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    1. There was another change, just a small adjustment to the winch they were at

    2. We won’t be doing anything very active for awhile, a little adjustment this way and that

    3. ” Then there was a another small adjustment that Lorthax bellowed out

    4. “Sister dear, you are correct, but it really is going to take some adjustment for all of us

    5. There was no adjustment period, nothing tentative

    6. A clip adjustment and a cartouche box should certainly be adopted by the United States

    7. Everyone cashes in on that one letter for everyone looked at it and made a small adjustment or not

    8. Casspirs are much slower than squad cars and the adjustment great

    9. The army officers have done splendid work, but it has yet to be proved that a military training fits men for the reconstruction of a system of jurisprudence suitable for a Latin society, the administration of the revenue, or dealing with the intricate economic and financial problems and the adjustment of currency, to be faced by the people in Cuba

    10. The aftermath of the Second World War was a period of adjustment for victor and vanquished alike

    11. chiropractic adjustment, and that some of the acting out was a result of her being in

    12. The entire night, he had been awake with memories of Truman and with the difficulties of adjustment to the apparent fact that he was alive

    13. He dragged one out through the ship and rode it across the ‘drome’ noting that the cables still needed adjustment as he could only really get it to hold in about fourth gear

    14. available of 40% of the rent and there is a 41% cost of living adjustment on top of their salary

    15. The actions are adopted in order to correct the deviations with adjustment in the level of desired quality according to goals of project of the agreed organizations and of the project of Bank3Sector

    16. 5 meters and set in motion a 400 year climate adjustment

    17. After the rather cold, dry highlands, this required a difficult adjustment

    18. unless an appropriate adjustment is made to the terms of

    19. price adjustment will arbitrarily and unfairly affect the value

    20. SEOCH calculates the adjustment ratio that it believes is

    21. In most conventional capital adjustment cases, it is a relatively straightforward matter to ensure that the change to the options

    22. It should also be noted that after adjustment, the adjusted

    23. You are right, he will have some adjustment to make in his life, and I, too, am happy that he is alive

    24. "You may be somewhat shocked by the next individual I show you, Monica, but nevertheless, I want you to see the adjustment the man has made with what is available to him

    25. That move was a psychological blow to Robert who was still having serious problems of adjustment

    26. The Court’s rationale was that: (1) Filburn grew excess wheat on his farm, as determined -by a marketing quota established by the federal Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938; (2) Filburn used that excess wheat to feed his livestock; (3) because of the excess wheat, Filburn would not have to purchase wheat on the

    27. deception with little adjustment, and that the Cartesian triad of knowledge, deception and

    28. Of mental adjustment

    29. The downhill slope began to influence the adjustment in the balance they had only been able

    30. Ralph blinked, and the Lost One almost smiled to see the adjustment going on in the other man’s thoughts

    31. “Was that required because of the adjustment?”

    32. Marjie’s implant was in need of adjustment and she was receiving surgery in the medical unit when the Station experienced a sudden jolt, causing a laser to go astray

    33. Breath made an adjustment to establish a proper balance between the forces of darkness and the forces of Light

    34. She talks to them about the schedule and the energy level that the program requires and asks about their plans for making the adjustment

    35. last adjustment and said:

    36. The channel twisted about, forcing continual adjustment of sail and steering, but the wind was always able to help, so we needn't use the oars

    37. The first wedge he cut slid it into place and with a little adjustment, it was impossible to see where the cut had been made

    38. happens so fast that any adjustment at this point is futile

    39. Childhood and adolescent individuals are usually associated with ADHD or adjustment disorders

    40. " It is altogether possible to fall victim to the peaceful deception of pleasant adjustment to the paths of sin and death

    41. Jesus refused to participate in any of these conferences; neither would he give any advice about the proper adjustment of these difficulties

    42. Allow some time for adjustment

    43. Jesus always preached temperance and taught consistency -- proportionate adjustment of life problems

    44. Such wise souls are able to avoid much of the trouble which is certain to be the portion of all who suffer from lack of emotional adjustment, those who refuse to grow up, and those who refuse to grow old gracefully

    45. 8 Success may generate courage and promote confidence, but wisdom comes only from the experiences of adjustment to the results of one's failures

    46. The acquired spirit identity of the man of Nazareth which was built up during his lifetime in the flesh, first, by the direct efforts of his Thought Adjuster, and later, by his own perfect adjustment between the physical necessities and the spiritual requirements of the ideal mortal existence, as it was effected by his never-ceasing choice of the Father's will, must have been consigned to the custody of the Paradise Father

    47. To him prayer was a sincere expression of spiritual attitude, a declaration of soul loyalty, a recital of personal devotion, an expression of thanksgiving, an avoidance of emotional tension, a prevention of conflict, an exaltation of intellection, an ennoblement of desire, a vindication of moral decision, an enrichment of thought, an invigoration of higher inclinations, a consecration of impulse, a clarification of viewpoint, a declaration of faith, a transcendental surrender of will, a sublime assertion of confidence, a revelation of courage, the proclamation of discovery, a confession of supreme devotion, the validation of consecration, a technique for the adjustment of difficulties, and the mighty mobilization of the combined soul powers to withstand all human tendencies toward selfishness, evil, and sin

    48. Question mark adjustment ‘And the drugs,’ Hatch whispered?

    49. The program encouraged mothers to remain at home to raise their children through to mid teenage years and this continued to be a problem in adjustment for many women

    50. (A) There is much adjustment that takes place in your life depending on your free will so that events that are planned may take place, that is, not the specific event in most cases, but the event that brings about the desired experience or goal that you planned to achieve and experience in this lifetime

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    adjustment alteration modification readjustment registration accommodation fitting allowance adaptation adaption compromise reconciliation settlement allotment agreement compensation remuneration alignment fixing regulating improvement alleviation