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Dispatch en una oración (en ingles)

1. I called 911 dispatch, only.
2. The boy handed in a dispatch.
3. The monitor is in the dispatch.
4. Olsen fielded the call from dispatch.
5. Cappy had a line going with Dispatch.
6. I want you to dispatch a team to.
7. A cable dispatch announces that at the.

8. Where is your dispatch? he inquired.
9. I looked over my dispatch from the Khakhan.
10. Here is the dispatch, said Bolkhovítinov.
11. Each reported into the County Central Dispatch.
12. So it was decided to send a dispatch to the staff.
13. Following this dispatch, Secretary Welles sent out.
14. Dispatch of Business to present to the convention a.
15. The foot people had not quite dared to dispatch him.
16. Dispatch of Business, together with the Committee on.
17. Dispatch: The action of cutting loose and sending off.
18. Chairman of the Committee on Dispatch of Business said.
19. But how could he get the use of a dispatch rider?
20. A day later, we saw a dispatch rider come up to Bisdah.
21. Admittedly it would have been difficult to dispatch him.
22. Dispatch of Business said as he stood to the left of the.
23. If she could dispatch Ashley quickly, she could find him.
24. Okay, he’s at the Project Cleanse Dispatch, I said.
25. Just then central dispatch reported a fire in the vicinity.
26. At 12:08, dispatch refuses to allow water from the Chewuch.
27. Be ready to dispatch the bird as soon as it hits the ground.
28. He will return to his ship and dispatch his courier missiles.
29. Sorry, Ed said and signaled the dispatch to open the door.
30. It was difficult not to speculate what that dispatch contained.
31. They were praising Byron for his dispatch of one of the killers.
32. She works as a dispatch clerk in the office, cover name, Bethai.
33. I knew where father was and sent him a message by dispatch rider.
34. Kutuzov, he was sent immediately with a special dispatch to Brunn.
35. Of course, a dispatch rider could have made it in a week or less.
36. Dispatch had asked the operator to do an emergency break-through.
37. He intended also to dispatch a message to Solitude before morning.
38. She had seen Carla dispatch the woman and now she had to do her bit.
39. Arrangement of the goods dispatch area (activity 43 – duration 4).
40. Horatio rais’d his Pistol to dispatch her; Lancelot stay’d his Hand.
41. Hold on a moment, the dispatch secretary said into her mouth piece.
42. Penner, the sheriff said, Radio dispatch and cancel that second.
43. A dispatch area should be also created adjacent to finished goods storage.
44. The vehicle sped from the garage as Kate was patched into County Dispatch.
45. Wostóv! Pétya! exclaimed Denísov, having run through the dispatch.
46. But if he hit our dispatch center, he is somewhere in the Providence area.
47. They reluctantly agreed to dispatch a squad car to check it out her story.
48. Navy Captain Richard Jones took the dispatch from the signalman and read it.
49. Finally one cannot impute the nonreceipt of our dispatch of November 18.
50. Susan’s cop boyfriend pulled out his cell and called the dispatch at work.
51. It vastly outsized her and it would take every practiced skill to dispatch it.
52. Leif moved closer to issue the same spell he’d used to dispatch Themistokles.
53. Captain Shirley to leave with all practical dispatch in search of the Shenandoah.
54. I put the letter aside for later and explained my misgivings about the dispatch.
55. We shall dispatch her and convince Guardon to support our cause or be destroyed.
56. I mentioned that dispatch riders would cover the distance in about fourteen days.
57. On receiving this dispatch the Emperor sent Prince Volkonski to Kutuzov with the.
58. He made one additional stop before allowing depression to dispatch him toward home.
59. Here we ran into a startled dispatch rider who was riding to call us to the capital.
60. Heavy losses of soldiers were mentioned, but the tone of the dispatch was optimistic.
61. He took the dispatch which was addressed to him and began to read it with a mournful.
62. Early in the spring, Fernando summoned me again to give me a dispatch from the Khakhan.
63. I was then able to dispatch transport to collect Mr Stubby for further questioning.
64. And Bilibin repeated the actual words of the diplomatic dispatch, which he had himself.
65. It looks like Mardhar got his dispatch off the instant his scouts reported the movement.
66. He laid the dispatch back on the desk and crossed to stand beside Rohsail at the windows.
67. Moscow indicated this goal in a dispatch in April, 1942: We are interested in the [U.
