mirrors and backed up.
  93. He jumped to his feet and backed away.
  94. Their eyes connected as he backed off.
  95. Johnson backed into them, and almost.
  96. Her hand was cold and Gary backed off.
  97. Halfshaft backed off, shaking his head.
  98. She hissed at him and he backed away.
  99. They backed their chairs out of range.
  100. He lifted his hand and I backed away.
  1. Tom backs away a little.
  2. Their backs were to Rob.
  3. He stands and backs away.
  4. They didn't have no backs.
  5. Put your backs into it!.
  6. The house backs on a ravine.
  7. They had their backs to her.
  8. They have their backs to him.
  9. Hoenir backs up, but too late.
  10. Mark backs out of the driveway.
  11. Look at the backs of my hands.
  12. All I could see were their backs.
  13. We just need our backs watched.
  14. People never soap their backs.
  15. Teriz by the backs of their belts.
  16. Anyhow, it's well he backs up Mr.
  17. They all had their backs to Ralph.
  18. This is where he backs out of it.
  19. If he backs up or tries to pull.
  20. He backs the horse out and hands.
  21. Tears pricked the backs of my eyes.
  22. Over the backs of his entire army.
  23. Both of them had their backs to me.
  24. Sue wrapped the backs of her feet.
  25. He backs away from her, knife in hand.
  26. They turned their backs to the valley.
  27. The backs of the men obliterated him.
  28. All had down cushions at their backs.
  29. Elsing outside with their backs to her.
  30. The sun was setting behind their backs.
  31. The mushroom men had their backs to me.
  32. The door bucked hard against their backs.
  33. You can then use any valuable cash backs.
  34. They weren’t putting their backs into it.
  35. He backs up his car and starts to pull off.
  36. That way we could watch each others backs.
  37. They both had their backs to the door and.
  38. Stretches the insides and backs of the legs.
  39. His words are daggers he presses into backs.
  40. Now rub the cream into the backs of the hands.
  41. We only came with the shirts on our backs.
  42. The kids would sit on it, their backs to the.
  43. The backs should have florets of flowers and.
  44. Poseidon slapped the backs of his white steeds.
  45. She rubbed her eyes with the backs of her hands.
  46. He made a point and backs it up with a parable.
  47. Epsilon’s backs gravitate towards one another.
  48. And the NEA backs its agenda with lots of money.
  49. I cannot save those who turn their backs to ME.
  50. His face pressed against the backs of his hands.
  51. As the man backs out of the drive Jayson follows.
  52. Backs, as it were—the interlocking of machine.
  53. The hands of three men were tied on their backs.
  54. He recognized the hair on the backs of his hands.
  55. Web site or on the backs of their book and so on.
  56. Tammas had flash backs to his Poseidon Adventure.
  57. But they turned their backs on him, and went away.
  58. The simple are those who have turned their backs.
  59. We’ll never catch up with that lot on our backs.
  60. They often hug people or pat their backs, and in.
  61. They huddled together with their backs to the wall.
  62. Suzuki rubbed his eyes with the backs of his hands.
  63. Their backs are towards her but she keeps watching.
  64. Then moving further down to the backs of my thighs.
  65. All so they could lord it over their servile backs.
  66. They carried a white kernel of maize on their backs.
  67. He grinned as soon as we had our backs to the horde.
  68. He was flanked by two others with their backs to me.
  69. There were two men with their backs to me, and they.
  70. He pushed her until the backs of her legs hit the bed.
  71. It is very much used now for the backs of armchairs.
  72. On that happy thought, we turned our backs on the sea.
  73. The water at their backs that still rushed into the.
  74. When to Select your Running Backs and Wide Receivers.
  75. There was a swish of the whip on the horses’ backs.
  76. The aged man snapped the leather straps over the backs.
  77. He moves at me, but I feint toward him and he backs off.
  78. They turned their backs without even acknowledging her.
  79. If their backs were visible, one could’ve seen that.
  80. These shadows had their backs turned to the Jardin des.
  81. We stopped and stood with our backs to the low wall of.
  82. This behavior is exhibited when the cat backs up to a.
  83. I had, on dimly lit streets and in the backs of taverns.
  84. Looking at the window they had their backs to the stairs.
  85. Anthony backs up, the hostess still firing bullets at us.
  86. After drying, they lie on their backs on top of blankets.
  87. Now the backs of Egyptian soldiers came dimly into view.
  88. Bill took a deep breath, rubbed his eyes with the backs.
  89. They turned their backs to the gorge and started firing.
  90. Watching Olivia, tears pricked at the backs of her eyes.
  91. The blue bristles on their backs ruffled with excitement.
  92. For this your soldiers turned their backs in the attack!.
  93. The boys half rose, bleating in the backs of their mouths.
  94. Terri laughed and wiped away her tears with the backs of.
  95. Cass rubs the backs of her hands with his soothing thumbs.
  96. The wolf releases his hold on her and backs away slightly.
  97. He's a wonderful player, always bold, and never backs out.
  98. Rest the backs of the hands on the floor as close as you.
  99. They put houses and towers on the oliphauntses backs and.
  100. He tries to pick it up, but backs away in a quick movement.

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