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    1. He seemed to possess a sublime accuracy and alacrity with a football that he had never been aware of before

    2. to possess a sublime accuracy and alacrity with a football that he

    3. He accepted with alacrity, grinning toothily

    4. Johnson accepted with alacrity, a huge grin on his face

    5. (There, I‘ve said it!) Isn‘t it peculiar how many young boys (now grown men) traumatized some thirty to forty years ago seem to be popping out of the woodwork with such alacrity; the suppression of (such) painful matters buried for years suddenly provoking a reawakening of Conscience or whatever else you may choose to call it? Could it be that the promise of financial gain may be a (chief) motivating factor in their decision to tell all? I believe that a number of these accusations have been trumped-up or are simply the product of overactive or ―extended‖ imaginations that have seemingly lost their perspective over time

    6. Bartholomew had laid out everything on a solid, definitely antique wooden table with experienced precision and unusual alacrity and grace, not to be expected from someone looking so ungainly

    7. It begun as a simple hint of ignorance that turned into an avalanche of fear, uncertainty and doubt with all the rapid alacrity that the demonic synapses of his brain’s equivalent could deliver

    8. At her approach, he rose to greet her with alacrity

    9. Rolling out of bed with alacrity, this was the latest he had slept since the whole adventure began

    10. She ran with all the alacrity she could muster, holding her abdomen with care while she tried to follow Ikebod’s directions to the letter

    11. Suddenly he heard a strange sound like a whining coming from the Prosops, which broke his laughter and reverie with an alarming alacrity

    12. When it tastes food it learns with alacrity the coordination necessary to acquire a purposeful supply

    13. I waited with alacrity

    14. Since we’re military cadets in the Alliance’s forces, we’d obey you with the same alacrity we would him, unless his order contradicted yours

    15. I still had not had a French boyfriend, so when at the local swimming pool a pleasant, ‘typically’ French young man smiled and invited me to his room near Place de la République, I accepted with alacrity

    16. ‘Isn’t Lance a friend?’ Pinot asked with alacrity

    17. 'Send my squires to me!' exclaimed Conan, rising with alacrity and casting off his velvet night-garment; he seemed to have forgotten his forebodings at the prospect of action

    18. “I’m always willing to help, of course,” Bobby Dan added with alacrity then hesitated

    19. behind, but Dagobert the kangaroo moved through the maze with great alacrity and

    20. He agreed to that with disappointing alacrity

    21. When the plane landed at Begumpet, he left the airport with alacrity and with his heart in his mouth; he rushed to Roopa’s place in a taxi

    22. Maybe, one cannot really fault them for their grand inaction, notwithstanding the alacrity with which they tend to issue religious decrees on all matters mundane for there is no guidance to be found to stop the divine discord either in the Quran or in the sunna

    23. Christoff was manning the laptop and projector, a feat he managed with alacrity, since the two could evidently share a mind meld at will

    24. But with his usual alacrity and clarity of thought that had helped him through many a difficult situation, he instantly formulated a plan: he dashed towards the grand sultan, saluted him in military fashion, and gave his brother’s name and military rank

    25. With alacrity they thrust Pythagoras out of their conversation, and concentrated on the approaching lady

    26. She, however, saw it so plainly that each time during the next few days that a worried mother came and asked advice, she left her work or her meals without a murmur, and went to the castor-oil cupboard with an alacrity that was almost cheerful; and seldom, I suppose, have such big doses been supplied and administered as the ones she prescribed for suffering Symford

    27. with all the vim and alacrity of a jungle cat jumping on a rodent

    28. She responded with alacrity and I suspect with some relief at not being left silent and detached on the sidelines

    29. But much to his surprise, Llewellyn accepted the belated invitation with something approaching alacrity

    30. the pile with amazing alacrity

    31. Vira — “heroic” state, the alacrity for action, protecting others and

    32. "I willingly obey the orders of my Chief," said The Vengeance with alacrity, and kissing her cheek

    33. On this point we all agreed; and Zoraida, to whom it was explained, together with the reasons that prevented us from doing at once what she desired, was satisfied likewise; and then in glad silence and with cheerful alacrity each of our stout rowers took his oar, and commending ourselves to God with all our hearts, we began to shape our course for the island of Majorca, the nearest Christian land

    34. "Won't I!" said Laurie, with alacrity

    35. Such was the conversation that passed between master and man; and Don Fernando and Cardenio, apprehensive of Sancho's making a complete discovery of their scheme, towards which he had already gone some way, resolved to hasten their departure, and calling the landlord aside, they directed him to saddle Rocinante and put the pack-saddle on Sancho's ass, which he did with great alacrity

    36. She listened to college stories with deep interest, caressed pointers and poodles without a murmur, agreed heartily that "Tom Brown was a brick," regardless of the improper form of praise, and when one lad proposed a visit to his turtle tank, she went with an alacrity which caused Mamma to smile upon her, as that motherly lady settled the cap which was left in a ruinous condition by filial hugs, bear-like but affectionate, and dearer to her than the most faultless coiffure from the hands of an inspired Frenchwoman

    37. never do enough to please her; I was all alacrity, and rose proportionably in my

    38. This conviction, though not entirely satisfactory, gave her pleasure, and she continued her letter with greater alacrity

    39. Immediately he had finished tea he rose with alacrity to go out

    40. It was this alacrity, this haste to be gone, which so sickened Mrs

    41. "He turns you adrift on the world with surprising alacrity

    42. Much to my surprise, Captain Nemo gave me the permission I asked for, and he did so with grace and alacrity, not even exacting my promise to return on board

    43. That very day the miners began their labors, with a vigor and alacrity proportionate to their long rest from fatigue and their hopes of ultimate success

    44. The messenger obeyed without the least hesitation, but rather with alacrity, and, mounting the steps at a bound, entered the hotel; five seconds afterwards he was at the door of the room

    45. —With the greatest alacrity, miss Douce agreed

    46. Lager without alacrity she served

    47. An image of myself hiking with ease and alacrity through the rest of the miles formed in my mind, though the shimmering heat soon eradicated it, reminding me that I knew better

    48. Jane took it with alacrity

    49. The volunteers and nuns knew and respected Caris, whereas Sime was new to them; and they obeyed her with alacrity

    50. Mac suddenly shot his hand up and snagged the bird by the leg in midair, then handed the squirming animal to Louie, who was amazed at Mac’s alacrity

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    alacrity briskness smartness dispatch speed swiftness celerity