68. And from this paper my brother read that catastrophic dispatch of the Commander-in-Chief:.
69. So, yes, I did take the time to try to confirm Nybar’s dispatch before I distributed it.
70. Montana took care to dispatch women and kids to Haven to protect them until the war passes.
71. And Denisov told the esaul that the dispatch just delivered was a repetition of the German.
72. It only took us a few minutes to quickly dispatch all of the Undead coming up the hill at us.
73. After the transmission ended, there was the follow-up recording of the outgoing dispatch call.
74. He must have sent you the note right away with a dispatch rider for you to receive it so soon.
75. He took the dispatch which was addressed to him and began to read it with a mournful expression.
76. And Bilíbin repeated the actual words of the diplomatic dispatch, which he had himself composed.
77. When he reported the fire, dispatch would think the phone call was coming from across the street.
78. His reasoning seemed evident reading between the lines of his tersely factual dispatch, however.
79. Chief Atkins stopped at the corner at a call box and pulled the alarm to dispatch fire department.
80. In the hallway on the way back to the dispatch, the female officer stopped Ed and pulled him aside.
81. Parallel to above activities the goods dispatch area in the finished product store will be arranged.
82. She will reconvene with the others, dispatch tasks for the night, move to the next name on her list.
83. After only about a week, a dispatch rider arrived and presented me a letter with the Khakhan’s seal.
84. Bodies pressed closer to the figures moving towards them from the debris of a central dispatch kiosk.
85. Baidar listened intently to me, then asked one of his staff if the dispatch rider was still in the camp.
86. On receiving this dispatch the Emperor sent Prince Volkónski to Kutúzov with the following rescript:.
87. These guys act as dispatch as well and let people know what is going on and alert security to the location.
88. Without even exchanging glances, they drew their blades in unison to charge the creatures and dispatch them.
89. He called onto his radio to dispatch and told the operator he was pursuit of a late model Expedition owned.
90. Have you not considered how We dispatch the devils against the disbelievers, exciting them with incitement?
91. When I finally caught up with him, he was glad to see me and gave me a letter that had come with the dispatch.
92. Sarmouth had made a point of praising Commander Urwyn Guhstahvsyn and Commander Rubyn Mychysyn in his dispatch.
93. Can you give me a description of the girl? dispatch asked as she typed in a coded response in the computer.
94. For that matter, one of his company commanders sent a separate dispatch carried by the corporal who spotted them.
95. It implied that there was more at play here, and that they would dispatch an envoy to Iathera to meet with Krane.
96. Which means it’s a good thing Ruhsyl’s dispatch will be coming to you before it goes to Stohnar or Parkair.
97. To dispatch these rogues were those who stuck around for the training and never succumbed to greedy evil intentions.
98. It seemed the dispatch rider had brought us orders to ride north over the mountains to quell a revolt in Tulancingo.
99. We were in a speed shuttle designed for the select few; out and headed to a nearby port--the Project Cleanse Dispatch.
100. As Inge’s emigration to Canada lay immediately ahead, our engagement was arranged with uncanny vigour and dispatch.
1. Putchic went along dispatching any pirates he found alive.
2. We thank you for your aid in dispatching the Dire Queen.
3. On seeing two of us, he wasted no time in dispatching Tosin.
4. She succeeded this time in capturing a pea and dispatching it.
5. Impressed by its weight, he crossed over to the two Amazons, dispatching both of.
6. He would have been taken down sooner but for the delay in dispatching the two brigands.
7. Vespe's implementation uses dynamic dispatching in a Pythonic style to handle requests [j.
8. Rachel, I was especially impressed with your skill in dispatching the Swordsman picket mother ship.
9. When they returned and entered the throne room she was busy dispatching the staff in every direction.
10. In Hurd's office he made his move by dispatching the Galaef's personal bodyguards and stunning the Galaef.
11. They were, in short, ‘legendary’ – and, very effective in combating ‘terrorism’ and, dispatching.
12. That was important, because it meant he’d been able to come himself, instead of dispatching one of Owl’s remotes.
13. Besides, he would need her to translate for him, in order to get the relic, before dispatching them to their respective gods.
