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    1. Maybe the fact that Luray had asked meant that Desa should acquiesce just to be a friend, but she couldn't help resenting it?

    2. When they were well out of earshot, Harry couldn't help but laugh at Kaitlyn's expression, which still had the vestiges of having been falsely accused and with no recourse but to acquiesce

    3. knew when to acquiesce to his Mum and wandered slowly upstairs

    4. The only unresolved problem was in persuading the majority of the population to acquiesce to be placed in a stasis pod, where their body would be frozen, their mind in sleep mode while an enabler program immersed them in an artificial reality (which was about as different to a conventional AR as that would be to a games console)

    5. Abbott and the other officials had wanted to burn his body in the prison crematorium, as they did with actual prisoners, saying they had to keep up the façade, but Millicent had caused such a big fuss that they had to acquiesce to her demands and bury him properly

    6. Again, I will acquiesce to your wishes

    7. What I find truly remarkable about the servile mindset of politically correct attitudes (which appear to have taken on a life of their own) are the (internal) conflicts that (must) oftentimes arise whenever artificial expressions of a questionable sort inevitably collide with the thoughtful judgments of individuals who, in their private moments, (would) otherwise know better than to acquiesce to affected manners

    8. Not just acquiesce, give up his friends, his family and all that he loved and held dear

    9. At the end of the speech, with his knees shaking, Roger stood up and took the speaker to task, pointing out for everyone to hear that the Anglo priests he had maligned were in fact the ones that planned the meeting two years earlier in Miami… There was much commotion, but Roger persisted and made the speaker acquiesce to the truth

    10. We do this to convince our hosts of our value, for we truly do hope that they will acquiesce to our request to join their ranks

    11. The other messages were mainly from city officials and those individuals who refused to acquiesce to leaving voice messages on the infernal technology, which they perceived as a threat to civilization

    12. “He’ll grumble about it, but I’m sure he’ll acquiesce

    13. “If we can flush him out, perhaps we can work with the Royal Mounties to have him taken into custody,” Wickland offered as if that would be enticement for Del to acquiesce to the plan

    14. Hillary was at first reluctant to acquiesce

    15. Played the real concerned lover to acquiesce to her every needs and emotions

    16. I cannot, in all good faith, acquiesce to your presence here

    17. Did the man think he would acquiesce without getting something in return? He instructed the guard to stand by in an antechamber, ready to assist in the questioning, should that be needed

    18. She responded to your theory on souls and asked the question what good is it to have a soul if it readily acquiesce to the “powers that be” those without a soul

    19. Miss Entwhistle was so little that he could have brushed her aside with the back of one hand; yet here again the strong monster public opinion stepped in and forced him to acquiesce in any plan she chose to make for Lucy, however desolate it left him, merely because she stood to her in the anæmic relationship of aunt

    20. of the cross, as a crucifix, and then killed and oppressed those who didn't acquiesce to their lies

    21. “With us it would be a striking and satisfactory proof of a continuance of conscious existence after death, but no proof whatever of a resurrection, and yet it is to prove this letter exclusively that our Lord, who could not have reasoned inaccurately or sophistically, adduces it, and his acute and leaned disputants, to their deep mortification, were forced to acquiesce, and stood confounded by his wisdom

    22. He could see the murderer go forth to the hangman’s loop from the courts of men, he could acquiesce in the verdict, and exclaim, right

    23. social convention and our own crippling urge to acquiesce

    24. A fine person he would be to show anyone up! It must be noted, by the way, that Pyotr Petrovitch had during those ten days eagerly accepted the strangest praise from Andrey Semyonovitch; he had not protested, for instance, when Andrey Semyonovitch belauded him for being ready to contribute to the establishment of the new "commune," or to abstain from christening his future children, or to acquiesce if Dounia were to take a lover a month after marriage, and so on

    25. was passive and would acquiesce to whatever Thomas decided

    26. We had no choice but to acquiesce; but if we couldn't attain our end through force or cunning, I liked to think we might achieve it through persuasion

    27. to spare these curls” did the patient acquiesce

    28. That he will never acquiesce

    29. God had taken my family, and that was sufficient torture – I would not acquiesce in it

    30. I could not but acquiesce, for I was dog tired, and could not have sat up had I tried

    31. Cathy was a powerful ally at home; and between them they at length persuaded my master to acquiesce in their having a ride or a walk together about once a week, under my guardianship, and on the moors nearest the Grange: for June found him still declining

    32. But as all my remonstrances produced no effect upon Queequeg, I was obliged to acquiesce; and accordingly prepared to set about this business with a determined rushing sort of energy and vigor, that should quickly settle that trifling little affair

    33. "Did you give this advice to your American correspondents, upon the supposition that America would acquiesce in the Orders in Council?

