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Adorable in a sentence

He is adorable.
It was so adorable.
adorable on the sand.
She was so adorable.
Wow, she's adorable.
These adorable little.
What an adorable child.

You think I look adorable.
She was absolutely adorable.
It was so cute and adorable.
She looked adorable and warm.
Playing the adorable rascal,.
as to how adorable Sue looked.
She was just entirely adorable.
If others are in adorable cloth,.
He's adorable, Harmony cooed.
adorable, and often black and white.
This kid is adorable, he said.
Sue said, Panny is just adorable.
There came his adorable laugh again.
Sue was so adorable when she did this.
That Smile! He was simply adorable!.
He chuckled, thinking she was adorable.
by that most adorable Adonis on high!.
purpose in the right place was adorable.
adorable and friendly to leave on earth.
He said in an adorable english accent.
You're the most adorable kitty in the.
He was adorable in his tightie-whities.
He is handsome and adorable, as always.

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Synonyms for adorable

adorable endearing lovely