14. A survey of factory control algorithms that can be implemented in a multi-agent heterarchy: Dispatching, scheduling, and pull.
15. Meanwhile, Gareth got one of the other vampires off of Damien and tore out its throat, dispatching him as quickly as the other.
16. It would be the first time that Scalodi had ever killed a man but he viewed it more as dispatching a rabid animal, a necessary evil.
17. I know General Tullius has had thoughts of dispatching a contingent to deal with them, but we’ve all had our eyes elsewhere as of late.
18. They drove him from the Godhood he had set up in the Lumpral basin in the 31st century, dispatching a dactyl that nearly took his life in the process.
19. Till midday on the nineteenth, the activity—the eager talk, running to and fro, and dispatching of adjutants—was confined to the Emperor’s headquarters.
20. Yes, but you are the one who went into the burning house, after dispatching a hardened criminal and rescued the two men trapped inside, is that not so?
21. All does not end well, as Loomis (Cotten) discovers the plot against him and turns the tables on Rose (Monroe) and her lover, dispatching him into the crashing waters.
22. Clear that away! said the officer, pointing to the beams and the corpses, and the French soldiers, after dispatching the wounded, threw the corpses over the parapet.
23. In particular, he retired En-Lil and replaced him with his son Marduk, the favored king of Babylon, tearing down a temple to En-Lil and dispatching his priests in the process.
24. What, then, kept the Men from avenging Llewelyn’s Torture—or indeed from dispatching him more speedily into the Drink? The Knowledge of how severe the Captain would surely be with ’em.
25. When dispatching Balashev, the Emperor repeated to him the words that he would not make peace so long as a single armed enemy remained on Russian soil and told him to transmit those words to Napoleon.
26. Having reached these conclusions, he lost no time in dispatching a messenger to his mother, urging her to come at once to Jerusalem and to bring Mary the mother of Jesus and every member of his family.
27. When dispatching Balashëv, the Emperor repeated to him the words that he would not make peace so long as a single armed enemy remained on Russian soil and told him to transmit those words to Napoleon.
28. Then he thought about dispatching a messenger to the Military Zone for help, though it would be hours before they could arrive, and he wondered if they would commend his alertness or reprimand his presumption.
29. The mind boggles at their claim that they did not know anything of the unspeakable crimes, and in any case, they were merely following orders; thereby, dispatching the guilt entirely on their political masters.
30. After dispatching Susannah, and whilst waiting for my Pains to become strong and regular, I remember that, quite unaccountably, I sat down at my Writing Bureau and then and there began a Romance in the Manner of Mrs.
31. Detectives at the department were pretty sure that while Bergman was running his aboveboard agency with one hand, he was also dispatching exotic dancers, overnight escorts, masseuses, and porn talent with the other.
32. But when dispatching him he recalled Petya’s mad action at the battle of Vyazma, where instead of riding by the road to the place to which he had been sent, he had galloped to the advanced line under the fire of the French and had there twice fired his pistol.
33. But when dispatching him he recalled Pétya’s mad action at the battle of Vyázma, where instead of riding by the road to the place to which he had been sent, he had galloped to the advanced line under the fire of the French and had there twice fired his pistol.
34. To explain the position beforehand : after sending that letter to Katerina Nikolaevna the day before and actually dispatching a copy of it to Baron Biiring (God only knows why), naturally he was bound to expect certain "consequences " of his action in the course of to-day, and so had taken measures of a sort.