    34. But so long as we go on as we have gone, and encourage a peace in war and a war in peace, so long as the Federalists teach us to acquiesce in all the iniquitous decrees of the belligerents, so long will our difficulties continue

    35. President: When the subject involved in the motion now under consideration was depending before the other branch of the Legislature, a disposition to acquiesce in their decision was evinced

    36. It was confidently expected that some explanation, at least of these outrages, would be contained in his portmanteau; that under his powder-puff, or in his snuff box, some dust would be found to throw into the eyes of the American people, which might so far blind the sense, as to induce them to acquiesce in the enforcement of the non-intercourse, without any very scrupulous scrutiny into the performance of the conditions by Bonaparte

    37. Is the man weak or strong? Is his decision in conformity with the familiar facts of human nature? Is it natural that his love for his church should outweigh his passion for the woman? And is the woman likely to acquiesce in the destruction of her hopes?

    38. If, in this, the party attached to France should calculate with correctness, and the commerce of New England should greatly suffer, the merchants, being injured and discouraged, would not only acquiesce in the restrictive system, but even submit to war

    39. Even this communication, although silencing forever the plea of a disposition in the United States to acquiesce in those edicts, originally the sole plea for them, received no attention

    40. Law said as he was originally opposed to the war, and the preparatory steps which led to it, he could not admit the principle, that because war was declared he was bound to acquiesce, and lend his aid to promote every plan for prosecuting the war which might be proposed, however wild and extravagant the same might appear

    41. You will wage war, and not to rescue your fellow-citizens from imprisonment and stripes? But however this subject was to be viewed before we were actually involved in war, it must now be put on a footing of certainty; if our claim be not secured it will be surrendered; to make peace without obtaining any security against the abuse of which we complain, would be to acquiesce in it, and to acquiesce in it would be to surrender the rights of the country

    42. King, who in one of his communications to Government on this subject says, he has abandoned negotiation, because to acquiesce in the views of the British Government would be to surrender our rights

    43. In either of these modes of proceeding I might concur; but I cannot consent to the plan now submitted, nor acquiesce in the wisdom or policy of our existing regulations

    1. She acquiesced, remembering her husband's admonitions to 'give the young master broad latitudes, he's as noble a man as ever lived

    2. Spelman was thankful for the offer and acquiesced to his daughter's whole-hearted support of the invitation

    3. He held out his hand in invitation and as I inwardly acquiesced I felt my crown chakra being given a quick tune up, and a few laser pin pricks later I was on my way

    4. Knowing how stubborn the redhead always had been and no doubt would be now, the Argonian silently acquiesced and ducked into an alley

    5. he was concerned, one supported the Federation or one acquiesced to a future dominated by the

    6. Jhordel was no different from the rest, but even she acquiesced to the

    7. Blanco at once acquiesced, and several hours later the Spanish Cabinet accepted the inevitable, on condition that the garrison should be repatriated

    8. She longed with every fiber of her being to tell Reese, but she acquiesced, pushing away the growing pain in her heart

    9. He willingly acquiesced

    10. But where Buchanan almost guaranteed a long destructive civil war, Johnson guaranteed a destructive peace, one that acquiesced to terrorism

    11. He had argued against it until Gordon acquiesced, but he’d grumbled about it since, saying it was Truman’s fault that the ring hadn’t been broken when they had the chance

    12. Vera was the prime mover for this evening and Nick acquiesced to her wishes

    13. The great judges recoiled in terror and acquiesced

    14. After trying to tough it out most had acquiesced and took the medicine

    15. Fighting the urge as best he could, his body acquiesced to her will

    16. At last the Denizens of Chaos acquiesced to the Gaeans

    17. Olivia helplessly acquiesced, and they descended the cliffs, crossed the plateau and once more approached the gloomy, age-haunted ruins

    18. She shivered, with an expression of desperation, but acquiesced

    19. -When have you acquiesced to other people’s expectations of whom you should be?

    20. His boss was surprised and a little bit annoyed that he was taking time off at such short notice, but Ambrosius had brought in a lot of money for the business and so he acquiesced

    21. When they’re all on the dock I’ll band with you,’ Will acquiesced,

    22. Warren acquiesced to Johnson to “save us” from nuclear war and excluded autopsy photos from the report while concluding most of the good witnesses to be mistaken

    23. boyfriends in the past have acquiesced

    24. “I realize that, Mort,” Van Thorn acquiesced, “but are you willing

    25. they acquiesced and slowly trotted back toward town

    26. After a moment of thoughtful consideration, he acquiesced, “All right, but only in so far as we see what’s in the shed

