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    1. ‘I’m relying on you to let me know what you decide about your accommodation, Mrs Wynell

    2. Reluctantly, no longer able to avoid the issue, my thoughts turn back to the events of the evening … it had been kind of Stephen to offer me accommodation like that … why, oh, why did I have to lose my temper? I shouldn’t have bitten his head off like that

    3. I told him what we are doing about your accommodation and he said he thought it an excellent idea

    4. ‘My cabin and the accommodation for the crew is down there

    5. 'I was hoping you could offer me accommodation for the night

    6. Is it a problem? I can find accommodation for her at the kloster if necessary

    7. Having shown us the finer points of the accommodation, Findel leaves us to our own devices

    8. Dorini would be the accommodation village, you know, tennis courts, golf, pools, spas, casino, theatres, need I go on? I tell you, it couldn't fail

    9. The girl’s a trained hairdresser and her mum has a job for her if she can only find accommodation in the village – and you know just how difficult that is! There wouldn’t be a problem with the rent as she would be eligible for assistance if her wages are too low

    10. You have seen the accommodation, Sarah, there isn’t much in the big scheme of things and the turnover tends to be on a two yearly basis

    11. accommodation for the companions throughout that summer

    12. negotiated with the landlady and paid for their accommodation and

    13. several flights of stairs to locate his accommodation

    14. accommodation blocks to the main building unpleasantly cold and

    15. and accommodation, as well as assistance with customs and practice

    16. I mention this because my daughter has only known the benefits of my labors and has no firsthand knowledge of the hardships faced to obtain this level of accommodation

    17. Harry's subsequent interview with the headmaster and the accommodation which Malvern College made on Harry's behalf was cause for celebration when first received and read aloud; even now it rekindled a warmth of pride in them at the recollection of Harry's triumph

    18. I’ve found a place to stay and work for accommodation and food

    19. accommodation for the night

    20. accommodation booked – we had places to be that day!

    21. accommodation, rather than restrict our options to the

    22. The Great Accommodation Price War

    23. favour of the more luxurious accommodation to be found

    24. such that the main accommodation arm fronted onto a

    25. afternoon and had found the accommodation on offer so

    26. Monk-Key 1 responded, “The cross wiring of the random Emotions sets forth new considerations of word relations Which while not communicating in standard idiom still Manage to produce idioms randomly to the accommodation Of sustained communication without linear deliberation—

    27. accommodation in Chennai! I decided that this problem needed to

    28. They are able to purchase them when their superiors grow weary of them ; and the general accommodation of the whole people is thus gradually improved, when this mode of expense becomes universal among men of fortune

    29. I hope their accommodation is satisfactory?” He kept his reply formal for the benefit of the ears listening

    30. And she was admittedly eager to disembark and settle into her latest accommodation

    31. As he left, Martin thanked her and said she would get an accommodation when he filed his report to Security

    32. The one exports what can subsist and accommodate but a very few, and imports the subsistence and accommodation of a great number

    33. The other exports the accommodation and subsistence of a great number, and imports that of a very few only

    34. The station had four accommodation sections, each almost 50 metres deep, and a smaller medical section in the middle

    35. This helped to keep the station stable and provided just under one-tenth of Earth gravity for the occupants of the accommodation sections

    36. He checked the address displayed on his electronic pad once again and then turned down what was little more than an alleyway between two blocks of prefabricated accommodation pods

    37. The engineers that had originally designed all the accommodation brought from Earth had not considered it worthwhile to vary the doorbell tones

    38. It gave a limited view between two other run-down looking buildings, across the accommodation area of the colony

    39. Meanwhile the Officers drink Champaign sitting nice and pretty in first class accommodation it’s enough to make you weep

    40. Needless to say, property prices for any Mars accommodation were multiplying by the day

    41. In his infinite chicken wisdom, he would rig up a heat lamp and lower it down into the cage, letting it hover about 8 inches above the bottom where they would huddle together to keep warm and peep-peep back and forth, probably talking about what a lovely accommodation this heat lamp provided

    42. It sounded so unemotional, so detached, nothing at all like the feelings she experienced on her day to day rounds of the Sheltered Accommodation complex

    43. But he came to an accommodation with Cuban elites

    44. Colonel Harrington had commandeered the building primarily for the use of his Regimental Headquarters Company, but had also provided some accommodation for the nearby Third Battalion

    45. Another example of accommodation is the dedication of infants

    46. He wondered how much a night’s accommodation cost these days

    47. Grateful for the time to rest in luxurious accommodation they ate heartily, slept often, and watched their misused bodies put on weight and regain a semblance of health

    48. The mild and slight may never realize they are different, in which case, accommodation is slow

    49. Accommodation means learning what is normal and copying it

    50. accommodation helps, if they know the problem

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