1. The boys dispatched them easily.
2. He dispatched the second cannon.
3. It would be dispatched back to New.
4. Leaf monsters were easily dispatched.
5. Even when other agents were dispatched.
6. He dispatched both letters next morning.
7. They should be easily dispatched then.
8. Make sure the teams are dispatched quickly.
9. Both of the grooms were dispatched quickly.
10. She then descended and dispatched many more.
11. Sam and Tim had finally dispatched the zombie.
12. No sooner was her answer dispatched, than Mrs.
13. They dispatched a close orbital to watch him.
14. One of the aides had been dispatched for tea.
15. Martin, he dispatched a car to watch over them.
16. Weylyn dispatched Hroc and Frisa to recover it.
17. He was also dispatched with a shot to the head.
18. When the wire was dispatched he had a cup of tea.
19. Monsieur Caratal's business was quickly dispatched.
20. We dispatched a Starship, but something went wrong.
21. Avi dispatched a courier missile to her cousin Buzzy.
22. As the soldier was dispatched, my friend got worried.
23. He picked the smaller wolf and quickly dispatched him.
24. She'd dispatched two Snaggles with near perfect shots.
25. That’s why the soldiers were dispatched so easily.
26. He alerted DS White, and a squad car was dispatched to CN.
27. The Fairy had been dispatched to retrieve the potent flower.
28. A man whom I could trust was dispatched instantly to South.
29. A telegram was dispatched to each of the stations between St.
30. I went to the Egyptian consulate and dispatched it immediately.
31. It was nearly morning before Adorno dispatched the hunting party.
32. Cops were dispatched to the scene of Xavier's hideout in minutes.
33. Agents were dispatched to watch Pierce’s apartment in Cambridge.
34. The ship dropped out of hyperspace and Rachel dispatched the courier.
35. You guys have dispatched more monsters then any of the past heroes.
36. The Boss had dispatched Dave and Mike, the founders of the Sphere Of.
37. I have dispatched a team to intercept it beyond our enemies’ vision.
38. She quickly dispatched a messenger to the treetops in search of Sonia.
39. Don Juan promptly dispatched the boy and cast his head withinthe walls.
40. Public health workers and a few police were dispatched to the club to.
41. You’re sure he wasn’t dispatched to those scenes? Quintus said.
42. The new, elderly residents called the Montville PD which dispatched a car.
43. Crews were dispatched around the world to find the machines that had built.
44. It transpired that Cherry and Selene had between them dispatched the other.
45. Julian placed his pilots on red alert and then he dispatched a final warning.
46. She was also with me a few weeks before being dispatched for the enthronement.
47. Moshe, now seeing that they were having some success, dispatched several of.
48. The one clean wound to the head suggests he was dispatched without resistance.
49. She dispatched a courier missile explaining the situation and calling for help.
50. Recall when We dispatched towards you a number of jinn, to listen to the Quran.
51. After sending up Melanie’s breakfast tray, Scarlett dispatched Prissy for Mrs.
52. In a matter of seconds she and the Marines had dispatched the rest of the guards.
53. Which means this could have been dispatched anytime in that forty eight period.
54. He dispatched the two, and assigned an orbit to each of the four approaching ships.
55. At the time the car was dispatched they were unaware of the events unfolding at CN.
56. One hundred messengers were immediately dispatched to convey and enforce this decree.
57. Having similarly his views and his magnanimity to Tutolmin, he dispatched that old man.
58. I had not yet dispatched it, but I have come to say something about this to the prince.
59. The rest of the tumen swarmed over the rock barrier and dispatched any of their wounded.
60. He had received word that some more knights have been secretly dispatched to locate any.
61. At some distance away she stopped, and a boat was lowered and dispatched toward the beach.
62. Yes, Sir, they are about 25 minutes away and they have been dispatched to your location.
63. It took a while, but a patrol plane finally spotted us and an Mk-V was dispatched to pick us up.
64. A search warrant was issued and a forensic team dispatched to thoroughly check out the premises.
65. There’s no way a proper rescue ship will be dispatched, it would take way too long to get here.
66. That the one who could have betrayed her had himself been dispatched seemed of little consolation.
67. Once the pirates were dispatched, Commodore Dankese returned her attention to reaching the planet.
68. At the front of the building, Gary was met by two more squad cars that were dispatched to the scene.
69. We will, of course, wait for a proper defense attorney to be dispatched from Earth to represent him.
70. Not an hour ago, he'd left here in a black sedan dispatched by his employer, Clabe "Beetle" Durgeon.
71. He dispatched a probe to recover Alan's phone when there was a long enough break in the river traffic.
72. Fleet just dispatched a ship to the neutral zone to conference with the Romulans, who think we’re.
73. When the youth had been dispatched with the note, Sherlock Holmes gave his instructions to the servants.
74. He disintegrated and dispatched himself straightaway to Aphrodite at Mount Olympus to beg for her help.
75. As soon as news arrived of a breach then a century would be dispatched at forced march speed to engage.
76. The modernised battleship HMS Warspite was dispatched as the flagship of Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham.
