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    1. It’s the greatest regret of his life that he had to accede to Mother’s

    2. He imagined how the endgame would be described in his memoirs (assuming he lived long enough): his reluctance to accede to the final act of destruction, the conflict within his own mind

    3. And, he had to struggle with them to accede to his requirement to settle their differences so they might go forward in a unity that they would need to accomplish the destiny that still lay before them

    4. 16 But because we saw that it was not their intention and desire to accede to our wishes concerning their daughter as to our taking her, except on this condition, so we listened to their voices and did this act which you saw, in order to obtain our desire from them

    5. Once he decided to accede to their pleas, Roger chose to put some light humor into such a momentous decision

    6. 50 And when Balak saw that Balaam would not accede to his wish, he rose up and went home, and Balaam also returned to his land and he went from there to Midian

    7. 16 But because we saw that it was not their intention and desire to accede to our wishes concerning their daughter as to our taking her except on this condition so we listened to their voices and did this act which you saw in order to obtain our desire from them

    8. any Party, and to any State invited to accede to the Convention in accordance

    9. Council of Europe may invite any State not a member of the Council to accede to

    10. 50 And when Balak saw that Balaam would not accede to his wish he rose up and went home and Balaam also returned to his land and he went from there to Midian

    11. Neither Whitey nor Rostow quite knew what their relationship was to each other, except that Whitey, in the military, had to accede to Rostow as a member of the Executive Branch

    12. not accede to the irrational

    13. -It says that the only way to accede the city is by magical means

    14. This refusal to accede to the Jerusalem decree was based on their contention of congregational autonomy rather than on sympathy with Jesus' cause

    15. Conan believed that this consulting of the oracle was but a ruse to persuade the king of Keshan to accede to Thutmekri's wishes—for he never for a moment doubted that Gorulga was as subtle and devious as all the rest mixed up in this grand swindle

    16. Since the Jewish authorities had no such force of armed men under their jurisdiction, they went at once to the fortress of Antonia and requested the Roman commander to give them this guard; but when he learned that they intended to arrest Jesus, he promptly refused to accede to their request and referred them to his superior officer

    17. For a start, I shall need to brush up on my American history, to remind myself how Hawaii did actually accede to the United States

    18. Whatever may be the Pakistani brief over all of Kashmir; it cannot harp on the legality of its accession to India for after all, Raja Hari Singh derived the power to accede his kingdom, the way he willed it, from the same document that created Pakistan!

    19. “Even though that was the case, he still accede

    20. The work of the first is tempered with a high intent that allows his spirit to approach his Provider and accede higher degrees of the nearness to God

    21. I cannot accede to your request

    22. Frequently such people will accede to parental wishes

    23. And you, aged servants, humble domestics, whose hard labour no Government up to this day has taken into consideration, come hither to receive the reward of your silent virtues, and be assured that the state henceforward has its eye upon you; that it encourages you, protects you; that it will accede to your just demands, and alleviate as much as in it lies the burden of your painful sacrifices

    24. I whispered to Catherine that she mustn't, on my account, accede to the proposal: it was entirely out of the question

    25. "What would you have proposed, Maximilian, had you found me willing to accede?"

    26. There was no time to waste in words or idle compliments; rather than allow the Enemy to have a walk-over, he would accede to their request and contest the seat

    27. The conversation had now turned upon a topic so pleasing to Morrel, that he was ready to accede to anything that Valentine thought fit to propose, and he likewise felt that a piece of intelligence such as he just heard ought to be more than sufficient to content him for one day

    28. Why should he accede to General Johnston? Fight and fall back! Fight and fall back! For seventy miles and twenty-five days the Confederates had fought almost daily

    29. I whispered Catherine that she mustn’t, on any account, accede to the

    30. The first, at least, of these favours Fanny would rather not have been asked; but it was impossible for her to refuse the correspondence; it was impossible for her even not to accede to it more readily than her own judgment authorised

    31. His father, Than Kosis, Jeddak of Zodanga, has made her voluntary marriage to his son the price of peace between our countries, but Tardos Mors will not accede to the demands and has sent word that he and his people would rather look upon the dead face of their princess than see her wed to any than her own choice, and that personally he would prefer being engulfed in the ashes of a lost and burning Helium to joining the metal of his house with that of Than Kosis

    32. "I will accede that you have won," he said, "and the ten thousand francs are yours if you will but give up this foolish attempt, which can only end in your death

    33. "He would scarcely accede to the demand of a stranger," said the girl

    34. ” Alyosha reflected that it was better to accede to the mamma's request, or else she would be sending down to Lise's room every minute that he was there

    35. Do you believe that in this affair of Burdovsky you have right on your side? Do you admit that Pavlicheff overwhelmed you with benefits, and perhaps saved your life? If you admit it (which we take for granted), do you intend, now that you are a millionaire, and do you not think it in conformity with justice, to indemnify Burdovsky? Yes or no? If it is yes, or, in other words, if you possess what you call honour and conscience, and we more justly call common-sense, then accede to our demand, and the matter is at an end

    36. He alleged as his reason for changing his mind that his suit was shortly to come on before the Senate, but Mimi averred that Avdotia had found herself so ennuyee in the country, and had so often talked about Moscow and pretended to be unwell, that Papa had decided to accede to her wishes

    37. If it could be made manifest to him that any particular favorable consequence would be produced by postponing the session beyond the fourth Monday in May, he might be induced to accede to it

    38. Erskine would be insisted on—terms that I am confident no citizen of the United States would accede to

    39. Having thus secured the concurrence of the American administration, the next part of the scheme was so to arrange the expression that either the British Government should not accede, or if it did accede, that it should secure to France the point of honor—a previous revocation by the British; and if they did not accede, that there should be a color for seizures and sequestrations, and thus still further to bind the Americans over to their good behavior

    40. Now, Great Britain either would accede to the terms, or she would not

    41. Pinkney is directed in these words—"If the British Government should accede to the overture contained in the act of Congress, by repealing or so modifying its edicts, as that they will cease to violate our neutral rights, you will transmit the repeal, properly authenticated, to General Armstrong, and if necessary, by a special messenger, and you will hasten to transmit it also to this Department—similar directions are given to General Armstrong

    42. The encroachments of Great Britain are depicted in the most vivid colors, and then they say "we shall consider the violation of your rights a violation of our own, and you are invited to accede to the confederacy of the States

    43. While I offer my opinion upon this subject, I cannot but express a strong hope that, if any terms should be proposed by either Government, to which the other might think proper to accede, that a principal motive to the adjustment of differences should be understood to arise from the amicable disposition of the Eastern States, particularly of the State of Massachusetts

    44. how was Great Britain to accede to the terms? 376;

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