    27. Afu acquiesced, and started the song

    28. Tatiana increased the intensity of her stare, holding her hand out, and he finally acquiesced

    29. The founders and early members acquiesced to the will of God as found in the traditions that were imposed upon them

    30. But, despite this, she acquiesced as he manipulated her: he stripped her naked and then sat between her legs and pushed her knees up and, before she imagined she was ready, he thrust a finger inside of her

    31. And that his faithful didn’t mind as their culture acquiesced in both

    32. The felicity with which the rest of the population acquiesced in it made this refusal more odious by contrast

    33. However, before the mujahideen could turn the fabled valley into a Pakistani trophy, Hari Singh’s Hindu sentiment and Sheikh Abdullah’s patriotic fervor saved the day for Kashmir as the former, acquiesced by the latter, aligned the State with the Union of India

    34. Thus acquiesced by the colluding partners to share the spoils of power, she began ruling the country through proxy, and as if to validate William Congreve’s “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”, she made Mother India pay the price for that ‘indigestible’ political slight by her children

    35. There was no answer so she presumed that Herne acquiesced to her request

    36. Her father was unshaken in his stance that she would stay at the Abbey until she acquiesced to marry his choice for her

    37. Feeling particularly generous, she acquiesced

    38. After several heated conversations, the Gypsy King acquiesced and Nanosh cleaned out the storage wagon and made it as comfortable as their meager existence allowed

    39. She was going to have to oppose him for the first time in her life, and her nature was one which acquiesced and did not oppose

    40. Maybrick was hesitant to arrange the funeral for such a notorious villain, he finally acquiesced because he ultimately needed the money

    41. Lucy acquiesced rather than agreed to Bob’s enthusiasm for the return north

    42. The warm breath of a short Indian summer unexpectedly acquiesced to the cold of autumn, and the flight stripped tears from the corners of his eyes

    43. There were gatherings at the swimming pool of the club where groups formed, friendships developed, and familiarities taken and acquiesced

    44. Nicky thought it was funny that this insistence on her obtaining a weapon was coming from an upper crust white boy, but she acquiesced

    45. hands and then had easily acquiesced

    46. Personal improvement acquiesced from personal awareness of Self’s characteristics and personality

    47. Once people have acquiesced to this social structure they

    48. With recognition came acceptance, and the force acquiesced - becoming part of Eric again

    49. During that month summer finally acquiesced to a full departure, allowing cooler air to sweep down from the north

    50. of him and in an instant he acquiesced

    1. So, Pilate acquiesces

    2. cordially acquiesces in the punitive acts of Divine justice

    1. One must ask whether it is reasonable to require a Chief Executive to have adequate power in foreign relations and military affairs without at the same time acquiescing in an excess of power held by the same Chief Executive in domestic affairs

    2. times before acquiescing and answering

    3. by acquiescing with an act charity, which ended up costing him more than his crown,”

    4. centage of the masses knuckling down and acquiescing as they let

    5. This process is a two-way street: the masses acquiescing, and the upper strata taking as much as they can get in any way they can

    6. Teaching intelligently, guessing my inexperience, leading me on as if I was the initiator and she the seduced, reluctant but giving in, hinting the next step, telling me no and acquiescing until I, the little bumpkin, finally understood that she was no virgin

    7. had long been lacking, and that itself became the impetus for my acquiescing in that

    8. But at precisely the moment Marty was acquiescing to his death, something black flashed

    9. I answered: Of the harmonies I know nothing, but I want to have one warlike, to sound the note or accent which a brave man utters in the hour of danger and stern resolve, or when his cause is failing, and he is going to wounds or death or is overtaken by some other evil, and at every such crisis meets the blows of fortune with firm step and a determination to endure; and another to be used by him in times of peace and freedom of action, when there is no pressure of necessity, and he is seeking to persuade God by prayer, or man by instruction and admonition, or on the other hand, when he is expressing his willingness to yield to persuasion or entreaty or admonition, and which represents him when by prudent conduct he has attained his end, not carried away by his success, but acting moderately and wisely under the circumstances, and acquiescing in the event

    10. justification lay in the fact, that she had been able to discern no method of rescuing him from a blacker ruin than had overwhelmed herself, except by acquiescing in Roger Chillingworth's scheme of disguise

    11. Acquiescing then thankfully in it, Mrs

    12. Warm with the knowledge—the understanding—that he wasn’t simply acquiescing, not simply abandoning the argument

    13. He’d sacrificed even his honor, standing by, acquiescing in the shameful surrender of honorably surrendered men to the vindictive savagery of Zhaspahr Clyntahn because his fealty to his king, his obedience to God’s Church, had required even that of him

    14. The many-headed deflation hydra that is the BOJ is acquiescing

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