77. And then there was how swiftly he’d dispatched poor Mercer, alighting on his secret in a single swoop.
78. Fool that she was! She should have known patrollers would be dispatched to seek out the immobilized scent.
79. While this watch was doing his covert job a technician had been dispatched to the Happy View Terrace flat.
80. You think you can take the Lyr? He has ruled for over a thousand years and dispatched as many enemies.
81. By Timothy’s order, Rachel’s legal officer, David and his team were dispatched to negotiate the treaty.
82. A female messenger was dispatched to Helez’s suite to notify her that she had a visitor waiting for her.
83. A scout the aide had dispatched but minutes before drew up his excited mount before the commander’s tent.
84. The Lorien and Lúthien were dispatched as the observation ships and The Elf gave the command to 'Cloak'!.
85. And still, in patience and with forbearance, he dispatched many other servants, but none would they receive.
86. The Whispering Trees had been instructed and the Fairies had been dispatched to the far edges of the forest.
87. Napoleon received Balashev in the very house in Vilna from which Alexander had dispatched him on his mission.
88. Napoleon Bonaparte was dispatched to close it down, and the general himself is said to have padlock the doors.
89. It wasn’t long thereafter that those shape-shifters were surreptitiously dispatched to the woods bordering.
90. Men had been dispatched to Russia to feed Stalin with malicious information describing the threat of the west.
91. At the most opportune time, the ship dispatched the courier to the Sisters of Mercy and it sped away unnoticed.
92. But then in a last-minute twist, the letter meant for Anna was dispatched to Kejriwal’s residence by mistake.
93. So that is the tail end of the telegram which Godfrey Staunton dispatched within a few hours of his disappearance.
94. In Brunn everybody attached to the court was packing up, and the heavy baggage was already being dispatched to Olmutz.
95. The Tirpitz was attacked again on 29th October, thirty seven Lancaster’s were dispatched from Lossiemouth, Scotland.
96. Fittingly he’d dispatched my attackers with a spear made out of a pole with a knife blade strapped to the end of it.
97. Than disintegrated and dispatched another of himself to Hades’s palace, where he found his father engaged with Hermes.
98. In Brünn everybody attached to the court was packing up, and the heavy baggage was already being dispatched to Olmütz.
99. The charges became less and less frequent, though, as they were efficiently dispatched, one convenient group at a time.
100. Already working on it Sir! We have subs in the area and we dispatched a salvage ship and three destroyers to the area.
1. In charge of dispatches.
2. Meanwhile the dispatches arrived from the Khakhan.
3. In the fall I received dispatches from the Khakhan.
4. A few weeks later, dispatches arrived from Fernando.
5. Also among the dispatches was the latest letter from Luis.
6. Metzlyr’s face tightened, for he had, indeed, read the dispatches.
7. He also told me I had some dispatches waiting for me in the capital.
8. He was on his way back from taking dispatches to my cousin, Khan Henry.
9. You had it, too, that they were mentioned in dispatches for bravery?
10. Dahglys has complete copies of the latest dispatches for you, he said.
11. He scarcely read the telegraphic dispatches that reported routine operations.
12. Perhaps, but he stays in Cuzco and merely dispatches the tumen into the jungle.
13. And in our latest dispatches from Zion, his estimate’s been reduced somewhat.
14. The old man knows him, and I�ve been using him to carry dispatches when necessary.
15. A fuchuan would return twice a year to bring his instructions and take back any dispatches.
16. He had a desk piled with dispatches and orders, forms to requisition monies, material and men.
17. Dispatches they could sell to the highest bidder, or important persons they could hold to ransom.
18. He repeated the testimony of Cottam that every effort had been made to get legitimate dispatches ashore.
19. John, Donald said, I have some more dispatches about the rain in Northern Africa and in the Mideast.
20. Mostly she sends us the dispatches with air hostesses and stewards and of course she bears full responsibility.
21. The first days of July came and with them the rumor, later confirmed by dispatches, that Lee was marching into Pennsylvania.
22. Well, Admiral Rohsail’s dispatches did say he was bringing the whole Western Squadron with him, Hahlynd pointed out.
23. Thanks to the unique transceiver in my car, I’ve been eavesdropping on dispatches between Precinct 13 and its patrol cars.
24. The thinly veiled contempt for Rychtyr’s judgment which had permeated the late Duke of Harless’ dispatches had infuriated Metzlyr.
