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Adorable en una oración (en ingles)

You think I look adorable.
It was so cute and adorable.
She looked adorable and warm.
She was just entirely adorable.
This kid is adorable, he said.
Sue said, Panny is just adorable.
There came his adorable laugh again.

Sue was so adorable when she did this.
That Smile! He was simply adorable!.
He chuckled, thinking she was adorable.
The adorable thing is that my baby has.
He was adorable in his tightie-whities.
You're the most adorable kitty in the.
He is handsome and adorable, as always.
Lydia instantly and the baby was adorable.
Who could leave that adorable girl?
Makes your adorable dimples stand out more.
He couldn’t believe how adorable she looked.
Jason took that adorable chin gently between.
Joe acquired a spaniel pup, which was adorable.
The most adorable girl we’d ever seen.
This one God is loving, glorious, and adorable.
An adorable British accent that she remembered.
Sue said, He’s adorable! Bev hugged it.
Half seduced, he looked more adorable than ever.
Then I thought about Sue’s adorable little toes.
I did not mind though; I thought she was adorable.
Theo! Why don’t we have adorable stories?
And with an adorable shrug of the shoulders, and an.
When grace is mingled with wrinkles, it is adorable.
She was exquisite again to him, adorable altogether.
It was so adorable, she didn't bother to correct him.
Her adorable children as babies, toddlers, teenagers.
There’s nothing adorable in being sick or comatose.
She’s adorable, Amanda said, her eyes sparkling.
Her accent was adorable, and her grammar was improving.
She was just as adorable in person as she appeared to.
Pretty, (Sue grinned at this point) adorable and smart.
He had a little house there, kind of adorable actually.

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