25. I was truly grateful when Bedagi finally showed up in late fall and took over the children long enough for me to catch up on my dispatches.
26. Maigwair’s dispatches had overtaken him less than a five-day from Mahzgyr, and the Captain General’s sense of urgency had come through clearly.
27. Brooke sent a bulletin every day, and as the head of the family, Meg insisted on reading the dispatches, which grew more cheerful as the week passed.
28. Manhattan book editor Richard Sherman, thirty-eight, dispatches his wife and son to the Maine coast for the summer to escape the sweltering city heat.
29. He didn’t much care for what Sir Fraizher Kahlyns’ latest dispatches from home had to say about certain wellborn gentlemen in southwestern Chisholm.
30. On the other hand, those dispatches had taken the best part of three five-days to reach him, even with the Raven’s Land semaphore chain back up and running.
31. On occasion, I have sent messages to her, and twice, I’ve received back dispatches from her stating the happenings of her doings, and each was a refreshment to hear.
32. Moreover, in order to accord legitimacy to the receivables and the dispatches, he obtained, again from Palit’s office, a marine cover for those fictitious transactions.
33. Finally I added that Watomika would know the outcome of my campaign, since dispatches from the front were sent to the capitals of the Khanates and from there on to the governors.
34. All he required was the relevant parts of the dispatches, but since the raw transcripts were peppered with overhead and snatches of shorthand code between operators, he couldn’t read it himself.
35. They awaited the arrival of Henrai Maidyn and Daryus Parkair, the Republic’s Chancellor of the Exchequer and Seneschal, who were en route to the embassy to discuss the latest dispatches from General Stohnar and Duke Eastshare.
36. With my dispatches finished and sent off, I left the court, which was currently in the city of Madrid, in the middle of the country, and hurried to catch up with Gonzalo who was in Cartagena, a large port on the southeast coast.
37. Despite his apparently delicate build Prince Andrew could endure physical fatigue far better than many very muscular men, and on the night of the battle, having arrived at Krems excited but not weary, with dispatches from Dokhturov to.
38. Beginning with the battle of Borodino, from which time his disagreement with those about him began, he alone said that the battle of Borodino was a victory, and repeated this both verbally and in his dispatches and reports up to the time of his death.
39. Beginning with the battle of Borodinó, from which time his disagreement with those about him began, he alone said that the battle of Borodinó was a victory, and repeated this both verbally and in his dispatches and reports up to the time of his death.
40. The message to Shanghai was a reply to diplomatic dispatches, and therefore long; there were Chinese customs scams to address, and a strange cult in the east, and the problem of British botanists sneaking into forbidden regions in order to collect tea samples.
41. All his dispatches detailing the starvation and demoralization of the heretic Eastshare’s understrength army had clearly come from someone else, and Ahlverez felt his teeth grinding once more as he visualized the grinning heretic duke dictating those lying messages.
42. After the Shanghai message, the dispatches from Tokyo ticked through, only half intelligible because the minister there spoke in a mad English-Japanese pidgin full of gozaimases and shimases that Thaniel had half-heard at the show village the day before, but whose meaning he couldn’t tell.
43. Despite his apparently delicate build Prince Andrew could endure physical fatigue far better than many very muscular men, and on the night of the battle, having arrived at Krems excited but not weary, with dispatches from Dokhtúrov to Kutúzov, he was sent immediately with a special dispatch to Brünn.
44. Mr Stephen, a little moved but very handsomely told him no such matter and that he had dispatches from the emperor's chief tailtickler thanking him for the hospitality, that was sending over Doctor Rinderpest, the bestquoted cowcatcher in all Muscovy, with a bolus or two of physic to take the bull by the horns.
45. When Kat clandestinely dispatches her to get a job at Chester’s so they can spy on the Nine, Jo allows herself to be coerced into taking a waitressing job at the nightclub by the immortal owner, Ryodan, and when he gives her his famous nod, inviting her to his bed, she’s unable to resist even though she knows it’s destined for an epic fail.
46. From twelve to two o'clock Danglars had remained in his study, unsealing his dispatches, and becoming more and more sad every minute, heaping figure upon figure, and receiving, among other visits, one from Major Cavalcanti, who, as stiff and exact as ever, presented himself precisely at the hour named the night before, to terminate his business with the banker.

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